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  1. Totally agree. He's a second centre half. Craig Moore was a second centre half and when he returned with more experience he was a ruthless leader. Goldson isn't on the same mould but he can definitely improve with experience at our club.
  2. A capable defender. Not a solid no nonsense leader though. Would be fine as the 2nd centre back but he's our main man and I'm not sure he's up to that. Maybe after a season of 60 games and adjusting to the relentless pressure the experience will help him become a proper leader at the back
  3. Agreed Smile. I wouldn't go discarding a player of Barisic ability to keep a limited one on his place. If we can get the best out of him we have a real asset. I'll say the same for Grezda too. Injuries have held both back.
  4. It's all relative to the competition. Of course he has world class players but he also competes against them. We don't. Our players are better than the opposition's in our league
  5. In your opinion. It's all relative. He's going to run the league very close. He might still win it and he's still on the champions League. They are getting closer all the time and the team above them have more money than almost anyone else.
  6. Could work, I just worry that Kent can't actually score enough to be a striker, his finishing is inconsistent at best.
  7. I agree Defoe as an isolated lone striker in our league is daft. We lump is to him as if he's Alfredo and wonder why he can't wrestle 2 guys off back to goal and run around bullying a defence. We bought a poacher and he doesn't fit a 4-5-1.
  8. Defoe doesn't do the harrying and pressing like Morelos who creates things all on his own. In a 3 though he's have people close to him and could concentrate his efforts on movement in the box
  9. We don't play any creative mids as it stands because we don't actually have any. So play Kamara, McCrorie and Arfield and supply the front 3 to do the business. Width from our attacking fullbacks. It's Klopps formation, it works.
  10. We aren't that far apart then tbh. I see Grezda as quick inside forward, Defoe as a poacher and Morelos has talent to do it all. I think it could work. To be fair we need to try something.
  11. What do you suggest? Stick with Kent Morelos Candeias? He's doing it all himself up there just now
  12. Not suggesting Morelos is failing, obviously he isn't. But as a team the 4-5-1 isn't working. I'm suggesting moving him 5-10 yards to the right of a forward 3 not playing him on the wing.
  13. Because we are a failing team in our current setup? Our wingers don't contribute enough. Getting more direct players in the team who pose a goal threat will assist us overall. And he runs wide and wriggles/bullies his way back in to the box with regularity as it is anyway. He'll still score loads
  14. He was only on for 9 minutes buy he made an impact. Right of a front 3.... I've been criticised for suggesting he should play there in a narrower 3 and ditch the wingers. I think he's shown he can defo do it. Grezda Defoe Morelos
  15. Davis looked a bit fitter although loose with the ball a few times. Grezda wasn't bad and was booted up in the air twice. Kent looks well off it
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