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  1. Slimmer of the year, shit covered Sands died on my ate'th
  2. Hopefully Hearts are successful in signing him.
  3. Why did you wait until today instead of yesterday or last weekend...?
  4. Fuck giving the DR any hits: With regards to us taking the title this season, I would hope so - but can't see it as we haven't spent enough to challenge the bheasts. Yes, the board need to be applauded for our signings, but they're not exactly 'blue chip signings'. It's all on the cheap. Before I'm shot down, I don't think they have any great team, but they have 'seasons' over us where as we're rebuilding from scratch.
  5. Nailed it with this ^^^ As an aside, are him and his former cohort Houston 'still not talking due to a difference of opinion...'
  6. We would never had Gazza had he went to Man Utd. Makes you wonder what player he would have become under Fergie...
  7. Has anyone seen @thebooler and Ashley in the same room Guy spends his whole time swanning aboot on cruise ships / shagging recently bereaved MILF's. Just saying....
  8. Gets good from 11 minutes in... Bigoted bonfires
  9. I'm actually surprised at the results of the poll to be honest - not knocking anyone for their views though, but it's Gazza for me. An unparalleled, natural genius and quite possibly the best player to have ever graced Scottish football.
  10. Aye, no issues.
  11. Haven't read the thread, but I'll wager him being Yesser and having Bheasts on his FB friends list.
  12. Fucking hell!!! Eight pages about someone who hasn't posted for a couple of weeks