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  1. Just adults tops seemingly
  2. Why even make this a thread a player not allowed to get anything personal sorted at a solicitors?
  3. That's no fishing that's pish patter
  4. Main sites down can't get through to purchase it hopefully sorted soon
  5. A ban or sectioning is the only solution here
  6. Ask people to pm if they want the link a new name asks we'll out them
  7. Sure you never bought a 3rd kit
  8. Bonus


    Big smile on his face and arm round aribo looks happy to me
  9. Due you a pint just a fiver on was going to go for a tenner aswell
  10. Got it sorted logged out off browser and app and it worked some hassle but worth it
  11. Must involve bribing the ref must've as bad as that as he was a footballer
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