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  1. Alves press conference

    Top man. Smash em Bruno. We need to keep winning these next few games. We can get to the final and then Aberdeen and celtic play each other. We could be sitting nicely going into the back to back games against Aberdeen. celtic are looking vulnerable. I think while they are playing in Europe and taking absolute doings we have the chance to catch up.
  2. Millers Agent

    The fact is he was out after a 5-1 defeat to them and he was lifted for assault. You can excuse that if you want, but for me it doesn't scream professionalism. If I was his agent and knew the above was a matter of record I wouldn't have gone down the dummy out and he's a model pro route.
  3. Millers Agent

    The agent is being a prick, the agent is speaking for Miller, ergo Miller is being a prick. Also, he hasn't been the one of the best professionals for 20 years, he was lifted last year for a rammy after an OF defeat. That's hardly professional.
  4. Tickets for games?

    Used print at home to tickets for NFL and NBA and it was quick. Same with concerts, hand scanned at the door. Should be used at Ibrox in future. Probably a question of priorities/money
  5. Millers Agent

    He said Aberdeen's team was at the end of a cycle. He didn't say their bubble had burst. He meant many important players were leaving at once and they would have to rebuild. They've done that well as it happens but he wasn't wrong. Even Alex Ferguson had a few cycles at Man Utd where he would clear out and rebuild. Friday's performance was solid and we controlled things. It wasn't silky smooth but it was controlled and professional. He speaks his mind and more power to him for doing so.
  6. Millers Agent

    Wilfully misinterpreted. Spun. Twisted. His obvious message ignored in favour of sensationalism or gauking at the 'funny foreigner'. I'm in agreement that he has nothing to be embarrassed about regards his interviews as he makes perfect sense. He's very obviously educated and making cogent points in his second language. The press and Scottish football dinosaur dafties who apply xenophobic spin and 'analysis' to every comment are the ones who should be embarrassed.
  7. El Buffalo

    Time for El Buffalo to smash some sense into these diddy club nomarks. I predict a red card for a Motherwell clogger.
  8. Rangers Dream Team v Alternative 11

    I'll name an 11 only from players that I've seen. Goram Stevens Gough Amo Numan DeBoer Gascoigne Ferguson Laudrup McCoist Mols
  9. Rangers Dream Team v Alternative 11

    You've forgotten Carlos Pena. Shameful
  10. Pedro - recruitment.

    Good stuff, cheers
  11. Pedro - recruitment.

    Walters scout? He must be about 100 is he not? He always had an eye for a centre half and a keeper.
  12. Pedro - recruitment.

    If you were to compare what we paid for each of our signings vs what they are likely to be worth now I think we are doing well at adding value overall. Morelos and Jack alone have seen to that. The loans of Nemane and John are also like extended trials with both being available on Bosmans in the summer. It's smart and has solved our left side problem. I think it has taken time (it was always likely to) but things are looking good
  13. Pedro - recruitment.

    Who is our new head of scouting, I missed that? Cheers
  14. El Buffalo

    Star in the making. Enjoy while it lasts he's destined for the top. At 20 he is physically bullying experienced pros. He is fearless. Definitely my favourite player right now I love his attitude
  15. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    He definitely did but was given the benefit of youth. He might push Cardoso close if Cardoso doesn't cut out the concentration lapses.