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  1. Quite good and honest interview with one of the Castore guys in this blog. If the £3m up front is true, and I can't see why he'd lie about that, I think this is why Ashley didn't decide to match. Seem like decent guys who know what we as fans want and know that if they produce that they, and Rangers, will make a shitload of money. https://fourladshadadream.blog/2020/05/20/tom-beahon-exclusive-interview-castore-the-truth-of-the-25m-deal-kit-and-megastore-news/
  2. SPFL Premiership 2019/2020 Winners: *
  3. Given what you know, what do you think would be a realistic bottom line we might see realised after, say, 2 years into the deal for the club?
  4. John Bennett has spoken out in the press and left nothing back about how incompetent the SPFL board are. Robertson has been in the press, and on the radio, telling the world what's been going on. Factually and without any emotive language. Douglas Park has been so vociferous about the negligence of the SPFL ,in private, that the well known Fenian Rod McKenzie had to issue 4 cease and desist letters to Park. We might not win the battle at the EGM but I'll tell you one thing. The Rangers board have played this magnificently and the pressure they've put on the SPFL is remarkable. I've not seen a Rangers board be so proactive and aggressive in many many years. Long may it continue.
  5. You're 100% wrong IMO tbh. Sorry but just particularly strongly disagree with @British_Empire and @tannerall about how good Ryan Jack is. I'm sorry.
  6. Its not stupid. I agree John Fleck is less good than Ryan Jack and Charlie Adam and Steven Davis did well in England.
  7. He'll never be better than Ryan Jack.
  8. If, and it's a massive if, we've got rid of SD it will have cost us a fair whack in £££. Hopefully any new gear is decent and it won't take too long for us to make it back. Hummel should have been great for us but Elite just couldn't keep up with demand. Hopefully better to come as retail should be making us millions.
  9. I doubt it didn't go to the inbox tbh. Deloitte are shyster bastards in my many dealings with them but I doubt they'd actually lie about that. However, it's entirety irrelevant. The responsibility was on the SPFL to check all their communications channels (and the 'release from quarantine at 8pm or whatever is shite) on time and to call the vote. They didn't, and that's the issue.
  10. I'm sure others have said this before, and I definitely have, but if the Dundee email was sent, and received (in whichever mailbox) by the SPFL their vote was cast. If it had gone to the inbox, rather than quarantine, the resolution was dead. The SPFL would have called it at 5pm as it would have failed. The fact it didn't arrive in their 'inbox' is 100% a red herring. It may be factually accurate, however, it was received by the SPFL email server and given that it was, the resolution would have failed. The misadministration was on the part of the SPFL in not checking the 'quarantine' before making their statement, thus, not calling the resolution when they should have. It seems a relatively simple legal matter, and I suspect it will be the basis of a number of legal challenges that may rear their head during a truly 'independent' investigation. One can only onder why they are so keen to bury it...
  11. I doubt this will last, but English is definitely going after them, now in print on the website. There's something definitely afoot here. Wonder if Hollicom haven't paid their 'Tic bill or something. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52472024
  12. Not sure if already posted, but definitely worth a listen. Yes, it's BBC Pacific Quay CSC. Yes, it's Tom English. BUT, English and Steven Thomson have absolutely skewered the SPFL here. There seems to be a realisation, from even the usually most ardent anti RFC voices in the media, that something is seriously wrong here. Talking, basically, about them trying to cover up our claims and doing it in a manner unbefitting of a supposed 'members organisation'. From the start up until 12m 30s. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08bsgcz
  13. Hiya pal. Seein as your happy and you love @Rfc52 can you also ban @Hutton2008 coz he's an obvious taig too. Thanks pal.
  14. Listen. You're literally blinded by your own opinion of the guy. IMO he's obviously a bear but he's got a different viewpoint to you based on his opinion of the rules. The fact that you're so consumed by the guy that you called him a cunt knowing his absence from the forum was because of the death of a family member makes you far, far, more than a cunt than he may be, no matter your views about him. Your shite just isn't Rangers class. Get yourself to fuck.
  15. FFS man. Rangers men have a bit of class about us and that's just not needed. Away and take a look at yersel.
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