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    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    Really enjoyed it great to get a wee insight into previous regimes easy to now understand how it went so wrong for Pedro he sounds like an absolute crack pot love how he thinks he’s worth more than the 2.5 mill we got I’d say that was a fair price for a very average player

    Gerrards lack of subs.

    Maybe no confidence in the bench tonight as on paper it’s honking tbh nothing jumping out to me that could change the game maybe Halliday for Flannagan but that’s not going to get you goals is it
  3. We’ve Been utter pish tonight midfield is nonexistent constant defensive errors Flannagan should be nowhere near the team but the bench is honking anaw let’s not kid ourselves
  4. We haven’t been that great man if we can get a grip of this game it’s ours this mob are there for the taking giving them to much respect
  5. Gerrard out brigade still here ? Writing the game off after 50 mins had been played

    The Midfield

    Genuinely think we could be doing with Dochertys Drive in the middle great engine and can hit a few he would definitely add goals




    I understand we were shite in the final third but honestly who are we bringing on for Sadiq today that’s going to add physicality or win the high balls ? we were creating nothing on the deck tbh and the only way I saw us getting a goal was from our crosses no one on the bench was changing it for us in that respect can’t blame Gerrard for that also adding into the fact we were missing our main focal point
  9. Candeias I don’t know but can understand Jack as he was playing deep
  10. Missed Morelos & Laff big time dominated much of the game but no quality up top
  11. Some embarrassing comments in here man Jeeeso
  12. MARK92GERS

    ***The Official Rangers V Spartak Moscow Match Thread***

    Cani believe we never won that great performance just a shame we never took our chances
  13. MARK92GERS


    Tbh I think he’s being rested was just a few weeks ago Stevie G said he was feeling Really Jaded well I’m hoping that is what it is he’s played an awful lot of games especially for a youngster
  14. MARK92GERS

    Pedro goading Sutton on Twitter

    Delete ! Delete !