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  1. The Silent Sirens

    Another great article D'Art. Yet again we see the same derailment by the same appeasers. We as a support are standing against the tidal waves of attack and abuse and some would have us believe if we close our eyes and ears the storm will vanish. Wake up and fight back.
  2. Police Scotland issue an apology to a Rangers supporter who had a flag binned.

    Two police and a steward from the club to be exact.
  3. Police Scotland Question

    How about officers listen to the briefings they are given, if they are unsure ,they are to show it to the nearest camera and get guidance.We as law abiding citizens should not have to go to the game worried we might have to run the gauntlet of rogue officers with personal views. I am disappointed in the response in some quarters to what happened, to have your flag equated to a bottle of coke shows utter contempt and at a time when we needed support a certain section decided to sit on this as it does it suit their agenda. Shocking attitudes to fellow bears and British values :ulster: :ulster:
  4. Police Scotland Question

    I think the one thing we can all agree on here is that we need clarification from the police and or the club to what is unacceptable or offensive. We as paying supporters should not have to risk public embarrassment or confiscation of property ,or for that matter the judgement of king Solomon as do you enter Ibrox or stick to your beliefs of what is right or wrong. Would it hurt anyone to produce easy to read instructions on boards approaching the turnstiles?. Are they frightened of writing what is policy for fear of a backlash?
  5. Police Scotland Question

    i agree but strangely enough i didnt see one yesterday. 3 union jacks in bf1 and an RAF bf4.
  6. Police Scotland Question

    sorry i am of an age where i dont go around with a phone strapped to my head.If you knew me you would know my word is my bond.
  7. Police Scotland Question

    I was the person who witnessed this heinous act and can tell you the flag looked clean as a whistle, where is the freedom in your world for an non offensive part of my culture.
  8. Light Hearted Moments- AGM

    To be fair there was some weird looking fruits infront of you.
  9. Rangers Chat Live Phone In

    Don't you mean Paul Murray lol
  10. VB investigated according to DR

    The speed of the attack from so called Rangers fans on VB is a sad indication of how divided our fans are. This is the classic tool of deflection from the dark side being used as a weapon by the reqs side. I will go on the high standards that VB have shown for years to make my judgement. Don't do our enemies job for them.
  11. Remember all those Killie fans..

    Couldn't have put it better,as always D'Art your focus is where the support needs to be looking. Well done mate.
  12. Remember all those Killie fans..

    Remember it was Lloyds that strong armed the whyte takeover. I wonder will we hear about the soldiers and NHS being robbed now?
  13. Minutes applause for Mandela

    Are you forgetting what these "innocents" did to the two British corporals in the following funerals. Stick to football because you know nothing about terrorism.
  14. Scotland's Secret Shame

    Another insightful piece D'Art. As I have always said there is none as blind as those who will not see.
  15. No Surrender

    All I can say D'Art is thank you and please know you are an inspiration to the rest of us. Lest we forget.