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  1. Nah mate don't think he's on twitter
  2. See him at the far left it's happening 👍😁
  3. Unless your referring to the one in the hat but there's no way you can still tell
  4. That looks like a female I'm calling bs on this one 👍😂
  5. Can see this catching on no bother 👍 Surely we can somehow remix this to Pena..... Penapple......Pena. no ? I'll get my coat
  6. Cunt better no be at it man am getting extremely excited at the prospect of this signing of the season 👍
  7. Let's hope he can whip in a decent cross cause tavs attempts are horrendous man
  8. A would say so undoubtedly he was some talent a few years back and has maybe stagnated a little since moving to Qatar but last time I watched him was last year he was great in the Euro's
  9. Would be some signing if it were to happen no denying he has real quality
  10. Use ibrox as a gig sort of venue ??
  11. The ones I'd keep would be Fod/Alnwick, Wilson/Wallace/Beerman/Tav, Holt/McKay/Dodoo/Windass, and Miller the rest I would try and punt would like to see maybe Atakayi, Burt, Barjonas involved more next term 👍
  12. Really can't help but think McKay through the middle has to happen build the team around him
  13. I've literally screamed the house down windows wide open 😂 neighbours will no doubt be like clam down it's thistle fs I don't care but last minute winner and 3 point I'll take that 👍
  14. We are a shambles man.
  15. Aye a seen that mate I took a few days off from it and football fella has done 2 24 hour challenges in a row from Wed 😂 murder