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  1. Craig shite to release a book

    I just read what that rabid bastard has written. Makes you wonder if he's actually writing the book as it will take some amount of work to fabricate chapters every day in the hope that people will pay to read it, especially when it can be copy n' pasted for free. Don't give his blog any hits people:
  2. Union Bears Stickers.

  3. Regime change needed

    Comes as no surprise as those most vocal in King been appointed are resident over there (or at least were until he moved message boards). Most likely that the same 'paid hands and errand boys' are still there, but simply under new usernames - but as sure as night follows day, they will soon out themselves. You see, no voice of dissention can be allowed over there - as has always been the case. Even now, with him no longer being part of anything (so we're told) - big Mark still has to be in control. North Korea could take lessons in censorship from Dingwall.
  4. Regime change needed

    I didn't drag him into anything, the only reason he was mentioned was because Kings actions led us to asking him for a 5 million sub. Some people don't like the truth when it's told / explained to them. (don't take that comment personally ).
  5. Regime change needed

    Wasn't aimed at you personally PP, but simply stating why fans were buying ST's again. It may have ended in tears, but that would have been down to King and his fanboys with calls for boycotts. As for stunted growth, we aren't exactly sprouting under the current regime. How much longer do we keep dragging Ashley into debates surrounding the current board? He's yesterdays man, but yet certain people are still using him as our bogey man to deflect and deny any criticism of the current incumbents.
  6. Regime change needed

    Aye, because King got in. The reason ST sales were down was because the glib and shameless one called for a boycott (at the same time driving down the share price - see the link there?). At least there was fans who chose to renew or it's quite possible we wouldn't have a club just now, although Admin2 would have suited some Another thing, maybe if King hadn't called for the boycott, we wouldn't have needed to tap Ashley for five million. Just saying......
  7. Regime change needed

    Has he been allowed back on, active five hours ago: http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/profile/98495-del1916/
  8. Tony Pulis

    A run of three wins would be a start.
  9. Tony Pulis

    McInnes being linked as his replacement.
  10. Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

    Why not approach the likes of Van Gaal or Koeman; all they can say is no (or might surprisingly say yes) - instead of looking at 3rd rate appointments who've achieved fuck all. I'm still, 100% convinced we could tempt Hiddink out of retirement.
  11. The Boxing News Thread

    Offshore just now and just catching this - why is it a 10 round fight?? (apologies if I've missing something )
  12. GVB

    Very lucky today to get a 1-1 at home to 12th placed Venlo who have only just returned to the Eredivisie this season after being relegated in 2006. He's out of his depth and like him being a hero to Feyenoord fans as a player, he's rapidly losing his status much like McCoist did with us - the same would happen to him here. He'd soon be turned on and hounded if he failed to produce consistent results. The latest stats speak volumes:
  13. Regime change needed

    @bilkobear I'm not looking to argue here, but why would he destroy Rangers? Ashley knows how much he could have made from us had he been allowed to increase his stake or continue his involvement until King (on the back of the concentrated effort from CG and CH after the much fabled 7p in the pound shite) decided on who could piss the highest. We then find out that it cost us 3 million to 'rip up the retail deal' - only to find we entered another 1 year deal with him that allows him to sell our merchandise through SD and take a percentage. Yet the blowhards declared this as some sort of victory over Ashley, where as he was laughing like fuck at us. I wouldn't be surprised if this one year retail deal is extended tbh. Just to add, yes he obviously made 'x' amount of £££'s after being sold our retail and advertising spaces for a pound - but he never sold himself that, that was down to Green. Ashley is a businessman and not one person in the same game as him would have passed up that chance. Yes, he's a parasitical cunt, but let's not cloud shit here as to what was what.
  14. Regime change needed

    The Kingalings and board apologists are very quiet tonight
  15. Regime change needed

    Trying too hard.
  16. Regime change needed

    A moral point mate as we only have a stand-in manager
  17. Regime change needed

    Let's get something straight here, I'm not your fucking son or one of yours. It's pouring out of you, keyboard getting hammered by cloven hooves with you frothing at the nostrils. Bheast.
  18. Regime change needed

    Have a look at his posting history: http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/profile/98495-del1916/content/
  19. Regime change needed

    You're fucking reeking!!! 1916 usename? Fenian bastard. Lie down and grunt.
  20. Regime change needed

    Ah, but...erm...they might not be good Rangers men
  21. Regime change needed

    From @TheLawMan last week @bilkobear @CapitalGer ...but they're good Rangers men and awe that
  22. Regime change needed

    Double post