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  1. I might even have this shite. Been in bed since Sunday, high fever, cough, sore throat and head,, was so out of it at one point I didn't even know if I was awake or asleep,,, could hear voices and noises in the room that werent there ffs. I have not been abroad, but I did take the mrs to Newcastle airport on Thurs and stand in check in que for 2 hrs surrounded by arab and asians using it as a connecting flight,, a lot of them wearing the masks. Despite feeling shitey,, coming on here for a min and reading about them fuckers ,,, has cheared me up a great deal. WATP.
  2. Yeh but Goldson was given the Captains armband when tav went off! That summed up all thats wrong right there. Should have been shagger or even davis handed the AB,, but nope,, right to the next fav player on the park
  3. Nah,, I dont honestly think anyone would blame him for one season if they got 10 when he wasn't there for the other 9, esp given his previous. I just think that IF and its still IF Gerrard walks or is pushed,, then if we were to go with a new man then he is potentially the least biggest risk out there with one season to go,, nobody knows the game up here like him,, to put it simply,, if he couldn't stop 10IAR,, nae fucker could.
  4. He may relish the chance to stop 10IAR as much as any of us tho,, surely would be up to him. Could you honestly see with the money Gerrard has been given ,, another seasons season ticket money and potentially money from Morelos and Barisic ,, up against Neil fucking pop corn teeth Lennon ,, he couldn't stop 10IAR?,, to suggest otherwise is insulting the man imo.
  5. As much as hes retired and well earned it,, watching that performance tonight, he is actually the only man I could honestly think of that would get something out of EVEN that squad. He must be hurtin as well seeing them bastards being handed 9IAR. Maybe nostalgia but as much as I have really wanted Stevie to do well,, IF he walked and he came in,, I would genuinely be the happiest I have been in a long time.
  6. You know how blatant it is now or just how bad the refs in this country are when even after a rugby style tackle on Moreos like that,, you are still actually quietly surprised he didn't book Alfie.
  7. Exactly,,, you could tell this game just got away from him,, same with the first Old Firm ,, when its a full pressure fast frantic game he not the man anymore. You can say all you want that he just never got a chance,,, but had Morelos been on the park we would have at least seen him getting involved. I honestly cant even recall seeing Defoe getting more than a half dozen touches. And with no other options on the bench.. if we lose Morelos in any more games before the end (and I'm sure Liewells men at the SFA will go all out to ensure it),, it will cost us.
  8. Although I would normally agree in giving youth a go,,, I think this season is too vital,, unless its a game we are already out of sight on. Too much to ask of a youngster to carry us if something happened to Mo or Defoe,, every point will count
  9. Just as an example,, I dont believe for a sec we will,, but that Berghuis that was linked to us for 6/7mil or the two Croatians ,, Ryan kent cost us about 7/8mil,,, IF and big if,, if Gerrard wanted someone like one of them do you think the board would release the likes of that for one player now, someone who would walk into the first team . And would we be happy spending as much now,, knowing it means a very quiet summer,, bar a mega bucks windfall from morelos etc
  10. According to transfer markt we spent net around 11-12m in the summer. I think that is roughly the season ticket money. We should have at least that coming in again next summer. Not saying we have to spend it all,, but two key players could make the difference.
  11. Was wondering what your thoughts on spending our expected summer cash now in advance? I know its never the best idea spending money before you have it etc,, and I am well aware on oor thoughts on how it was done to us the wrong way before. I was just thinking ,, celtic are there for the taking this season,, esp after the last game the most vulnerable in recent times with a shite manager to boot. If the right player(s) was out there and available,, should we just go for it? I think we need a good kent style right winger and a backup striker,, but rather than just go for a loan or pay peanuts for another squad player,, if there is someone out there (and we have heard a few touted recently) should we spend it now? I reckon this is our best chance to stop the tims getting 10IAR,, if they win nine this year then they will most likely spend big in the summer to try and ensure it,, so now is the time imo. With the amount we would have in the summer (bar players leaving and needing replaced, plus wages) we could get a decent right winger and another forward now. If Morelos does leave for mega bucks in the summer we could recoup some of that back into the squad anyway. Personally, I would even take losing the league next year ,,,so long as we won it this year and put a stop to them.
  12. But cos even as blatantly obvious as the last two games have been,, they still think they get hard done by.
  13. The main argument against VAR is always the cost. And that the SFA could never afford to bring it in. The cost alone to have at every ground in the country is more than what you get for winning the lg. The attendances at the other grounds just arent enough to support it. So how about this as a solution,,, we always here its only Old Firm fans that go on about it, but you cant just bring it in for their games. How about Rangers and celtic TV put their cameras towards it? Not to be used obviously by themselves but an independent body. So for Old firm games you would have coverage from SKY or BT for the game,, then Rangers / Cetic tv cams given to the VAR team, with maybe even access to some Sky or BT footage for different angles etc,,, The rest of Scottish football can cry all they want but the justification would be that Both Old Firm are paying towards something for their mutual best interests,, so jog on.
  14. More like they had a one of the 90's match against us the day,,, anyone remember Goram?
  15. away n wash yer mouth out. Had he got over that curse against em today he wid likely have gone on and banged in a hat trick
  16. no other great options is why,, hopefully once JJ is back that would be who wid have come on
  17. Genuinely think he just gave it to Alfie for him to get THAT goal he needs against them.,, prob would have done the same. Had Morelos got that one goal today he could have finished wae a hat-trick
  18. Its definitely SAT 14th. I have been in touch with Rangers charity foundation, who confirmed it. I got an email back on friday to say that it was passed to their armed forces contact who would be sorting out tickets etc and hopefully be in touch soon. As of today still not heard anything,,, and looking unlikely now at this stage that I will be able to get personnel off duty (inc myself) to attend at such short notice if they do get back to me. 😞
  19. Aye after that I wid in aw,,, and if Liverpool aint wanting to negotiate at all over kent then fuck em,,, let them have two players sitting unhappy in their reserves,, why should we continue to just help develop players for their benefit,, the gaffer wont do that tho.
  20. LOL,, aye maybe but my other mediums are still ok lol ,, definitely not as baggy as past ones tho.. either that or the label IS WRONG lol 🙂
  21. If come across it .. are they same fit as this season? Was actually wondering if the top I have has been mislabelled. I usually get the large for me and the medium for the mrs. When I am into my running etc I get away with the medium no problem and will sometimes borrow hers. This one I got feels more like a med,,, and noticed its got USA med on the label EUR large,,, just wondered if it was a fuck up, If not then its the smallest large I have had in a gers top. Thankfully I have kept up the gym and training tho so fits ok.
  22. Never managed to grab a top last year. Live down by Newcastle and dont remember even seeing them on sale here. Also never managed to get up the road last year due to work. Was in the toon the other day and just seen em come in stock at DW Sports and grabbed one. Nice top but have to say they a bit nippier than normal. Even the Large is a little tight and short in the arms... and cant just put that down to gym work lol. Was going to maybe grab the orange away one from last season if its still available in the shop at the stadium when I get up this season,,,, but was just wondering as would be in a rush and that,,, are they same fit as this years?
  23. job done... and that Sory Kaba is just a poor mans Pogba
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