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  1. Did Pena get any game time ?
  2. Dunno why he went off he loves this game !
  3. Heard it's ainsworth he was looking at ... edit somecunts at it 😂 He's no even at Motherwell
  4. What he said 👍
  5. Don't see why we can't promote some of the youths to compete in the wider areas we have young Burt, atakayi and Ross Lyon who's naturally a wb but I've seen him a lot out wide and he's frightening they all look like great prospects
  6. Is he even needed now ?
  7. Even though there practically standing at the same spot ? Aye no bother
  8. Result aside yes it's piss poor but find that a bit disgusting fueling the fire FairPlay and respect to Pedro but media outlets will be all over that seems some are desperate for him to go I personally feel he needs more time to bed in his players/tactics
  9. Liking the look of candeias looks a classy player Pacey and looks to have a great final ball once he's match fit reckon he'll be a vital part of the team
  10. Still early days so I'm not worrying at this stage as long as we get the job done I'm not giving a fuck 👍
  11. Reckon he'll fail in the championship far too inconsistent
  12. Arsenal close too finalising Lacazette
  13. After last nights showing were lacking badly in the wider areas imo
  14. Dalcio was getting some stick in the stands constant shitebag getting yelled out thought he looked lively early on but heard a few people write him off think it's far to early for that other than him I felt the others had solid debuts jack impressed too candeias looks decent very direct and can whip in some nice crosses still feel we're lacking out wide though nothing Nani wouldn't sort though....