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  1. We wouldn't have to keep 'chopping and changing' had they hired someone decent / with a proven track record. Instead we get an unknown, sitting 5th in the Qatari league and told he's of 'the highest possible calibre' ...and just to rub salt into the wound - Park and Robertson saw fit to give him a fucking three year contract
  2. Ross Counties current results mean nothing considering this time last year they were just below us on five points - yet we couldn't muster that win. This time last year we were sitting on seven points, still couldn't muster a win later on against Ross County and we're playing far worse than this time last year. You're fucking at it (as is evident with everyone elses comments / seeing where I'm coming from). Surrender monkey indeed
  3. Recent stats prove that statement to be correct. Of course we have a chance against them, just as we do every team - doesn't mean we'll get a result though.
  4. Would love to see Souness back in some capacity - but can't see him giving up his Sky Sports gig. An easier life for sure.
  5. It would have made far more sense to appoint a DoF first. Speaking of which, what the fuck is he actually doing?
  6. ....and just to rub salt into the wound - Park and Robertson saw fit to give him a three year contract.
  7. Where the fuck did I say that? Care to tell me when we last beat them, home or away?
  8. His history and tenures speak volumes: 14 years, 11 clubs. 2003–2004 Vasco Gama Vidigueira 2004–2006 Sporting CP (assistant) 2006–2007 Al-Hilal (assistant) 2007–2008 Panathinaikos (assistant) 2008–2009 Rapid București (assistant) 2009–2010 Saudi Arabia (assistant) 2010–2011 União Leiria 2011–2012 Nacional 2013–2015 Santos Laguna 2015–2017 Al-Gharafa 2017–----- Rangers We headhunted a manager from 5th in the Qatari league; that had us finishing third in the league on points total closer to 12th than 1st - to getting horsed out of Europe by the 4th best team in the Luxembourg league. Fucking masterplan and a half that has been. The board need called out on their claims that they were interviewing a manager of the 'highest possible calibre' - or at least tell us who the fuck he was as it sure isn't Pedro.
  10. We couldn't buy a win against Ross County.
  11. Thank fuck we've moved on from the notion of Billy Davies
  12. The table doesn't lie... Wholly unacceptable and inexcusable.
  13. Aberdeen lost their captain and two best players. They are currently on maximum points having played 2 home and 1 away (away at a place we could not buy a win at) and managed to navigate a round in Europe before being knocked out. Seven of yesterday's team were at the club before Pedro. He's both inept and incompetent. Utterly fucking clueless.
  14. So, now we've Pedro and a season that is quite possibly looking worse than last - more 'overreactionary nonsense'?
  15. I'm not mocking, just pointing out that he's done absolutely fuck all to merit the appointment.