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  1. As was proven when his gardening leave was terminated - he walked into a pundit job literally the following day(s). His family weren't exactly going to be reduced to food banks and crisis loans. No matter how you want to dress it up - it's abhorrent and inexcusable behaviour from someone who proclaimed a love for the club. A decent man would have walked away.
  2. I'm sure had McCoist decided against taking gardening leave and had said I'm resigning as of now then the board would have been happy to agree with it as opposed to funding two managers - one sitting at home raking in tens of thousands a month for doing fuck all. McCoist knew our financial position but decided to continue screwing us for every penny he could.
  3. From @backup above: So he quit gardening leave only after coming under criticism - so what was stopping him quitting gardening leave after one week? Just another one who rode the gravy train and milked it for all he could.
  4. This: Oh the fucking irony of it 🙄
  5. Will the UB's now be known as the Always Ultras? 🙄
  6. I think the consensus is that if they weren't liable to taxation then they'd be generally affordable.
  7. Why, because you're past needing them? 🙈 😜 As for your bit in brackets - I'm actually surprised that there's no coin operated vending machines in the female lavvies 😱 Not like King to miss a trick. Could have funded another player or two just on the mark-up profits 🙂
  8. A VB article in support of Chris Graham: https://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=49&a=Rangers,-the-media-and-chris-graham There was also another article where they said his wifes religion was not something to be used in any arguments with him after a RM poster called him out after finding out she was Catholic.
  9. The same spiv (Green) who was made an honourary member of the RST? (a claim they distanced themselves from a few years later 🙄). VB admitted in an article that Whyte lied to them and led them up a garden path when they spoke with him. In a later article they suggested that Greens arrival should be treated with caution. Regarding VB going after Chris Graham - care to enlighten me on that?
  10. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/4009521/celtic-boys-club-abuse-manchester-city/
  11. What about if Dingwall had endorsed it? 🙄
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