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  1. Lynn

    DB's Larkhall Based Drinking Establishment

    Just saw this Can't say I have tbh
  2. Lynn

    Fifa Women's World Cup - Germany 2011

    She just doesn't finish her sentences. It's like she's so unsure of what she's saying she just trails off and makes a shite joke cos she's realised she's talking pish
  3. Lynn

    Fifa Women's World Cup - Germany 2011

    The woman commentating on BBC3 is doing my nut in
  4. Lynn

    Fifa Women's World Cup - Germany 2011

    Not really That Hope Solo is hot, but apart from that I'd rather watch 22 big sweaty men running about. Nothing against women's football, just don't enjoy it as much.
  5. Lynn

    Fifa Women's World Cup - Germany 2011

    Aye it is a bit but it's not the end of the world. The thread's still here, maybe not in the section it should be, but it's here.
  6. Lynn

    Fifa Women's World Cup - Germany 2011

    Looks to me like he's just winding you up for a reaction, which he's getting The thread's still here, you can still post in it and talk about it. Once folk have stopped giving the reaction they want they'll lose interest.
  7. Lynn

    Fifa Women's World Cup - Germany 2011

    Awk he's just winding you up.
  8. Lynn

    I really want a kid!

    When he came back he made some grand announcement about his return as if he'd got one over on us and was raging when no-one remembered who he was He had to give us reminders and we still didn't have a clue. "I was the one who posted the boobs". Then he just went about posting boobs in every thread. As if that would offend anyone, on a football forum full of horny men. And me.
  9. Fannies fur eh boysies m8