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  1. Apparently you stick crayons up yer bum.
  2. Heart's beating out ma chest and I've no had a line for 3 years. Fucking hell.
  3. Possibly the cringiest thing I've ever seen. Pishing myself here at that nonsense. 😂
  4. Sad news. I've been reading this forum for a long time now and ED was one of the good posters. I very much enjoyed reading both his wind ups and his serious posts. RIP.
  5. My baby's sleeping so I had to jump about whispering 'get fuckin in there, round yees ya pile ay shite' Kept the wife happy.
  6. I loved it. It's very story driven and not amazingly long but I reckon I'll play through it again at some point, just to get different outcomes. It's not an action game, more like a better version of the telltale games like walking dead. Lots of decent jumpscares though.
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