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  1. I voted no but thought it said would you be against it brains still on weekend mode
  2. Got sent it on a group chat unsure of its authenticity
  3. I'll go for 17 can see it being 12 though
  4. Tried to get them on but it's full we've got a busy bus, I'm sure they would've loved it will need to keep elbowing them when they sing banned songs there well versed ­čśé
  5. Normally take the bus through but got friends over from New Zealand so we're going to have to drive. Where's the best places to park nearby? Been years since I drove and know they changed alot of parking to residential don't mind paying something reasonable
  6. Signs officially in summer because of his age but it's a done deal
  7. Just adults tops seemingly
  8. Why even make this a thread a player not allowed to get anything personal sorted at a solicitors?
  9. That's no fishing that's pish patter
  10. Main sites down can't get through to purchase it hopefully sorted soon
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