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  1. He's a youth player on loan. If it hasn't worked out he will be away. He's the least of our worries
  2. I'd keep Morelos in the team, he is also very physical. El Buffalo!!
  3. He's working on shaping him up now. Perhaps he's not the natural athlete and needs to longer than most. I expect Pedro knew all about Pena and still thought he was important enough to sign and use a fair chunk of his budget on. Which tells me he must be a very good player when he gets going
  4. I think that we only got him because of his controversies in Mexico. He had a rep as a party animal and Pedro probably thinks if he straightens him out he has one of the best players in Mexico. He can be our match winner if Pedro can get him playing
  5. Morelos looks to me to have the mindset of a goalscorer and the record to back that up. He's greedy, he's direct and he shoots from anywhere. I think he's just being eased in and integrated. Confident he will come good and work off big Herreras layoffs
  6. The issue for the youth players at the moment is we are still trying to knit a team together after a load of changes. Until we are settled I can't see Pedro experimenting too much. He wants momentum and cohesion
  7. Love to see us take a decent lead and get her Morelos up and running in second half with a goal
  8. You forgot Morelos, he's at China Buffet King
  9. Yep. By all means ask Skybet to double check but I'm pretty certain and I've seen loads on here and FF saying they are getting on it
  10. Its us plus 16 against them, minus 3 against Aberdeen, minus 15 or something against Hibs and so on. We need to come top of the handicap league to win the bet For comparison we are 11/1 to win the league outright on Skybet. No handicap involved. Theres no way we only drop to 9/1 with a 16 point start over them. Every other team is in play too
  11. You aren't mate be careful before you lay that bet. Every other team gets a handicap too. Some get up to 45 points. Only the dark side start on 0 points
  12. Talented and just over his chronic injury means he's at the point of increasing his value. Selling now is madness.
  13. Rossiter is our best prospect and on a long term contract. I'd keep him unless it's stupid money
  14. Should have done my research. His development is miles ahead is my point anyway
  15. Most people aren't religious at all these days. Loads claim to be but few actually practice a religion. I'm just a Rangers fan, love the football and don't have an interest religion. We have supporters from all backgrounds.