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  1. Rest easy Fernando, we salute you.
  2. Got to admit that I was one of those who thought it would be best if we sold him. I absolutely love the guy but purely because of the way he is treated by the media and officials in this shit hole of a country I couldn't see him getting a fair crack. Last night changed my mind, when that rammy was going on at the end of the game he stood on the halfway with his hands and watched. Last season he would have been the first to wade in and the first to be red carded. He has also taken a few dull ones in the qualifiers and shrugged them off. I really think he's screwed the nut and that will make him a better player and a massive threat. Probably more kudos to SG for managing him but AM deserves a lot of credit for the change in his attitude.
  3. Sorry to hear that Jules, always appreciated your videos. Best wishes to you and your wife.
  4. Sorry mate but it’s now time to concentrate on what we do, not that lot. You’re right in that I don’t know for sure that if we stop the singing they won’t move onto something else but jeezo we need to try or the stadium gets locked with us all outside. I think there has been some good debate here and, hopefully, some acceptance that it’s time to take the best interests of the club as the priority.
  5. Or the fans could just stop singing the subject songs and see how that works out.
  6. Wondered how long it would take🙄 It may be best if you let us all know how many posts we need before we can be considered trusted, in your humble opinion of course. I do care about this because it is now harming our club, the club I have supported for 40 years. I also don’t find it particularly difficult to comprehend that if the subject words stop then so does the punishment.
  7. Or the fans who don’t care could just stop singing it. What exactly do you expect the club to do. We have been warned numerous times. Whataboutery isn’t going to cut it with UEFA or anyone else. The impartiality of treatment is a parallel issue and we will still get punished if we keep singing the subject words. Time to take the moral high ground.
  8. Wow, you really are a lost cause. Admire your ability to see into the future though. How do you know they'll move on to something else if we haven't stopped singing the current problem songs. We hand it to them on a plate. I can assure you that I have never 'bent over' for anyone put do have the intellect to recognise the obvious and if we carry on the club don't win, we lose.
  9. And there lies the problem, you don't really give a toss what anyone thinks but yourself. Seriously mate, have a word and understand how this will effect the 3,000 fans that will miss the game because of attitudes like yours. To answer your previous question I don't lose any sleep over wing called H**, if you do then maybe you need to contact FARE - good luck.
  10. Take a second and you'll understand why I don't care about the definition of fenian. It's because whatever it is, those that sing it are damaging the club. Here's a solution to this, all those that do sing it and aren't 'handwringers' give their tickets to those who have engaged their brains and get locked out next week. Hypothetical and unrealistic but you'll get my point, maybe.
  11. Whooosh, you either don't get it or are being intentionally vague. I have no interest in what the definition of fenian is and doubt UEFA have either. The salient point is that those that insist on singing it, with add ons, inside the ground now have prevented 3,000 good Bears from supporting their team in a vitally important game. My spine is firmly intact not sure about your brain.
  12. Ffs, it's exactly your attitude that puts the club in the situation we now find ourselves. It is blatantly obvious which songs, words more specifically, cause the issue. Just don't sing them in the ground. There are plenty places around the ground where you can celebrate the culture and history that is so important to some of our fans but inside the ground penalises the club and the fans. A question to all those claiming conspiracy and collusion, will this now stop or do we see 6,000 loyal fans locked out next time. Blaiming the club is just ridiculous, the board have warned loads of times but put uber loyal fans have ignored the warnings and now look to blame anyone, everyone! Just don't sign the subject songs in the ground!
  13. My opinion: There can be no excuse for the lads celebrating on the shelter roof, it was wrong and thoughtless, there were obviously people underneath the flimsy roof. I do get the excitement of a last-minute winner but I was in that stand on Sunday and went as tonto as anyone of the 4,000+ there. Like the vast majority though I managed to do it in the stand as we all do at Ibrox. Those that lost control and ended up on the pitch gave the anti-Rangers media, across all platforms, the opportunity they all love to exploit and they’re now all over it. The ticketing fiasco at the turnstiles was entirely due to the ridiculous ticket scanners that tinpot club use, not security checks (as claimed by their spokeswoman) or Rangers fans fault in any way. Hopefully Bears now wise up and starve Stewart, English and the rest of them the opportunity so they can maybe take an unbiased view on all the other teams fans that do similar every week.
  14. I have the same concerns as the OP. More worrying for me was the second half against Blackburn when they put in a high press and our CBs were caught out numerous times and we struggled to shift the ball forward - I don’t doubt other teams will adopt the same tactic this season.
  15. Definitely onside from the footage I watched, only his arm was offside and not even Lego can score with that! Difficult call for the Lino tbf.
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