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  1. Browns fan here, another horrendous season awaits. Fuck the Steelers.
  2. Nope, i go to alot of Scotland games and used to work at Hampden, you hear people moaning about "Bloody useless f****n/h**/sheep/arab/jambo/hibee cunt" all the time, it's just that as Old Firm players tend to make up about half the team so some terms are heard more than others. The Northern Irish game was horrendous, a good 1/5th of the Scottish crowd there that night was only there to join in with the N Irish fans/boo and try to wind them up, they couldn't give a fuck about Scotland at all. I saw at least 6 people in my small section alone chucked out for trying to cause bother one way or the other. Edit - For some reason the reply was added to this thread instead of the other.
  3. He won't play Whittaker at left back, it will be Davidson or McAllister.
  4. Fletcher is a great player for Man United, struggles sometimes for Scotland though when he's expected to be the midfield playmaker and control the game. Hopefully he does well in beside Ferguson.
  5. Would suit Whittaker more, but Naysmith has lost quite a bit of pace in recent years. Have a funny feeling they'll play Alexander at right back or defensive mid though. Still hopeful of a grim 0-0, in tae these cunts Scotland!
  6. Well the other midfield options are Gavin Rae and Garry Teale, plus Ferguson had his best game all season for Scotland against Argentina. Be interesting to see who else they call up, though it'll probably be Michael Stewart,
  7. -------------------- McGregor--------------------- Hutton ------ Berra ------- Caldwell ----- Naysmith --------------------- Hartley ------------------------- Brown ---- Ferguson (if fit) --- Fletcher ------ Morrison ------------------ McCormack or Miller --------------
  8. Change of plans and having to watch it in the house now. 2 Tennants and this orange vodka pish from Christmas will have to do. C'MON THE GERS, GET FIRED INTO THESE SCUMMY CUNTS.
  9. Not into wrestling but my mate sent me the link. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=tnR_WX5snAs Chris Jericho and Micky Rourke discussing The Wrestler on Larry King, gets a bit tasty with the melodrama and threats issued in the 3rd person,
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