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  2. Not quite so catchy as the Tiffany number, but...
  3. From FF:
  4. Ten years later and still an auld moaning bassa
  5. @gogzy @cushynumber Get this cunt tae fuck.
  6. Another decent article, but when VB were organising protests against the BBC back in 2008 / 2009 - they were shunned by others. Just think how much more would have been in attendance / what could have been achieved if one person could have put his dislike (for VB) aside, for a greater good and allowed the protest to be mentioned on his site. This isn't a FF bashing post, but Dingwalls need to always be in control has caused major divisions in our support.
  7. There's a lot more than just Rangers fans who read VB articles, but the fact that no one in Scottish media has the balls to run with them tells you all you need to know. Where as any Bheast frothing from the gums; Mad Joe / Haggerty / Philth McGillivan etc are automatically given a platform, articles copied verbatim in the Evening Times / DR etc etc. You then look at who is in charge of the aforementioned platforms....
  8. If the bheasts get beat or draw tonight it will be down to the exclusion of the goon brigade. No pyro, no party
  9. That was written by 1972
  10. These cunts are fucking demented:
  11. If these cunts didn't exist, we'd have to make them up: Remember their last attempt. 20 odd thousand at getting an advert in some Swiss newspaper re Res 12 before UEFA told them fuck off
  12. A bheast @gkb10127 allowed to derail it.
  14. English is a grade-A cunt. The type of cunt that normal, run of the mill cunts look at and state there's a real cunts cunt. A cunt of epic proportions.
  15. 'no matter how long it takes - justice must prevail' That could equally apply to bheast fc.
  16. The stench of the bheast is overwhelming from this one. Back under your rock Declan
  17. Some FB group that has sprung up:
  18. Ah, got ya 👍
  19. The 'golden bhoy' of sellic minded, Messi10. Fucking cretin.