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  1. Bonus

    Rangers basketball team?

    Only a year we bought a team then sold it after a season not sure if the teams still going in ita current form
  2. Bonus

    Where are the biggest Rangers towns?

    Lewis and harris gers islands
  3. Bonus


    Why are you posting that when the sun are trying to stir things up who gives a fuck if he goes to chapel
  4. Bonus

    Good Stuff

    Anyone got that pic of morelos and wee jay cant find it on twitter
  5. Bonus

    Scum players at end of game

    His accounts been hacked or hes had a bang on the head
  6. Bonus

    Tavernier baby

    That prick need euthenized
  7. Caught a gers game in the Flying Scotsman (Castillo Caleta de Fuste) place was rammed with a fuerteventura loyal flag on the wall
  8. Bonus

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    The inbreeds turning our tribute to a passed away fan into a conspiracy
  9. Bonus

    Killie game almost sold out

    88 im at an independence rally with bp9
  10. Bonus

    FedEx performance zone

    https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/performancezone/#/ Tav is currently the best rated defender involved in the europa league We're back
  11. Bonus

    Magnificent Morelos

    http://uelpotw.uefa.com/#/en/ Link to vote for Alfredo open with incognito tab to vote as many time would his confidence and value a boost
  12. Argh google live texts said it was middleton thought he managed an asisst aswell
  13. Was it not Middleton that assisted katic?