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  1. Our team is full of Ghosts, when we play the scum, they are nowhere to be seen.
  2. Shocking news and thoughts are with his family.
  3. Vile club.
  4. Top class.
  5. He is only fishing mate, he is a good Rangers Protestant, who hates them as much as we do.
  6. Sad news.
  7. Blazer chasers, Egos, and selling fake gear to fill their pockets, is part of the problem.
  8. But King told us, so it must be true, just more of his bullshit.
  9. What have some of our fans become, they are only interested in money, power, and their ego. In my younger days, all we done was support and follow our club which was a struggle, as money was scarce, and my parents used pawnbrokers or moneylenders, to get money to follow our club. That was how much we loved our club, just like thousands of other fans. While we struggle to get back to the top of football, the behaviour of some fans make you sick, and Houston is no interest in our club, and is power mad, he has been used by some of our board members, and now thinks he is Rangers, but all he is is the village idiot.
  10. We hear the same old pish week after week, just a bunch of cowards, who have no heart for a battle.
  11. A team of cowards who are also poor players, plus poor tactics, have cost us, not refereeing.
  12. Good article.
  13. Scumbags.
  14. To be honest would not trust anyone at our club.
  15. Will always love Eck for giving us 2 of our best ever titles, but would not have him back again as manager.