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  1. are you ok bro? you seem very upset.
  2. he makes plenty of money from youtube for talking absolute shite. the day he said wes foderingham would make the england squad one day is the day i stopped watching that clown
  3. you seem like a moron to be honest kid
  4. its full of morons on here.
  5. he is the guy who fucked off to hull. fuckin hull and yet you get some of the mutton heeds on here wanking over him
  6. that just proves we need to spend money to win things though
  7. sick of him aswell. hes a lying bastard
  8. is it ya fenian cunt?. we have 54 league titles at Rangers so fuck off.
  9. Coulibaly instead of mccrorie is a fuckin joke. we all know it. lets play a loan player whos shit instead of one of our own young players whos better. what is gerrard playing at
  10. say it to his face ya shite bag
  11. they wont qualify you dumb fuck
  12. what the fuck are you on about? jack only plays the advanced role when mccrorie is in the team. its a clear swap for swap between the 2. the formation does not change one bit with jack out
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