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  1. Protests?

    I did hope that with the resignation of James Blair and a new C1872 board we might have had one or two who wouldn't be afraid to raise their heads above the parapet and start asking those pertinent questions of King and his previous promises - but having seen the new board, it will coffee and shortbread with potless and co every morning at 10. Not one who has been elected to the new board will ask the awkward questions. Nothing more than a wee sewing bee to ensure everyone is kept in check.
  2. Protests?

    Whilst conveniently forgetting the lies, bluster and soundbites regarding kids inheritances / 30 million and front loading spun by King (and his rag tag rentamob) on his way to seize power - funny you seem to omit that whilst castigating previous boards The support were lied to, by a fucking charlatan who continues to be lorded over and a failure to be held to account for his lies (and that new C1872 board certainly won't be holding him to account) If King wants to make things right, then he needs to come good on his previous promises or fuck off. Oh, we could have a share issue which would bring in much needed funding - only the small issue of the TAP ruling that's preventing it. Who is it that's subject to the ruling again.......that's right - your beloved King. Fuck me - even his fucking lies are lies.
  3. New Manager... Who?

    A manager currently sitting a point above the relegation zone, think he's picked up 3 points out of a possible 20 odd. I know it's a different game down there, but he hardly instills confidence.
  4. Pedro will be away today

    Did we not get a fee for Aird and Rossiter which would show in these accounts
  5. Pedro will be away today

    Off the top of my head, so far this season. A million for Waghorn A million for Garner Around 800k for McKay 100k for Crooks Kiernan - undisclosed So that's a minimum of three million + what we got for Kiernan. I've probably missed another couple. No great fortune I admit, but to say we haven't sold anyone is just utter fucking nonsense.
  6. Pedro Presser - Where is it?

  7. Pedro will be away today

    We haven't spent nine million on transfer signings this season, so that's shite for a start. Then factor in what we got for players who left.
  8. Pedro will be away today

    According to @eskbankloyal King has put in a bigger share than the rest....
  9. Straight forward, stays or goes. No discussion as to the in's and outs (they've been covered plenty)
  10. New Manager... Who?

    What's Van Gaal up to these days
  11. Someone please justify his position

    Anyone successfully justified it yet?
  12. Pedros Record

    Which go a long way in proving that he's fucking shite along with the dross he signed. The fact that we're only two points further in front of where we were last year despite him being backed to the tune of between 6 - 8 million doesn't cut it. As for the Progres result, there's no defending that. Ever. A fucking sackable offence on it's own.
  13. New Manager... Who?

    Just read that Allardyce will have to pay Crystal Palace 2 million in compo if he takes another management job prior to May 2019 and that ain't happening. ....unless of course King was going to cover it
  14. The Case for keeping Pedro

    Koeman sacked. None of this bleating from the fans he needs more time. GTF!!! Billic - has two games to save his job. Fans seem to be okay with this, but two games maximum. Pedro - let's just give the abject failure unlimited time in the blind hope he can string three wins together and guarantee us 3rd place (at least). Fuck me, is this what we've become as a support, what we're willing to accept. Fucking nauseating
  15. On the brink

    He would simply sponsor us and have the Sports Direct logo on the front of our shirts to get around it + SD TV adverts during the break. As it is, I'm sure the rules regarding what can be shown during CL matches will be changed as of next season. Ashley didn't walk away from a seven year retail deal for fuck all.