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  1. Soldier blue


    I don't normally subscribe to the biased refs argument purely because it is impossible for anyone to prove. I do agree though that there have been more than enough blatantly incorrect decisions against us this season for the club to take their case to the SFA for a formal response. If that is too much like 'them' for some people I couldn't give a toss.
  2. Soldier blue


    Disagree that Pedro is to blame, Niko done a Fox in the Box and delayed his pass too long regardless of how tired he was he is experienced enough to know when to get rid. That said, I don't think Niko should start but could be an impact sub, same with Miller.
  3. Soldier blue

    Bruno, Pena and the ugly...

    Totally agree with this, Tav saw his run and had a chance to challenge but backed off. He needs to learn from this.