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  1. IanFerguson2013

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    I don't know why I'm nervous
  2. IanFerguson2013

    **** Official Let's all laugh at Hibs/Lennon Thread****

    Even though I live in England one of my neighbours is a Hibs fan. I will wait for our second half to finish before I wind him up
  3. IanFerguson2013

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    the final in Barcelona 1972, because we won the cup. (I don't remember the Bayern game at Ibrox to be honest. I was there but the memories are gone)
  4. IanFerguson2013

    Croats Kicking Off

    I'm pretty sad reading this. It seems that we are saying that fans of opposing teams cannot travel safely to a game at Ibrox. If they dare to walk down Paisley Road West or Edmiston Drive they are considered to be disrespectful and should be attacked. A couple of Premier seasons ago I travelled to the Stadium of Light on a metro packed with Arsenal and Sunderland fans. They sang songs at each other, got off the train and went in to the stadium. Why do we need to treat people so badly up in Scotland? (Arsenal won of course) It's not a new phenomenon but it's much worse than it once was. When I was a young man going home from a cup semi against celtic on a week night one of their fans was found in the crowd and got a few kicks up the backside for his trouble. Not punched, kicked on the ground or stabbed. Now it seems that people can be battered and stabbed and that's ok. It's just a game of football but add in too much drink, drugs and gang mentality and it all goes downhill. Scotland has a big problem.
  5. IanFerguson2013

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    Based on their extra time and our victory I expect us to have a good chance of a slim win.
  6. IanFerguson2013

    Rangers memorabilia collections

    the paper coasters were used in hospitality. I have them and also the little blue matches and various bits n bobs.
  7. IanFerguson2013

    Harry Forrester gone

    Harry left a vey nice message on Twitter about Rangers and wished the club well. He seemed a nice chap who played some decent football but just not that often. All the best for the future Harry.
  8. IanFerguson2013

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    It's interesting how few posts there are about this match.
  9. IanFerguson2013

    England related thread

    by the way, all the girls in Croatia are really badly dressed & generally turned out poorly. Most girls going from over here to there look so much better than the locals. (was there on holiday a few years ago)
  10. IanFerguson2013

    England related thread

    I live in England so I'm not against the local team doing well in the world cup. I lived in Helensburgh previously and it turns in to little England during the world cup due to all the English sailors so I'm actually seeing fewer English flags down here in Northumberland. ps: On my flagpole I fly either the Lion Rampant, St Andrew's Cross, Union Jack but never the St George's Cross.
  11. IanFerguson2013

    *** RangersMedia have only gone and bought a bloody Dug!

    bottom line is that a labrador from kennel club registered parents is around £500 unless you are buying a dog from show champions. Insurance should be no more than £200. A puppy is so unlikely to need major medical care unless bought from a puppy farm that it's a waste of money to get dear insurance. Later on Labs can get join issues and other problems so dearer insurance might be beneficial. All that really matters is that it's a healthy pet in a loving home. Labradors are great dogs.
  12. IanFerguson2013

    *** RangersMedia have only gone and bought a bloody Dug!

    £500 for dog insurance :)) That's a bit steep. I can't be bothered looking up the price of a Lab puppy (a very common breed) but the last 3 pedigree dogs I know off each cost under £600. So I'm a bit confused it this thread is for real.
  13. IanFerguson2013

    How do you get to Ibrox on match day?

    private car seems crazy. So many get there by car & then have to get away again in all that traffic. I'm train and subway when I manage to get there. As a lad I was supporters' bus.
  14. IanFerguson2013

    Zenit St Petersberg v Rangers 10 years ago

    I was at the game. Got my ticket via Canon the copier company. They apologised that it was just a seat not hospitality :) I got my ticket in Manchester. The bloke said to look for the only person without a Rangers top in one of the squares and sure enough I found him. After several hours of soaking up the atmosphere pre-match I went to see Iron Man at the cinema, came out, bought a match T-Shirt and went to the game. I bought 2 programs (one for a friend's hubby) and got the Carlsberg blue hair freebies being handed out. Did not have a drop of alcohol as I was driving. I did not know there was any trouble till the next day. As for the game, I lived in Helensburgh at the time not too far from Walter and kept hoping I would bump in to him to moan about tactics.
  15. IanFerguson2013

    Conspiracy anyone?

    Like many others I predicted that celtic would lose. I even suggested they would lose by one goal. Cheating, gamesmanship, whatever you call it celtic threw the points away on purpose.