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  1. I've read some amount of shite on here (some of it written by myself) but that's up there with the best of them. Fuck me!!!
  2. Worst one-sided retail deal ever
  3. Who? @Banshee or @Real Ranger or both? Hopefully both.
  4. From the Times. Would it make you happier if I lifted it from elsewhere. Always deflection So, over to the current clusterfuck that is us and a board without a pot to piss in. The floor is yours......
  5. What's this??
  6. Woeful against what is nothing more than a mediocre bheast fc.
  7. Fucking die. Fenian Bastard.
  8. You just beat us and you're on here. Fucking obsessed. Lie down and grunt. Fenian bastard.
  9. We are rank fucking rotten and so far behind a mediocre septic side it's scary. Things aren't going to get better anytime soon either.
  10. He's only ever been sent off once against us when him and Lafferty were tussling (game where Edu scored in injury time). Cunts been getting away with murder for nigh on 12+ years in games against us.
  12. True, but by 1500 he was 1/2 way through a round of golf.
  13. 'We are glad that Scott Brown can play,' said Caixinha
  14. Someone needs to clatter Brown early on. Get him wound up. Off he goes.