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  1. The OP is spot on. Absolutely no point is saying 'they did it too'. We are guilty by the rules and are being punished.
  2. I flew out & back same day also. On the way near Barcelona someone spotted the Nu Camp and the plane tipped over when we all went to that side. Got my tickets from a travel agent up near Hampden. Collected them the same day as the Scottish Cup Final I believe.
  3. I figured it out. It was Bobby Brown who by then was not the manager having been replaced by Tommy Docherty.
  4. I'm happy to dig out my Barcelona stuff. Proudest possession is the Bullfighter poster with the teams on. Same as the one in our trophy room though not signed. Flew from Prestwick on a pink plane. I went with Ewan Chester who was a school friend. ( I know one of Newcastle's scouts who knows our ex-chief scout so I asked him to ask Ewan next time he meets him if he remembers me). On the way back I missed my coach and had to get a ride on some other bus. At the airport I was beside the Scotland Manager at the bar but I don't remember his name. When the anniversary comes round I will re-post all my stuff. My blow up Rangers player still inflates. A Spanish cop with a big fancy hat wanted to buy him and tried to burst him with a cigar when I wouldn't sell. I well remember the Ramblas and all the fans buying cheap booze by the suitcase full. Certainly ranks as one of the best days of my life. When I got home I was very surprised at the papers with headlines like 'Battle of Barcelona'. At the time it was nothing special. Just cops chasing us out of the stadium.
  5. Absolutely not. I have had a seat in every part of the stadium except the directors' box. Even been in the away corner. The worst seats are the 'behind glass' corporate hospitality seats. You are at the game but not really in those seats. Front row club deck seats have a great view btw. I had a pretty high up club deck seat on Sunday and we played so well no one cared about where they were sitting, just that they were there to see Hibs thumped.
  6. Nothing wrong with the Club Deck and the catering works faster than the rest of the stadium.
  7. Positive is good ! Now if we could train everyone to use the Queen's English minus all the F***s and C***s and to remember it's not nice to insult other Rangers fans just because their opinion does not match then it would be a better forum and I'm not even lying. Note that I'm not expecting people to refrain from posting when they have been on the bevvy. That would be too much to expect. It's gonna be a great year/season I'm certain.
  8. Superb game. High up in the club deck but that didn't matter cause the atmosphere was great. Can't wait to watch the highlights now. Soaked through walking to the subway and now back at my daughter's flat wearing a pair of green joggy bottoms while my jeans dry. Roll on Thursday night.
  9. Great game. Had to look up pronunciation: MID JIH LAND only been around since 1999 in merger of two rivals (a bit like the Inverness clubs). Highly likely we will progress and our next opponents will start off being worried that we will thump them.
  10. It's simple. Rangers are playing football in Scotland so we have no choice about the league we are in. We need players to get 90 minutes of football regularly so loans are necessary. We cannot take a bulldozer to the clubs who voted us down the leagues so all we can do is beat them on the field of play. Supporters who do not behave should not be held up as our most loyal fans. Bad behaviour does not make people more loyal than those who just go to the match and enjoy the game.
  11. It's the first game of the season and we have our fans splashed across the media jumping on the roof of a shelter for disabled fans, falling through the roof onto fans below. This is not a good thing to have happened. It does not help Rangers. No point writing more.
  12. I chose 'Rangers' in in the BBC sport App on my phone. The first story is headlined ' celtic Legend's football boots sell for £18,000'. This is a new low. Following on from their Thursday headline where they missed out our TEN NIL aggregate score in Europe but instead titled their article ' Rangers win to book date with Progres' I am not in total disbelief that the BBC are able to ignore their biased employees blatantly anti-Rangers bias. They have to clear out their reporting staff. The BBC should be unbiased and the voice of Britain not an organ for these simple one track mind idiots.
  13. I live near Newcastle and the local info is that our boss is on their shortlist. The lack of money for players and the uncertainty over the possible sale of the club is not likely to look attractive to SG. Newcastle go off for their pre-season in two weeks so not likely to be doing that with their new boss. My own view is that Liverpool won't give him the job in a few years unless he has Premier experience so I expect we can only hold on to him for another year. Let's hope its a good one.
  14. It was Man U v Tottenham and Man U won. The hospitality was great. Nice food, drink and entertainment (though none of the Man U stuff & people meant anything to me) and of course padded seats which was a bit ott. My colleague did get a wee live snail in his salad but that did not bring down the day. They took photos of parties and posted them to the web for us to download. We arrived early before the carpark opened so left the car near the ground and went in to the superstore. When we came out they had the lift vehicle ready to take out car away but they let us have it thankfully.
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