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  1. Kent over Ojo any day of the week for me he’s better at pressing, better movement off the ball and actually thrives on getting by his man to many times Ojo has either went for the lazy pass back into midfield or tries a trick and get easily dispossessed
  2. Steven Davis has been a Joy to watch in midfield what a player
  3. His celebration at 6:11 gets me every time mad bastard that he is 😂❤️


    Even if he hadn’t scored He was still outstanding tonight
  5. I’d Get Doc & Edmundson on for kamara & Arfield they look fucked
  6. If we can keep a clean sheet this will be a really good result this mob look solid in the air going forward that big striker looks a handful
  7. Halliday has been far better just get him back into the team does a solid Job and that’s all you need
  8. Selling Candeias seems absolutely ludicrous when you think of it he was far better in pre season than what Jone & Ojo have been imo really hope we get Kent in though miss him big time without a shadow of a doubt
  9. Think Kent will be the final piece if we can land him
  10. People will have there opinions but I’m gutted he’s away I don’t think any of our current wide players have that burning passion & energy he does when pressing the opposition don’t forget he had great chemistry with Tav down that right side I reckon he’ll be sorely missed tbh anyway all the best to him !
  11. Wonder if he’ll get a run out tomorrow..
  12. Another great addition we seem to have acquired a great crop of Centre backs good blend of experience & youth can only be good for Edmundson & Katic to learn from tbh brilliant business
  13. And yet we Rangers Media are the ones that are and I quote “Mentally deficient” Really is Ironic man Follow Follow wankers !🙄😳
  14. He’s a class act strolled that game tonight I love him man
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