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  1. Anyone know what time Murray plays in the final?
  2. Has anyone played Whitecraigs club in Giffnock?
  3. I'll give them a phone, I'll play a bounce round there as well, lovely looking course.
  4. Ah cheers, some websites are unclear on when you can start membership. If that's the case then at least I have time to look about. Haggs looks nice, pollok, cowglen and williamwood look nice too.
  5. I might go there for a bounce round, £27 is a good price. It's membership's are quite steep. Do you know how old you have to qualify for a Youth Membership? A few of them are 25 (I turn 25 in March) so it would nice to make use of that deal if it's applicable (£800 joining fee saving).
  6. Can anyone recommend a good club around the Darnley area? I was thinking Haggs but the membership goes from April to March and I was hoping to join one around January 2013. I've looked at Pollok, Cowglen, Williamwood and they all look nice but I don't know anything about them. They are expensive but I assumed they would be in Glasgow so I don't mind paying it. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. The last few minutes of lack of concentration will not dilute one of the best Rangers win in my lifetime. Unbelievable game, McCoist and the fans deserved that.
  8. Davie Provan is a fucking moron. Seriously, to even consider that McCulloch may have been in trouble for jumping for that ball shows how clueless that man is.
  9. Well played McCabe. You're no right back but you're one hell of a midfielder!
  10. Anyone else getting a constant ticking noise through their Sky? Timer for the timplosion :-D?
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