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  1. trueblueal

    Lafferty shoehorned in the starting 11

    I have to agree, it's upset the balance of the team. Unless we plan to have a narrow front line and use Barisic and Tav as our wingbacks, Lafferty in the front 2. What I will say though is Grezda has been signed for wide left so I assume Gerard recognises the problem
  2. trueblueal


    We should really win the next 5 on the bounce. If we do we will be very close to the top and have the momentum and confidence in our favour. It will help that we will follow our euro days with a home game most of the time
  3. trueblueal

    Playback Stream Error

    RTV working again, 20mins and a goal in
  4. trueblueal

    Playback Stream Error

    YouTube link? Since I've been done out my £7.50
  5. trueblueal

    Playback Stream Error

    Pre-match was fine, now it's cut off
  6. trueblueal

    Playback Stream Error

    Pish, paid for this and it's not working
  7. trueblueal


  8. trueblueal


    His legs are like couple of bits of uncooked spaghetti when he starts his run start but by the end of it they're overdone and all over the place
  9. trueblueal

    Ever applauded an opposition player at Ibrox?

    Juan Roman Riquelme and Juan Veron
  10. trueblueal

    Players you didn't/don't rate but everybody else seemed to?

    I thought he was grossly under rated. One who we could have got many more years out of x
  11. trueblueal

    Return of the McKay?

    A skinny Josh Windass. Terrific control and vision. Absolute shitebag
  12. trueblueal

    Ross McCrorie

    Dorrans regressed about 6 years ago mate. This is his normal. A decent game 2 anonymous games.
  13. trueblueal

    Jason Cummings

    Fod Tav Alves Martin John Candeias McCrorie Dorrans Murphy Morelos Cummings
  14. trueblueal

    Players See Mind Set Coach

    It's a passing coach I'd hire for Docherty. Very energetic and athletic, terrific attitude, loves a tackle....but gives the ball away with too many stray passes. I think he can go on to do a great job for us but maybe needs to calm down a bit and work on composure and technique
  15. trueblueal

    Supporter Delusion

    At the outset of this premiership return we needed £20m spend on 4-5 players of quality and for the wage bill to be around the 20m mark on playing staff. Hasn't changed, we still need a one off injection of quality