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  1. Gitch

    Edmiston Drive

    Sad news. I've been reading this forum for a long time now and ED was one of the good posters. I very much enjoyed reading both his wind ups and his serious posts. RIP.
  2. Most excited I've been for years!
  3. Gitch

    *****The official Rangers v Them Match Thread****

    Aye they're dying for these manky cunts to score.
  4. My baby's sleeping so I had to jump about whispering 'get fuckin in there, round yees ya pile ay shite' Kept the wife happy.
  5. Ya fucker that was a bullet header.
  6. My wee one just got scared when Broon's ugly pus was on the screen ?
  7. Gitch

    ***The Official Rangers vs St Johnstone Match Thread***

    At fucking last. Yasssss.
  8. It's been good hasn't it? I've not turned the sound off once.
  9. I thought it was about 10 mins in and the clock was at 35! What a cracking game so far.