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  1. It wasn't without it's faults I admit, but the structure is what C1872 should be based on. As I said: Each RSC has one representative. If you're not in an RSC, then you can join as an independent. Every rep (including a rep for the independents) votes for a chairman and a board for a 2 or 3 year tenure 1 rep / 1 vote. Additionally, after your time is up, then you can't stand again for 3/4/5 years.
  2. My opinion also. Better D'Art on the inside looking out than the outside looking in...
  3. Seven foot and plays the flute...he's Kyle Lafferty More suited to Bheast FC.
  4. From C1872:
  5. Unfortunately it was dissolved with the emergence of C1872
  6. Scrap C1872 and go back to the days of the RSA where every supporters club has one representative. If you're not in an RSC, then you can join as an independent. Every rep (including a rep for the Independents) votes for a chairman and board for a 2 or 3 year stint. 1 rep / 1 vote. Simples
  7. Thankfully. Could always employ him to run our twitter account though
  8. Club1872 should act as a share vehicle only, not proclaim to be the voice of the support or to hold the board to account. What will make or break them is who the new board consists of. Any links to the club or the RST then it's fucked for good (Joanne Percival aside as she seems to be in it for the greater good, not herself). There's a meeting tonight in the St Rollox bowling club at 1900 - not quite sure the point of it, but no doubt we'll get to hear about the proposed way forward when the minutes are released
  9. Haha
  10. You're bang on, a game against Wales:
  11. What was the reason for this? I didn't come into the world until the following year on the 5th of May, when we beat the bheasts 3-2 in the SC final (Conn, Forsyth and Parlane)...and lost the league by one point!!!
  12. I think we can safely assume that Houston simply saw a place within C1872 as a stepping stone to further his own agenda, i.e; a place within the club. The SLO position furore which caused three members to resign, he refused to step down despite the criticism levelled at him...then he's rewarded with the 'community development' position. As for William Cowie and Alex Wilson - I'm left wondering why they bothered standing in the first place.
  13. Wasn't there documentation posted online that showed that as guarantor to the CIC, he has a 'power of vetoing' as he see's fit / wishes? It might have been documentation relating to RF, but I'm assuming it carried over.
  14. When C1872 starts asking pertinent questions of King and his failed promises / the previously released statement regarding King and the TAB ruling (which Blair subsequently removed) then I'll start to take notice. Until then it's mere soundbites and meaningless guff.
  15. The naivety on here that this comes from C1872 / SVL and not the club. Fuck me