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  1. It's easy to criticise him tonight because, let's be honest, he had an absolute stinker. That being said he's been fantastic defensively, and offensively, for about 18 months. Unlikely to go down well here but if you're going to be an arsehole and berate him after one bad game I hope you've given him credit when he's been an absolutely fantastic captain of Rangers.
  2. Thanks pal. I'll pump your botty when @JCDBigBear decides he's worth replying from his overseas lair . He won't. So your bumbo is safe XoX
  3. You're one of the worst posters on here. You're apparently a mod which means you're exempt from criticism but you're a total disgrace. You criticise the fans, the players and the club in general on eveything we do on a regular basis because of your grievances on how your family were treated by the club 5 years ago. Our fans were magnificent today, and you're a fucking disgrace.
  4. Given the timings @staunchgreekger should arrive just in time to see us lift 55 next May....
  5. Hopefully we can get another pop up on Edmiston Drive/PRW so we can capture folks going from the Cessnock pubs on the way to the stadium. If we can't sell via the megastore because of Ashley don't see the problem by buying official stuff via pop-ups outside the stadium. Man City and Arsenal have pop up stores well outside the stadium footprint. No idea why we can't do the same. Should be a priority by the board tbh.
  6. Life comes at you fast.... From hyperventilation to doing well in 3 hours, almost as if Tom is a wee bit upset.
  7. He's almost done a Sevco there, not quite, but almost. Shitebag. When you see cunts like this getting that level of frothy about Dave King and a kit launch while they are still the dominant force it's actually quite delightful to think that 55 will literally end it for some of them. Mongos man.
  8. I've worked fairly successfully in data analysis across multiple industries and business sectors over the last 20 years. I'm the biggest advocate of data driven decision making you'll ever meet in the real world, but I have to tell you that if you've bought into the xG, xGoals, xDribbles = xGoodPlayer then you're xNaive in the extreme. xSorry.
  9. Absolutely brutal reading these articles. See if you write long noncey pieces about xG, xDribbles and xG/90 and base how good a footballer is purely on these stats, it's probably a decent indication that in the real world you're a massive xVirgin that needs to go out and get their xHole.
  10. Prefer Katic too, but his distribution out of defence today was really poor and not for the first time either. He's a better defender than Worrall but going solely on passing ability Worrall is marginally ahead, 2 or 3 calamities notwithstanding.
  11. By the end of the season he'll be a solid 7 out of 10. At the start of the season I expected (not wanted, but expected) us to finish a clear 2nd in the league while being much closer to them, and to have at least been in one cup final. If he'd have done that he's getting an 8. I think the unexpected run in Europe and the benefits in terms of exposure and revenue nullify the cup bits a little but not completely, so 7 is a fair outcome I reckon.
  12. Think this probably means he's away after this season in all honesty. £150k extra in wages for Alfie and a nice big release clause which has now been upped to something similar to what Robertson mentioned. Rangers win because the release clause is higher; Alfie wins because he's getting paid more and the agent wins because he'll get a bigger cut of the inflated fee. £150k now to make an extra, say, £5m in the summer seems good business. Let's enjoy him while he's here.
  13. Where did you get the picture of  the Lego Ibrox?  I am serious my son would build that in a day he has so many models they get put into boxes.  My fav is a big chinook helicopter, has police station, must have over 20 models easily some over £100 a go .

    Matbe that's his mission too get all the bricks himself and build Ibrox from scratch😂, seriously him and the wife live LEGO and are shit hot at building stuff.  Me I hate it rather play PES 2019 

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