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  1. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    Why didn't King buy us previously instead of waiting till we we were at rock bottom (him resorting to driving the share down )? A sale that was offered to him twice (as disclosed in recent court cases). SDM stated in court that King was offered the chance to buy the club. ps: going to pm you something tomorrow about a previous post on here. Have had a cunt of a day and that result tonight, can't be fucked searching for it (it's not having a go at you btw, just clarification on something).
  2. Sons of Stein, Why the Silence?

    Had this happened under the previous regimes, the 'paid hands and errand boys' would be demanding all sorts / protests / boycotts etc - but since they are responsible for Oor Davie getting in, their silence is deafening. By your deeds...
  3. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    I would hand over the clubs PR to the VB in an instance
  4. Still Backing The Board?

  5. Jim McColl

    ps: re Kennedy - that might not be so far fetched in the bigger scheme of things
  6. Jim McColl

    I got as far as post #2 @K.A.I McColl has had umpteen chances to step in, but always finds something that stops him Fucking yes voting nationalist cunt. I await the shouts for Kennedy, the Hivs supporting cunt to come to our rescue
  7. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    They were 'rewarded' for the want of a better word. They're far from out of the club, simply now hiding in the shadows (six nameless working groups under C1872 - but they remain nameless ) Houston employed somewhere, in some capacity after the community footie pish collapsed. Shite patter maybe, but doesn't detract from the point being made. Each and every one, a self-serving, egotistical cunt.
  8. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    So CG and the rentamob that was Houston / SoS weren't paid hands? ps: the term 'giggle gang' is only used as a wee dig at one in particular. Childish yes, but irks fuck out of him.
  9. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    Jesus fucking wept!!! Seriously?
  10. ....Craig Houston and Chris Graham et al'... take a bow guys - you must be so proud of what you achieved in your vainglorious crusade in shoehorning King in on the back of a concentrated campaign against all others (and the personal promises made). Fucking self-serving egotistical wankers. By your deeds....
  11. Michel Preud'homme

    Cheers for pointing that out, it was indeed Dortmund, not Bayern he managed 👍
  12. Michel Preud'homme

    I'd never heard of Preud'homme until he was linked with us. The only reason I knew of Marwijk was because he was in charge of Feyenoord and Holland when I had a ST at Ajax. A highly respected manager, who did well during his various spells in Holland, but not so much when managing Bayern Dortmund and Hamburg. Not sure why he's resigned from the Saudi national team though considering he's just won them WC qualification??
  13. Derek McInnes

    Possibly because he hasn't been approached. It's been mentioned on here previously, on the old FF, it gets mentioned in the pubs in Aberdeen - it's not a new rumour. But money talks and he'd be on almost twice what he is now (if he was offered the same as Pedro) - who would knock back almost a million a year, especially if the guy you have a dislike for is in South Africa for 11 months a year. You'd just grin n' bear it and deal with him as if and when. Funnily enough, there's a family connection between McInnes and one of the Park sons or inlaws family - so who knows....
  14. Derek McInnes

    From an earlier post:
  15. Michel Preud'homme

    Favourite for the Saudi job which leaves Van Marwijk free to come to us.