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  1. Martin Bain

    Someone has messaged me to say that @backup on Twitter has said the deal to take Bain 'back home' is being arranged by @thehost and a mutual friend of theirs called Teddy, and they want people to show their support by using the hashtag #BringBrotherBainBackBears on Twitter. Not on Twitter so no idea of this is true but it's 100% fact, and that's why host hasn't posted on the forums since yesterday
  2. Ibrox Parking Restrictions

    Not staunch.
  3. Parking around Ibrox next season

    Roughly two thirds of the normal matchday attendance will be impacted by this, it's a massive issue.
  4. Signings you look back on and feel infuriated

    Sports Direct.
  5. Arteta

    I bet the English journos wont be penning the same vitriolic nonsense about a rookie manager we saw from the cunts up here, specifically from the likes of Tom English, Spiers and Michael Stewart. Obviously a gamble but it'll be embraced down there as 'bold and challenging' rather than 'risky and reckless' as Gerrard was portrayed in the gutter Scottish media.
  6. Parking around Ibrox next season

    I see the club have come out against the proposal and they make a number of good points. I'd get any objections logged ASAP.
  7. Permanent Deal for Murphy

    I think it's probably a good signing, but so far he's either been absolutely excellent or completely average in a game, no happy medium. Suppose if he was doing it consistently he'd have been picked up by an EPL team rather than Brighton sending him out on loan. Hope it works out.
  8. Rangers Pools

    Hope it does better than the other classic we brought back this year, 'Spot The Ball', which has been an absolute disaster commercially.
  9. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

  10. New kit delay ?

    If you'd not been IP banned on FF you'd know what's really happening with the new retail deal 👍
  11. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Apart from they don't play for Rangers there's absolutely no difference whatsoever; apart from he now plays for Rangers again and you're kind of meant to support the team, that is. So aye, quite a bit of a difference.
  12. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    He'll never convince some people because of when he left but I'm talking about him being a winner and having played under Walter he knows what it's all about, and will make sure others do too. You learn from your mistakes.
  13. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Excellent. A guy that knows what it means to be a winner at Rangers and the expectations required at the club. Good stuff.
  14. Behind the scenes with Stevie G

    When him and Mark Allan shake hands coming out the car looks like they already get on. Promising for the future for both of them hopefully.
  15. Major investment?

    I'd seriously doubt Mone will be anything to do with Rangers but it's always enjoyable to see 4 massive diddies at the San Giro.