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  1. Our problem the last 2 games has been team shape. When there is zero threat on the right you can sit back and ignore that side and overload the middle and left. That's where we find ourselves with no space. Patterson should have played against St Mirren because he offers an attacking threat and is the most similar in style to Tav. Defoe needs someone to get the ball up the pitch because he isn't quick enough over 40 yards to run in on goal. He needs the ball coming to him in the box to use his movement and finishing instincts. We were predictable today and Wednesday. I actually revised my 3-4 nil prediction down to 1-2 against St mirren when I saw the team news. I knew we'd be lopsided and stodgy as fuck. Again today we should have shown some faith in our best youth.
  2. We are playing with two inside forwards like Liverpool do. Difference is they play 3 goalscoring strikers up there, we play a midfielder, a winger and a striker. We need 2 new strikers for next season and tbh could be doing with one of them now
  3. Wrong team picked. Invited a battle instead of a match. Sloppy as fuck. Flanagan crap. Jack should have been kept on and Kamara off. Aribo can't play up front he isn't fast enough. Lack a striker. None on the bench. Patterson should have started
  4. Just win Rangers. Having said that a nice routine 3, 4 or 5 would be lovely to build confidence and keep us fresh for Hearts away
  5. Patterson should play. These are matches we will dominate and his style is more aligned with Tav than the others. Put him in and see how he does against Stranraer and St Mirren
  6. Buffalo has achieved more by age 23 than Leckie ever has or is ever likely to. Id like the club to send a letter to the Sun which simply says "You are no longer welcome at Ibrox #respectourplayers"
  7. I don't know about any fall out but that's Stoke, Boro and Blackburn mentioned in the last week regarding Jones. I think he's going. Maybe the manager has made a quick decision on him or maybe he just needs games after an injury.
  8. Lego now publicly calling the decision laughable. Time for a charge of 'bringing the game into disrepute' for Mr Untouchable himself? He needs taken down a peg and wouldn't it be hilarious if Tim Daley and Lego were banned at the same time.
  9. They have now kept the story but changed the image which puts a different slant on events. Basically it's fuck all to do with Morelos but they slandered him anyway
  10. I dislike VAR. How about just treating us the same as everyone else and stop the hate fest that began with our demotion by fans vote.? The media have some responsibility aswell to stop the xenophobia and sensationalism against Morelos. One paper had him making a sinister gesture which was disingenuous and quite sinister in itself. By the time he got send off he'd been fouled last man, dragged back on the wing by a player on a yellow, grabbed by the balls by a player on a yellow and booked for next to nothing by quick draw Clancy who has some previous with Alfredo.
  11. Is there a clip of Buffs first booking? Clancy seems to have the yellow in his hand before contact is even made. It's a nothing collision but he takes the chance to yellow him.
  12. No matter the result Sunday the team need to keep the belief. We have had as tough a run if fixtures as you could get and staying close to them when it turns around in Jan and they have the hard run has been vital. Defeat would make it a tough job to find 5 points but far from over. A draw is a good result, a win would make us favourites for the league.
  13. If we win this league we will realise some big numbers. Particularly if we also make the last 16 or better in Europa. Wouldn't be surprised to see us take in £40m plus total in the summer for 2-3 players.
  14. The midfield were class tonight and controlled the game. Forward line then did the damage. Sign Kamara up on a new 3-4 year deal cos the boy is with 9 figures in this market
  15. Aye but he was a sexy smooth big bastard so it was all forgiven... Until Monaco at Ibrox when he let Simone in to score and I coulda killed him. Last 16 champs league thrown away that year. Still, an absolutely wonderful player. Everything you'd want from a Ranger and oozed class. He was top drawer and will always be a hero of mine. The year we beat Dunfermline on the last day to win on goal difference he was charging up the right wing and crossing it in like Cafu
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