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  1. minstral

    Back Where We Belong

    Nice one.
  2. minstral

    Edmiston Drive

    Lovely tribute.
  3. minstral

    Edmiston Drive

    Sad news another loyal Rangers man gone.
  4. minstral

    Edmiston Drive

    Awful news and ED was a loyal Rangers man, he was one of the old school fans. Must say i am shocked by this sad news, and hope he can fight it.
  5. minstral

    Thank You RM

    Also thanks for posting your pictures about our club.
  6. minstral

    Steven Gerrards Rangers

    Dickie Bluebeak55 First Team 1,891 2,310 posts Gender:Male Location:Dennistoun Report post Posted Sunday at 20:23 This is our best ever chance of stopping the scum but we are totally fucking it up. Halliday,Kent and middleton were all stand outs this week but nowhere to be seen today and that wee fuck of a centre forward is nothing but a liability but you can all keep on believing that gerrard is the answer to all our problems.
  7. minstral

    Steven Gerrards Rangers

    To think some nutters on here were wanting rid of him after Livingston result. Our manager was left a shambles to fix, and yes there will be bumps along the way, but make no mistake, we are heading back to the good days.
  8. minstral

    F*ck Europe

    So tell us what manager you would bring to the club.
  9. minstral

    Strange people within our support

    What makes me sick is they know what our club is all about, so why follow our club. They will never change our support, we are Protestant, Monarchist tradition and Unionist, and they can fluck off and support another club.
  10. minstral

    Rangers scarf in the coffin

    When you read all the posts it makes you proud to love and follow our great club.
  11. minstral

    Scotland fans in kilts and stupid hats

    Just as sad when Scottish Football turn their back against our club.
  12. As we all know Gallagher is a scum fan who will always defend his scum team.
  13. minstral

    We’re still scared of them

    Anyone who thinks our manager was scared of them is deluded, he has played and won at far more hostile places than that shithole. He got it wrong by sitting back and let them have the ball, he will come good and get us back to the top.
  14. minstral

    Steven Gerrard....He is ours

    Hope not mate, would love to beat the scum.👍