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  1. I know all that. It's disgusting and an incredible amount of work that went in to win the case. I'd have strongly preferred we didn't go with Reach, however C1872 have never mentioned all the local papers (to my knowledge) they own. Are they or indeed are we, as fans, content to shout about the DR/SM while not telling bears about all their other titles, which will put a lot more into their coffers than out match day programmes? Needs some thought IMO.
  2. What's the point of not asking people to boycott their other publications if getting our programmes published (by an entirely separate division to the DR/SM) of such a large company isn't on? It's all money into the Reach PLC pot. If people buy the DR/SM or their local newspapers its money going into the Scottish based businesses, so subsidising pricks like Jackson's wages. This deal is with Reach sport, who are an entirely separate division from the Scottish publishing arm, but have the same ultimate parent company. Seems, to me, we either need to be all in or all out on cases like this.
  3. Do you think the club should engage with any of the Reach titles, or just not the Record and Mail? Reach also own the Express, Mirror, People and a host of local regional titles up here. The work C1872 have done in highlighting the shite the Record and Mail have spouted about the fans and the club is exceptional, and I hope they continue to do it. If, however, we're going to have to boycott an entire stable of titles they need to be more vocal about it. Finally, who are the alternatives up here? News UK (The Sun, never going to happen), Newsquest (Herald and The National, boak)? There's not really many other large scale options tbh.
  4. The bit in bold is probably the most hilariously mongo thing anyone has ever said on this forum.. Winning 6 out of 6 means everything ya daft tart, that's how we win leagues. We're 2 points ahead of the scum after the 2nd round of fixtures. We might be lacking, in your opinion, but the results and the league table don't lie.
  5. My point is, and I'm pretty blootered so might not be making it well, is that the game today and the Aberdeen game we may have lost or drawn last year. Our shite performances were a draw at best and we've had two so far we've won.
  6. Absolutely, 100%. But saying we'd be better while people continually moan about the guys who have won us 6 points out of 6 with bloody decent performances annoys me.
  7. Sure, no problem with the team evolving and getting better. Our weakness, as you put it, however, has seen us ring 3 goals against a team that parked the bus and beaten a team who we played 6 times last year and won twice. You are probably the most negative cunt in the forum when you venture into the Bears Den, but even you with your good eye you can see the progress we're making.
  8. I actually wasn't talking about you, so apols if it came across that way. It just annoys me when we're talking about how our midfield are gash but we haven't been beaten yet in the league and every cunt keeps moaning about things. Glass half empty and all that.
  9. Yet so far we're doing ok with it. Results matter, not who plays.
  10. Why? We've played pre season, a European tie against an excellent team and won our first two league matches playing the midfield everyone moans about. If it ain't broke...
  11. Nice touch in the stadium with the faces and flags, looked decent.
  12. There was a few cultural songs in the first half, so probably that.
  13. No need to be 'on holiday' for these games mate. Should be a bit quicker without needing to be abroad.
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