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  1. The ultimate false dawn?

    I’m not just talking about in this thread but if you have a look at other topics there’s quite a few
  2. The ultimate false dawn?

    Some of the comments on here are embarrassing imo yes we weren’t great today defence cost us big time but calling for Murtys head after this is wrong there’s a host of first team players out injured the bench looked weak today there wasn’t one player Cummings aside I would have confidence in to come on and Change the game I agree subs should have been made much earlier on and we should have changed shape but don’t forget what he’s done since January we’ve been playing some of the best football I’ve seen in a good while I feel we’re still lacking good quality in areas but give him a summer transfer window and I reckon we’ll be better off Just seems like a revolving door few bad results folk are calling for the sack how many managers must we go through ?
  3. Rumour by ID10 from ff

    Really don’t like the idea of McArthur tbh decent player but wrong side of 30 almost certainly means Goss is definitely a no go
  4. Candeias .. Best Signing of The Season?

    I love the guy plays with so much heart and desire doesn’t get the plaudits enough that he deserves he’s definitely right up there for Poty I’d pick him over Morelos anyday just a shame we got him when he’s at the wrong side of his 20s
  5. ** Ross County v Rangers Match Thread **

    A wins a win I’ll take it any day Of the week felt as though the subs should have been much sooner solid first half very poor the second get the feeling though we should definitely get out and go for Jones or some other player with a bit of Pace & Width feel we’re lacking depth wise still in that department anyhow
  6. Welcome To Rangers Declan John *permanently*

    Happy with this at times he’s showing what sort of player he can be
  7. Junkies vs Rangers

    This isny good for the blood pressure ??
  8. Junkies vs Rangers

    Where’s the subs man we need some changes badly
  9. Junkies vs Rangers

    Love the guy but candeias looks as if he can’t be fucked the night
  10. Junkies vs Rangers

    Fuck knows how we’ve managed that but get in good play from Morelos and cracking finish
  11. Fucking loved the wee guy still gutted to this day that he left what could have been ??
  12. UFC live.

    Probably one of the most enjoyable cards this year gutted Garbrandt didn’t lay waste to TJ but
  13. New Scouting Department Unveiled

    Just no pleasing some people fs we finally have the start of a scouting network we’ve been crying out for years now and folk still moaning brutal man !
  14. Ryan Jack

    Now am not one for insulting our players but come on to fuck that’s a few times this season that cunts been sent off for poor discipline absolutely unreal when your team have a pen and you do shite like that am lost for words way this team now honestly depressing as fuck and I was a Pedro in guy but patience is running out now regardless of what happened at the end there over the 90 mins once again we were honking as boring as watching paint dry
  15. Central Midfield

    Haha noticed the error don’t Judge ! ***MIDFIELD ****