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  1. Bonus

    All Night Party

    Catchy as fuck just can't make out the lyrics belter
  2. Bonus

    All Night Party

    What songs that?
  3. Bonus

    Orange Tap

    Wasn't far off a semi it'll sell out no matter how many they produce
  4. Bonus

    Orange Tap

    The top looks unreal on the tv best top we've had in seasons
  5. Bonus

    Rangers related picture thread

    If i remember right it has something to do with his kids football team over there
  6. Bonus

    Rangers related picture thread

    Gerard Butler (cancel that hes a taig) Patrick Dempsey
  7. http://twitter.com/RangersFC/status/1028642158167949314?s=09
  8. Bonus

    Where the f*ck are the new kits?

    I don't agree with the lion brand ones and dont trust them but there not using copyrighted badges its more unofficial wear, the fake tops are a straight rip off to the club people making money using our club
  9. Bonus

    Where the f*ck are the new kits?

    I still can't get my head around some of our support have the cheek to wear a fake tap to ibrox especially the white union jack one
  10. Bonus

    Rangers v Maribor Live

    Im trying to get chromecast to stream a tab on my PS4 anyone done it before it's not showing up my ps4 do i need to download or change anything on my PS4?
  11. Bonus

    Croats Kicking Off

    I heard it was bottles the Croats were stabbed with can't blame them for smashing a bottle and using it for self defence
  12. Bonus

    Rangers 'win' UEFA licence battle

    We'll fight on the bogside
  13. Bonus

    Louden Loyal RSC

    So much madness in this thread and i don''t think wev'e had any bigotry so FTP
  14. Bonus

    Fixture Calendar??

  15. Bonus

    David Roxburgh

    I take it this is a wind up?