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  1. Pedro

    Disagree that Pedro is to blame, Niko done a Fox in the Box and delayed his pass too long regardless of how tired he was he is experienced enough to know when to get rid. That said, I don't think Niko should start but could be an impact sub, same with Miller.
  2. Bruno, Pena and the ugly...

    Totally agree with this, Tav saw his run and had a chance to challenge but backed off. He needs to learn from this.
  3. Embarrassed.

    Same for me Simon, I won't be back to Ibrox until McCoist goes, preferably he walks away if he cares for the club as much as I know he does. Pains me to say that but he turns wine into water with his coaching and tactics, we can all see it and I believe that he can't. Please go Super.
  4. Tempo

    Sat here watching this drudge, again, and it is so obvious that one of main problems with us at the moment is lack of tempo. There is little urgency anywhere on the pitch, our passing is not only poor but ridiculously slow and aimless. In my opinion that stems from what goes on at training, nearly every other team we have come up against in the past few seasons plays at a higher tempo than us, including the part- timers. The Cup Final v Raith being the prime example though far from the only obvious one. There is no doubt in my mind that the coaching team (their belief not mine) are less than useless and have coached previously good players so negatively that they have become mediocre at best. McCoist was never going to be a hard task master but his 'cheeky chappy' attitude is not what is required at this time. Most of our squad need a boot up the rear end and there is no sign that they are getting it at training. I am not a habitual McCoist out poster but we need change now.
  5. Ibrox to host opening Scotland Euro 2016 game

    Oh the irony! The very same posters who tell us all to support the team not the regime now spout their bile with the classic 'tartan trannies'. Is it any wonder our support is so fractured with this kind of logic? I will continue to support my club and country, free from bias and bitterness and grateful that I am not tainted with their hatred.
  6. after sleeping on it?

    As much as it goes against my instincts, I won't renew whilst Ally and his coaches are in charge. Kudos to them for sticking with the club during our darkest days but now we need coaching, tactics and pride back - Ally cannot achieve this and should go now whilst the majority of us can still thank him and wish him well.