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  1. What Is Wrong With These People?

    Good article.
  2. How low can a support go?

    Go and support Partick Thistle, there is nothing wrong with our songbook.
  3. Happy New Year Bears Everywhere

    Happy New Year John and to everyone on RM.
  4. Agree with Boyd, but just a shame he did not speak out against Murray leaving us in this mess.
  5. Madden, gambling and decisions you cannot explain 58 BY PAUL67 ON 29TH DECEMBER 2017CQN BLOG & COMMENTS I was pretty nonplussed when Bobby Madden was appointed for our game against Newco at celtic Park last season. His favourite team is neither here nor there, but elements of his performance gave grounds for concern. He should have red carded Jason Holt for his dangerous lunge on Patrick Roberts. The same card should have been shown to Clint Hill and awarded a penalty for the scything of Leigh Griffiths. Kenny Miller could have been sent off for a two-footed lunge at Stuart Armstrong. These incidents were not merely in favour of one team, they could clearly affect betting markets. Money can be made on more than just the result in football games. You can bet on a red card being awarded, or not. If Madden awarded celtic that late penalty, he would had no choice but to dismiss (already booked) Hill. The Halliday challenge had to either be ignored, or result in a sending off. So Madden didn’t even award a foul. For a man with the length and extent of Bobby Madden’s gambling issue, this raises red flags. Thousands can be made on knowing the outcome of a seemingly innocuous element of a game of football – like ‘Will there be a red card?’ Only for the game against Newco at celtic Park, there was nothing innocuous about that question. Madden cost celtic two points the last time these teams met at celtic Park and stopped our then-18 game winning run. Betting markets were influenced at the same time. I fear we are in for more of the same tomorrow. The SFA have a duty of care to ensure our game is clean of betting influence, this must include a clear acknowledgement of referees gambling histories. I’d avoid betting on tomorrow’s game, it is susceptible to unusual events.
  6. Merry Christmas

    Merry Xmas to everyone on RM.
  7. Rangers.

    Supported our club for nearly 60 years, and yes we are shocking, and the board and King need removed. But you know what, i will leave this world still supporting the club i love. We should not let robbing bastards stop us from following our club, and the good times will return one day. Generation after generation have followed our club through good and bad times. so there must be no surrender.
  8. players xmas night out

    Was it not Newcastle they went to for their night out.
  9. Sad times when Rangers accept second best
  10. Vanguard Bears - an absolute credit

    The club will never defend our fans, just a board of cowards.
  11. Vanguard Bears - an absolute credit

    Never said Club 1872.
  12. Vanguard Bears - an absolute credit

    Top class from a group that defends our fans and club. Other groups that are only interested in filling their pockets should be ashamed.
  13. The fans reaction at the end

    Yes mate you are spot on.
  14. The fans reaction at the end

    We did win 3 games away and was poor season. But we lost only 1 game out of 4 against them. This lot playing now do not give a fuck about our club, and the quicker they are gone all the better.
  15. Hope

    Yes there was but the club was not in this state and we still managed to win things. Can you see this lot win anything, not a hope in hell.