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  1. Settle petal. The boy was only asking a question.
  2. No surrender Davie Weir
  3. Same. Didn't bother me at all. Infact i'm going to the game myself tonight got a ticket through the charity foundation thing.
  4. Will be of th Ibrox soon for this. Gave them a call this morning and was told to turn up. Thanks for letting me know about this.
  5. Badge came today, really pleased with it. Plaus the money is going to a grat cause.
  6. Just bought 1 there from FF. Didn't think they could make a nicer badge than the one from last year but they did. Also money going to a great cause.
  7. Cheers for he heads up, will be giving that site a miss.
  8. Your promises, they look like lies.

  9. 2-0 against Werder Bremen during the UEFA cup run. Was incredible.
  10. Absolutely fantastic post Dart.
  11. Charlie Adam free kick underneath the wall against ra sellick? Similar to Ronaldinho's against Werder Bremen.
  12. £10 donated.
  13. Done.
  14. It's always Prso