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  1. it aff son, run it aff
  2. It does: The fact he's working with kids through the SoS academy will mean he's already been cleared and is in possession of enhanced disclosure.
  3. ...and how much after tax? You're fucking clueless
  4. From Kenny Scott.
  5. Actually, slight correction, as you can see here, it's the Cross of St Patrick not that of St George on the banner: You can read more about the Dublin Loyal and their campaign to have the banner reinstated at Ibrox on their website here (the photo originally came from there also). A bit more from the article: And here was the actual reply sent by Rangers FC to their Dublin fans: I also don't think the slogan is that funny, but come on, Rangers need to get a grip here...compared to what else can be seen and heard at Old Firm games (and material sold outside the ground), it's pretty harmless, if a bit infantile. Anyway, as is usually the case with this kind of episode, the whole thing has now a momentum of its own with a petition backing the "Dublin 20" with thousands of supporters signing it. And The Dublin Loyal's St Patrick's Night Bash ("Celebrating what's best in Ireland") will no doubt now be a sell-out.
  6. He really does treat us in contempt: Even his lies are lies.
  7. This ^^^^ The bloke is obviously a rabid bheast who tried to be clever @gogzy - get his email addy we can check if his maw or sister have big tits
  8. Any relation to Bobby Shearer?
  9. What's 15% in shareholding terms, roughly 10 million shares? Then you have his current loans which need to be converted (at whatever rate) giving him further 'x amount of shares. Not that big a sum of money in real terms for someone to buy him out.
  10. Not from him though. We're half way through his 'it will take four years' and '30-50 million'.
  11. The more you look into that article, the more you get the feeling he either wants out...or he's about to orchestrate moves to leave.
  12. More lies and deflection from the GaSL Seems we all imagined his 30 million front loaded sound bites: You don't say.
  13. Quoted you earlier but had problems posting your full post from last year (quoting on here has been a cunt today!!) The previous thread on FF re EH is gone (as far as I can see)