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  1. Looks unreal btw Hummel have outdone themselves with this one 👌🏻


    Nah I think he’s useful to the squad I’d ship out Grezda and maybe loans for Murphy & Middleton for me assuming Kent comes back
  3. Think Candeais is a big miss for us tbh we could be doing with his pressing
  4. Poor Michael Beale getting it tight on twitter for his hashtag he’s went a deleted it and put his tweet back up without it 😂😂
  5. I don’t think Defoe has done a awful lot wrong and normally I’d say he deserves to keep his spot but to maximise The value of Morelos he has to play and hopefully finishes on the season strongly
  6. He’ll be a useful squad player for us and only adds strength & depth assuming we add to the midfield that is
  7. Easily looks like the best home too in donkies man loving those stripes down it superb
  8. I actually quite like this intrigued to see it in the flesh or Should I say the fabric 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Thought he played well today doesn’t help when you’ve got a clown beside you that can’t make a simple pass out from the back
  10. I’ve a feeling we will target that Cooper from Millwall at CB but I think we need to shift a lot of deadwood out before thinking about more Coming in imo far too many average midfielders for me and others like Flanagan, Grezda, Barisic, none have what it takes to make it here
  11. Wasn’t the Game against celtic a big game ? Or some of the Europa games we won? Not defending tonight’s result but that seems absurd yes we should have put the game to bed but I think our problem is the opposite we can’t seen to finish off the shite teams fully dominated that game tonight
  12. Hate to put a dampener on things but I think this almost certainly confirms he’s away imo club doing all they can to get maximum value great business though I’ll be sad to see him go he’s been top class this season
  13. Actually looks a good prospect powerful runner with pace and a wicked left peg good to see we are taking advantage of this
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