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  1. Hopefully the section is as good as it was on Saturday against Hibs, hopefully since it's a cup game it will move over to BF2 aswell.
  2. Alot of pish, i bet PS3 will lose alot of customers for this !
  3. I really looking forward to this game more than any game i have all season, easy win i think for The Bears. 3-0.
  4. 15 league titles, 9 Scottish cups, 13 league cups, 9 in a row, UEFA cup final, over £204million in transfer fees, Ibrox upgraded, Murray park, the list goes on - Sir David Murray, thank you for the memories Craig Whyte - Thank you for helping us out of our debt trouble and welcome to The Rangers
  5. This is shit i have completed the same games over and over again.
  6. Has anyone even mentioned the paratroopers at half time? Absolutely great gesture from Kilmarnock letting them land in the stadium.
  7. Hopefully nothing will happen however, if you seen a fan of Rangers being attacked would you leave it or would you back him up?
  8. I'm Mr Brightside!!!!!

  9. JordanRangers

    Clubs (PS3)

    I'm on just now, PSN brammer-RFC
  10. I will know tomorrow if i have a ticket off the bus fingers are tightly crossed !!
  11. The lads behind the scenes know what has to be done. Oh here we go 2 in a row
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