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  1. No need for some fans to head over, as we have already got our grandchildren all the gear. I have never stopped buy all the gear for all the kids, and made sure our colours were always worn with pride.
  2. Wish i had the money to buy our club.
  3. Some in our club are like you, and want to build bridges with all our haters, they should be removed.
  4. And you are a handwringing twat that has nothing in common with generations of Rangers fans. You hate our culture and traditions, and fit in well with the Daily Rebel.
  5. Love it.
  6. We might be in a bad place at the moment, but that title win will haunt the papes for evermore.
  7. All our troubles stem from people only interested in how much money they can take out the club. They do not give a fuck about our club and fans, and all of them are just scum.
  8. Average player, plus when hit with hard tackle early in the game, he chucks it.
  9. Go on to the Gamezone second game link.
  10. Yes because you know they would not print it.
  11. Dude next article you write, tell them all this 10 in a row is crap, as some of their titles are tainted, as Rangers were not in the top league.
  12. The only way a Rangers fan will be used by the Rebel is because they are handwringers.
  13. Not very good player, and if we hope to compete for title, we need much better players than we have at the moment.
  14. We are all fans, and no fan is better than the other. Good luck to him that he has the money to travel all over, while other fans suffer hardship to follow the club they love.