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  1. Delighted that this is done surprised that it got announced today but I'm not complaining can't wait to see what he'll bring to the team Welcome Pedro !😁😁⚽
  2. Aye the Bayern chant too Ohhh Pedro Caixinha
  3. It's happening ! 😁😁👏 I for one am looking forward to seeing what he can bring sounds a real passionate manager with fire in his belly and likes to build from the back all sounds good to me 👍
  4. Struggling to understand why so many are jumping the gun and having melt downs all because the guy has achieved nothing and add to that he's unknown If I remember right before Warburton arrrived people liked the idea of the cathro rumour at the time so what's different now ? I'll wait till he's had significant time to build his team before judging and I reckon this guy has so much potential he could open up so many different avenues regarding talent spotting etc that its a gamble worth taking imo enough of this Scottish born & bred management shite Davies, McLeish etc that have been out the game for so long we've done that so many times time for a fresh approach 👍
  5. Anymore shite posts like this one a you'll be bannedfromff&rm ✊💦
  6. I'm buzzing for this really hope it is him sounds very promising and am liking what I'm reading on him exactly what we need
  7. Just seen on my fb feed guy saying that its a done deal for Pedro his dads in Dubai and met mccoist and that's apparently what he told him solid source 😯😯
  8. I'm quite excited by the prospect of this appointment why the negativity ? So many untested managers have went on to big things exactly what we need imo
  9. Is it just me or anyone else think Caixinha could be a good appointment ? Undoubtedly could bring some hidden talent from the Mexican league's quatar, and would have good knowledge of the Premiera 👍
  10. I look forward to that one 👍
  11. Love how everyone is stressing over this pedro, mcleish talk etc tbh its clear to me no cunt has a clue media outlets in the knows its all made up shite
  12. What is actually going on way this team man dreadful honestly dare I say but would we have been better off keeping Warburton till the end of the season ? Performances have been worse since he left 😣😣
  13. Some amount of simple minded people on this really your lucky if Murty has had one day with the team and people are expecting a major overhaul on the team selection I'm done man 😣😣
  14. Watch him deliver a dominant performance build that onto the next game same outcomes happens few weeks roll by continuous back to back victories wins the old firm ends up getting the permanent position......
  15. I'd be delighted with pardew tbh would be a good appointment