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  1. @thehost smokes cherry and raspberry ripple in the hospitality bog with the broken modesty board imo tbh.
  2. @thehost Martin Bain đź‘€
  3. @Smile absolutely bossing this thread and chucking out haymakers of options against facts imo tbh
  4. I remember watching our youth teams from years ago playing in similar tournaments and thinking that while they looked technically good, they were miles behind physically. Now the boys at the same age groups seem to be a physical match as well as looking excellent technically. Wonder if this is a change in strategy from Mulholland and the coaches because we've yet to really see any great numbers of the young guys stepping up to 1st team level, even the ones that were thought to be a stick on for the first XI.
  5. It's Traynor. They despise each other.
  6. Nothing is won after todays result, far from it, but today shows what we're all about. A tactical performance that demonstrated we've built a bloody good team and we've got a manager that knows, 100%, what it means to be a Ranger. Thanks to the Rangers board for having the guts to appoint Gerrard as manager, a rookie after all. Thanks to the board for giving Gerrard the backing he needed to be competitive, not just against them, but against some of the best teams in Europe. But most of all thanks to Steven Gerrard and his team for becoming a Ranger, and giving us our pride back on the inevitable road to title number 55. We are Rangers. We Are The People.
  7. I think the pub idea is good. I think the other idea is yet to be proved, nevermind today. We've come a massive distance but we're not there yet. We're on the up. Join us for it.
  8. Hiya pal. Am asking you. What u think?
  9. Difficult to choose 1, but this genuinely does show how far we've come as a club over the past few years.
  10. Doubt anyone would disagree his ultimate goal is to manage Liverpool. Just wondered if rumours of a stop gap between us and them was in any way accurate?
  11. In your opinion is he here for the long-term mate?
  12. We basically missed Borna as our out ball on the left. If he's fit for Sunday still confident, if not we're in trouble.
  13. To be honest the biggest thing that came out of the AGM was that we've now apparently got an empowered executive who can operate out with the direction of the investors. That's a significant move forward. The day to day running of the club was being done, largely, by King with assistance by Park and Murray and Gilligan in the early days. Having the guys that provide the money giving day to day input isn't healthy and isn't actually the best for the company. Now apparently we're going to have an empowered executive board that will run the club without the disturbance of shareholders. Whether Robertson is the man to do this remains to be seen, I personally think he's not, but it's probably the biggest step forward in the running of the club since the Spivs lost control. A massively positive step forward all in all.
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