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  1. Don’t know how to feel on this one undoubtedly he’s got great potential but is he what we really need especially in the rough & tumble Scottish game I’m not convinced 4 mill is a lot of money that could be better spent for me
  2. Docherty definitely has a place in the team he can be useful wether it be from the bench or in cup games etc I’d keep him
  3. It’s clear we need more goals there’s a good nucleus of player in the squad just need a few quality additions to enhance what we have I’d be looking to offload Morelos for as much as we can and reinvest that into the squad it’s clear the media witch hunt has affected him big time I think it’s best we cut ties
  4. Good for the club if we receive decent money tbh
  5. I have a question which players contracts are expiring in the next few months ?
  6. Dunno why but I like the idea of a midfield consisting of Jack, McCrorie & Ferguson 👀
  7. Tempted to invest in this MyGers thing now I held off initially but I can’t say no
  8. Watching that video was it just me or was there a flash of orange at the start maybe a subtle hint at another orange kit hopefully
  9. Tin hat on here but given the league will be priority these are exactly the signings we need imo would be great additions
  10. Got to be a full kit reveal would be stupid to tease like that for just a deal announcement
  11. Aye I suppose that’s a legitimate point mate something tells me we won’t get to see that though given the current state of affairs I can’t see the remaining games being played
  12. I honestly don’t think we should be spending that kind of money on him tbh hasn’t shown enough for me and looks another luxury player drifts in & out of games to much
  13. How many votes do we need for it to go through ?
  14. Not arsed who’s making the kits if the club is getting a good deal & the Kit designs are good then what’s the problem
  15. Podcast on his time at Rangers is up on Spotify really good listen to be honest spoke really well and probably gives you a good insight into why Warburton failed up here
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