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  1. It's been done we're only getting the chadwick bet they don't near fill it
  2. Its to encourage the player to stay and put his value up a win win for us. If the player is in form and attracting interesting then you make a statement like this
  3. Bonus

    Mahlon Romeo

    He signed a new deal last summer no story
  4. Only a year we bought a team then sold it after a season not sure if the teams still going in ita current form
  5. Why are you posting that when the sun are trying to stir things up who gives a fuck if he goes to chapel
  6. Bonus

    Good Stuff

    Anyone got that pic of morelos and wee jay cant find it on twitter
  7. His accounts been hacked or hes had a bang on the head
  8. Bonus

    Tavernier baby

    That prick need euthenized
  9. Caught a gers game in the Flying Scotsman (Castillo Caleta de Fuste) place was rammed with a fuerteventura loyal flag on the wall
  10. The inbreeds turning our tribute to a passed away fan into a conspiracy
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