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  1. I’m sick just reading this how has this been allowed to happen ? Surely the cunts must be prosecuted that have made this terrible “mistake” absolute frauds man
  2. Fan fucking-tastic ! Big pressure after that result earlier and the team has stood up and absolutely bossed it ! Great to see Barasic, Stewart coming on to great from Edmundson looking solid too ! & Defoe the guy just doesn’t age looks so sharp and hasn’t lost that finishing

    FIFA 20

    Well finished ma placement matches lost 3 won 2 game feels very slow man but it’s good as steelydab said some absolute minging teams already

    FIFA 20

    Talking fut champs regular easy 16-20 odd wins in a weekend league 😂

    FIFA 20

    Got it yesterday never played the demo I was class in 19 but 3 games so far and I’ve been absolutely scudded everyone man 😭
  6. Thought the big man showed his quality last night was an absolute tank last night mental we have a good crop of centre backs but he’s deservedly earned his place
  7. Master League I’m sure it’s called
  8. Anyone tried that mode that’s similar to football manager ? Been watching some videos and it’s definitely got my interest
  9. Yes definitely he’s had what 2 weeks back at the club and had a full pre season I’d give him a start think he said in his interview he’s been keeping himself fit and he’s ready to go
  10. Must have went through all sorts of emotions yesterday from feeling Depressed about the result, Then when the Club Brugge news broke I was in the brink. Then went into absolute hysteria when we had a bid accepted and continually refreshed twitter on the half hour right up until midnight. What a deadline to remember from all the memes and Still Game videos. And to Casper Kent being exposed as a Asian porn director fantastic content one to remember 😂
  11. Delighted man what a great piece of business I’ve wanted this all summer
  12. Grezda left and we’re good then not to shabby
  13. Shame for him hope it isn’t as serious I prefer him over Ojo tbh
  14. Only thing that would make this Monday better would be a Kent announcement will it happen ? Will it fuck 😭
  15. He certainly would not make an impact am sorry but he’s shite another one that needs off the wage bill
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