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  1. Murty should be let go now.

    My tuppenceworth. New poster so bear with me! In my opinion what has happened since January is what normally happens when a new manager comes in. They get that wee boost for a few weeks. Obviously never happened when Pedro came in, but hey ho. Murty, yer a good guy and yes you brought us in from where Pedro left us. However, time to hold yer hands up big man and admit this is a job too soon for you. I am sure you will find s club you are suited to and you have proven to be competent in the dig out. But at this moment and time, I’m sorry dude you are nonwhat we need. Thank you for some good memories, and thank you for almost dragging this team into a title race, but go and cut your teeth elsewhere!
  2. Murty's league record is it good enough

    Murty for me whilst he has performed “well” since he’s been in charge, is not the long term answer. Most managers (Pedro excluded) get a reaction from players when they first come in, and that is what has happened for Murty. Yes he’s signed well in Jan and yes he has got a reaction from the players. But let’s be honest if you sign a load of players who are essentially Rangers fans and want a reaction then it’s not too difficult. Especially when you have a DF guiding you. If anyone of us had the budget GM had in January would we have signed anyone difffent? We have the second biggest budget in the league, so without being harsh it’s no to hard to find the players. Now getting them to play a system and work together, now that’s a different bag of chips and one we need to ask the question.