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  1. I understand your sentiment but that mob got done with match fixing and relegated 😂
  2. The thing is, the majority of the small premiership clubs will see no difference between a one horse race and a two horse race. All they want is enough income to stay afloat as they know competing with us and them is near impossible.
  3. Can see some clubs getting petty and not allowing us to film
  4. It's arrogance like this that did us no favours in getting clubs on our side imo.
  5. I feel that us leading the way in this has caused many to go against. We are simply untrustworthy to the majority of clubs due to years of bitterness towards us. I feel many will see it as siding with us or Liewell.
  6. Too many see us as a loyalist club instead of a Scottish and Glaswegian club
  7. Germany are Englands rivals? Now there's a gulf in class
  8. So kilmarnock can have an orange kit? I'm sure the papers will be greeting over their 'sectarianism' as we speak.
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