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  1. I got slated on here last week for stating that our performances and results against lower teams (since the break) was unacceptable - yet the majority on here defended it. No matter how you want to dress it up, our last three performances have been woeful. Something is wrong and SG doesn't look like he has any idea how to change it - which is worrying. ps: before anyone mentions Tav and Morelos - we should have a team able to comfortably deal with most Scottish teams...not a team built and solely reliant around two players and it's starting to look like we've failed to strenghen during this window. Fucking scunnered.
  2. On another day they could get lucky and it's two points dropped. We seriously lack the ability to kill off far lesser teams, especially in games where we dominate.
  3. We should be doing far better against a team sitting five points off bottom (and only one point of 2nd bottom) A performance on par with Stranraer last week. Not good enough.
  4. A lacklustre performace but an essential three points in the bag. Onwards and upwards.
  5. Oh the glorious irony of it - the courdory wearing queer calling out someone else over their choice of attire 🙄
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