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  1. No change there then . I was hit twice in 1972 Barcelona for no reason. I was just leaving the Nu Camp
  2. I couldn't stay up so my daughter is at Ibrox enjoying hospitality in my place. She had a lovely Sunday roast 🙂
  3. Going to corporate hospitality on the club deck. Been 'corporate' loads of times but this is the first time I am paying. It should be interesting to see how the service is compared to way back. I can remember the first time I was at hospitality when the money was getting tight. Only one wee pie at half time. I bought these tickets when we were looking strong competitors for the league. No refunds so I will just enjoy the day for what it is.
  4. I decided to buy a loving cup for the same event as the one our club has ( Coronation of King George VI Queen Elizabeth 1937) so I can have my own wee ceremony every year. Turns out you can get one under £15 on eBay. While not identical to the club's one it's just as nice to look at. A new tradition is born.
  5. would you rather it was all over early with weeks to celebrate or have a helicopter moment on the last day ? (I want it all over). The sheer bias towards us is staggering. I wonder if they studied under Mr Putin?
  6. If you are able to do hospitality you can get to the Club Deck all the way. You are still going to have stairs from the hospitality suites onto the club deck seating. Worth contacting Rangers directly to find out the best approach to getting a seat with the least steps possible.
  7. It was a big game for the Liverpool fans so they wanted to revel in the win. It's maybe a bit later than 75 mins they (our fans) head home/pub. I don't mind as it cuts the queue at Cessnock. Can't understand why people pay for a European home match and leave early or go for a pie after 30 mins. Been to the Stadium of Light a few times. The Sunderland fans are so used to getting beaten that they are always off home by 70 minutes. And of course the Hibs fans the other week were pouring out early.
  8. Happy new year one and all. Looks like being a special year for Rangers. Despite living in England I first footed properly with a bottle of whisky, a lump of coal and a big chunk of black bun.
  9. The elf was having fun. Holding on to the ball though ? Didn't help the goal difference.
  10. So did the Hibs manager give instructions on which player was to get booked in a specific order ? Interesting that their dirty play stopped after the sending off so some instruction must have been given otherwise they would have continued to clatter in to us. The McGregor / Hoarding foul was ignored by the ref though.
  11. That referee knew exactly what he was doing. He didn't need to book Morelos and he probably sniggered about it with his ref pals later. I had been telling my wife that he needed to be subbed after his yellow then he scored and for a few seconds I was happy but then I was proved correct by the dodgy ref. Just a tiny blip. I look forward to seeing who he will be scoring against after the draw.
  12. Back home after the game ( I'm in Northumberland). I took my youngest to the game and she had a great time. The rain played it's part in reducing the quality of our play. Enjoyable first half. Poor second half performance. I had a chicken curry pie instead of the steak pie I always have. Got to Cessnock and there was no queue outside so a good result then after 10 the exit poll showed a Tory victory.
  13. If you go to UEFA Alfredo is No 3 not No 1 ??? Can the OP explain ?
  14. the red light district is a weird place. Women of various ages sitting in windows on their phones while droves of tourists stream by. If you take their photo they get annoyed.
  15. Only one type of view is allowed on here. You either uphold the tradition of you are in the wrong. We are a football club and not connected in any direct way to the lifting of the siege of Londonderry and the defeat of the deposed (ran away really) king James and his Frenchmen by King William and his army from all over Europe but for some reason Rangers has become associated with this history some time in the past and cannot now escape that connection.
  16. The varying values placed on players are just unbelievable at times. Look at the report today where Liverpool can't afford Kylian Mbappé. The AGM is coming soon so it's a good time to bring up such issues. Me, I'm going to complain about no healthy food options at Ibrox. The wrap had bacon and cheese so I couldn't eat that so I ended up with a steak pie which was very tasty.
  17. yea, I actually watched his video and thought I should make a comment on YouTube that he should not mention 'them' in a review of a visit to Ibrox.
  18. Knowing this site I wouldn't put up a pic of my dog never mind one of my kids 🙂 She is very pretty and has a Rangers supporting boyfriend. Growing up she was 'in love' with Barry Ferguson and thankfully she grew out of that. Mostly she has been to Rangers on hospitality but she preferred being in the crowd. She wasn't allowed to swear so she just enjoyed everyone else doing it. Every game I took her to Rangers won then one European night it was a 1 - 1 draw and she was totally confused.
  19. Hoping for a win obviously. Getting the train up to Ecosse at 3pm. Digging in my Rangers drawer for a scarf I pulled out one with "Warburton is magic, he wears a magic hat' on it. Times have changed for the better so it seems. Decided not to bring that one. A good win, a couple of beers then a night on my daughter's couch.
  20. I can't remember. Maybe Marco Negri was playing though ?
  21. Couple of weeks until the deadline and I just bought a roll of red paper the other day. Must look for a shoe box.
  22. I live in the North East so it's been on the news for days down here. He is looking quite fit compared to a couple of years ago which is good to see. He was found not guilty of two charges. Total waste of court time though. She should have slapped him and that was the end of it but a famous face lands you in court.
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