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  1. Pub in Amsterdam showing the win on Sunday

    London Bridge put every Rangers game on you'll get a warm welcome if your a bear
  2. Willie Collum

    Away to fuck its them that like the conspiracy theories not us theres no anti Rangers agenda by the refs there just hopeless.
  3. Jordan Rossiter

    Yeah that's what point i was explaining to gj123 he said liverpool didn't offer him one
  4. Jordan Rossiter

    You only have to pay the development fee if the club has offred a contract and the player knocked it back
  5. Jordan Rossiter

    They did offer a contract thats why we had to pay compensation
  6. Alan Frew (glass tiger)

    Never seen this video till yesterday Alan Frew from a famous Canadian band singing a couple of songs at NARSA 2014. Good to see a 4 times platimum record winner shouting fuck the pope without worry
  7. Jamie Murphy top

    How the hell can a photo of Murphy's top turn into abuse about miscarrages and child abuse whats actually wrong with some folk on this site
  8. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Thats not official??
  9. Motherwell Training Gallery

    Is he just going to rip up his contract head straight to ibrox and demant pedro signs him, if pedro wanted him we would have him its not weiss's choice not remember when novo was training with us when ally was in charge he was begging for a contract but he wasn't wanted.
  10. Next seasons League Fixtures?

    Thats the europa league draw if i recall?
  11. 17/18 kits

    Are you Cumnockbear?
  12. Thistle emails.

    Saints sell away tickets directly if you didnt get one they'll still have some at the ticket office
  13. Pedros Local Assistant

    Doubt miller will take it I imagine he'll still play on for another club if he's not with us
  14. Glad all over (Joey Garner)

    Deezer and amazon prime music has it