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  1. No way. As we're in this shit division there is still hope. Tonight was a sore one but we now know we can trust McFadden to put the numbers up. Just keep the emphasis on the run until TR is ready. Romo will be back for the Miami game and he'll still have enough games to get us to the promised land.
  2. KEIRAN Gibbons,ex Aberdeen.........all the ingredients for hate and jealousy right there. A face only a priest could love!
  3. Nah,don't want a headed goal. I keep updating my English mates on how many goals we've scored and that they've all been on the deck and that we're the real advocates of "total" football. I'll take a header when we meet the tarriers in the Cup(will Ambrose's own goal count tho??)
  4. Gonna have to make do with my TV screen this week after being at a stadium the past 2 weeks. I was at the opener at Miami's new stadium. Pity this stunning stadium is going to be half empty for the foreseeable future. They are a mess. The new guy better hit the ground running! Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Superdome and although my Cowboys lost a sensational game I must say I will always have a soft spot for New Orleans. Their fans live and breathe their team and they(and the 10K or so Cowboys fans!) produced the noisiest sporting occasion I have ever been present at. Already planning my next visit!
  5. 5/4 with Skybet, bud. Even less to argue about!
  6. He's supposed to be born and bred Caley but as his da' played for the bin rakers I suppose he'll have a leaning towards them.
  7. Shit. I was hoping he'd piss off down here somewhere. I think this guy will turn into quite a player. Hope to feck it's not at their place.
  8. No-one will be within 25 points of us come May,bud. Dumbarton gave as good as they got tonight(well,almost). If either Sibbald or Alston go now or in Jan they are looking at mid table.
  9. That's the league leaders you're talking about!
  10. Craig Sibbald's just scored a peach to put Falkirk 2 up. Tidy little player.
  11. You know that league cup draw on Thursday. I wanted Hertz but ive gave it 90 mins worth of thought and my mind has been changed!!
  12. Please,malmo,remember the classless pigs reaction at full time at the piggery. When the whistle goes,someone get right in Browns face and watch the little fuckpig lose it!
  13. Yeah real good on Thursday. at fault with the first 2 goals. He is an utter bawbag who would look good in hoops. Nearly voted UKIP as they promised to clamp down on eastern Europeans!!
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