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  1. Virtuoso

    Johnny Hubbard

    @admin Delete. Just noticed eskbanks post.
  2. Virtuoso

    Johnny Hubbard

    A true gentleman and a credit to our club. Sleep well.
  3. Virtuoso

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Spiers on McGlone: These are just some of a number of plugs he gave for his bigoted mate McGlone's failed Sellic magazine in the pages of the Herald. But you see, Spiers whilst on his anti-bigotry Rangers campaign went somehow very quiet when asked to pass comment on McGlones cartoon sketch called 'The Dirty Orange Bastards' - very selective is the Odious one
  4. Virtuoso

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    True story and one I've mentioned on here before. Around 2001/02ish, McGlone was expelled from the marital home by ra wife. Homeless Matt accepted an invitation from ra Bhoy in Corduroy to share Chez Spiersy for several blissful weeks. The oddest of odd couples was a symbiotic relationship. During McGlone's five year tenure as a columnist on Ra Sellik View, he ran an end of season poll - continued over from his 'zine, 'Ra Alternative View'. One of the categories (and I'm being serious here) was - 'Most Objective Journalist on matters Sellik' - The Paedophile Apologist won this award from the readers of Ra Sellik View five years in a row. I can only imagine a well practised Matt provided Spiers with the required amount of jobby jabbing. Bottom sex provision to a bottom feeder for accommodation. A somewhat botanical 'Summer of Love' if you like
  5. Virtuoso

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Ha ha. Fat Matt 'cokehead' McGlone. I spent years mocking this cunt to the point I thought he was going to actually end it all If a guarantee could be obtained that he was house trained, he would make an interesting pet.
  6. Virtuoso

    Honest Mistakes

    They were far from random HMRC employees: Michael and Anne Lynch - both holding positions of seniority. Derek and Arlene Sugden - Derek head of debt management and Arlene assistant director (friends of the Lynchs). Robert Bruce Kilpatrick - supervisory or management position within HMRC. All on Twitter (most accounts now deleted or locked) - use of H*** and orange bastards aplenty. A few accounts inextricably linked to people involved with the Charlotte Fakes account. Anne Lynch on the wine taking a screenshot and inadvertently posting her works email account containing the subject matter headline and recipients. Michael Lynch tweeting one night that 'Hector the Tax Inspector' was about to visit Govan again...they turned up a week or two later. HMRC took the 'we can't disclose what actions were taken' stance - which is understandable.. but had that been us tweeting Fenian Bastards or leaking info then our doors would have been going in at six in the morning.
  7. Virtuoso

    The Sleeping Giant

    Kinda hard not to mention them when stating about their allocation being cut and their dominance about to be challenged. Just to add, it's not a VB article but simply a post by one of their members.
  8. Virtuoso

    The Sleeping Giant

  9. Virtuoso

    David Mellor

    David Mellor discussing The Home Nations support for England. 'If Rangers are playing celtic I always want Rangers to win. You Back Britain" https://twitter.com/jockystan/status/1007168773738991617
  10. Virtuoso

    The Old Lady - FF

    'The Old Lady of Edmiston Drive' has been on the go a lot longer than that jumped up prick sherbrook_loyal has been going to games. Surprised he could remove Dingwalls cock from his mouth long enough to make a post. Speak about letting a wee bit of admin privileges go to your head
  11. Not the survey involving the Union Bears where 2500 or so replied stating they were interested, they also mentioned doing a survey on related costs etc etc. Have tried looking for the outcome of that but can't find it anywhere. As an aside, safe-standing would have been an ideal project for the RFFF monies.
  12. How long does Bheast FC 'safe standing trial' last for as they've already had it shut down on a few occasions due to behavioural issues. Wasn't there a stipulation made which stated that no other Scottish club would be given permission until their trial period was concluded?
  13. C1872 were supposedly conducting a survey into this as one of their projects, but that will no doubt now be shelved
  14. Virtuoso

    JD Sports to become official retail partner

    First hit on Google throws up: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40358177 As for the payment to SD, it was in the annual accounts - 3 million to SD with around 1 million due back in dividends.