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  1. Pure_Quality

    Mark Allen Interview.

    The guy he worked with at MTV and Man City would have been Graham Wallace, our old CEO. Given his experience while at Rangers I'm surprised Allen came here, but glad he did. Seems to be doing a decent job; correct infrastructure is in place for recruitment and coaching and the transfer policy seems to be right for the first time in years. If he succeeds we succeed, so good luck to the guy.
  2. Pure_Quality

    How do we compare now...

    Going straight like for like on the choices I'd go for this as our strongest 11. I'd probably switch a few about considering our formation now isn't the same as then but it's still not a bad team at all! McGregor 2018 Tav Papac Goldson Weir Naismith Coulibaly Davis Jack Lafferty Jelavic
  3. Let's deal in probability
  4. TBH I thought the mongo bit made it punchy and relevant, but thanks for the critique. He was outstanding, and given it wasn't just one game and he did the business in a good few games last season when he was completely underappreciated I felt it was appropriate. Apologies to the sensitive mongos that thought he was nothing more than a squad player though. Peace be with them.
  5. I guess he's probably giving a guy who's been out for a while a boost in confidence and at the same time giving the refs in Scotland a thinking point when Jack makes a fairly innocuous tackle and they are considering sending him off. He was absolutely outstanding last night though, and the mongos that said he's a dud and couldn't ever be anything other than a squad player should probably be eating a wee bit of humble pie just now.
  6. Pure_Quality

    Cardoso off?

    Aye mate, should have acknowledged my screenshot the wee pillow wearing cunt. Don't understand why professional footballers don't realise when people are going to screenshot them......
  7. Pure_Quality

    Cardoso off?

    Yup, away according to tweets by Windass and Candeias. No loss unfortunately, looked promising to begin with them just got really, really shite.
  8. Pure_Quality

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    A few goals would be nice but a solid win and not conceding will do me fine. Just need to get through these games at this stage and not pick up any injuries.
  9. Pure_Quality

    Dwight Pascal

    Hope Young's Pascal can handle the pressure and stress if he comes here.
  10. Pure_Quality

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    So an orange top and one with a sash. The commercial department right now...
  11. Pure_Quality

    BBC the impartial broadcasters

    Aye, a football club/individual promoting alcohol is terrible and deserves to be discussed on the tranny. Except of course if it's Eden Mill and the club is celtic.....
  12. Pure_Quality

    Nikola Katic Signs

    But but but but Sevco are skint and a journalist said it was dead so they did....
  13. Pure_Quality

    Tony McGlennan resigns from SFA post

    The guy on the board who supports celtic and pushed for the charge (Hughes) who resigned has now been followed by the employee who supports celtic and actually dished out the charge (McGlennan). Interesting. Purely coincidental I'm sure and nothing to see here though...
  14. Pure_Quality

    1st of June approaches