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  1. Rabid bastard called Sean Smith. 3 months jail 5 year banning order (think it was lifted early) Rewarded with a job at Bheast FC 🙄
  2. Fucking crass thing to say but I don't remember the same outrage (from them or us) just after she died when you had folk singing: 'someones sister is shagging Tommy Burns in hell' Fickle fucking bunch we are 🙄
  3. This time last year they were 2 points in front - we then beat them twice at Ibrox - but they still won the league. There was fuck all from us today that showed this year might be different. Dress it up how you want but they made an absolute cunt of us today - at home. @celticarethebest @ilovelennon @weareshite @bronzylovesan@@ 🙄🙄
  4. FFS!!! I'm still not convinced by his appointment and think it was a major risk from the board in giving him the job (but it helped shift ST's when their collective arses were against the wall after getting the previous managerial appointments wrong) but fuck me - even I'm not calling for him to be sacked just yet. Failure to win anything this season or knocked out of cups early doors will see me revise that stance though. ps: @Boyd9her - were you not previously flagged on here as for the watching? 🤔🙄
  5. Just caught the tail end of that with Boyd and Commons. Gerrards interview will be on SSN later. What did I miss?
  6. Gerrard being taught a lesson in team selection and tactics by the TLB. Makes you fucking sick.
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