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  1. https://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=264&a=lawwell
  2. This ^^^ An absolute steal.
  3. One of the better decisions in recent years and long overdue. All it took was one guy on FF (can't remember who?) to suggest it and get the ball rolling. Kudos to that guy. It was to be expected that they would do the same though.
  4. At this rate I'll happily applause the cunts demise.
  5. One less trophy getting dedicated´╗┐ to McBungle
  6. Brilliant stuff. Loved seeing them celebrate
  7. Used to spend many an hour at work baiting the cunts and watching them implode on the Scotsman. Philth McGillivan routinely called out under a plethora of usernames. His main one being 'BoscoBhoy'. Andy 'PerfumeBhoy' Muirhead - the sister shagger. James 'midget' Molloy. Kieron Brady aka GodSaveIreland on SellicMinded. Ex SellicMinded admin Scott McMenemy aka Mince (who's still deid btw) - Hugh Hefner on the Scotsman - with his Spanish whore and bastard offspring. It was glarying obvious that the Scotsman comments section were edited by a bheast. I would find myself continually sin-died whilst their comments remained
  8. The fucking state of these mutants
  9. Was witty as fuck, must have spent ages constructing it, getting the flow of wording correct: http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/322324-billy-mcneill-deid/?do=findComment&comment=1065260387
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