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  1. trueblueal

    Candeias Red Card

    Becoming further involved by what, being taken hold of and given a dunt by Ferdinand? They cited Lennon yet for gesturing to the Hibs fans and inciting trouble?
  2. trueblueal

    Brenda rodgers

    Chick Dung
  3. We need to dictate the ball it's like ping pong today. Play on the deck and press them back. I'd get Rossiter on to try and get a grip of midfield.
  4. If celtic hadn't started do shite we would be in a lot more bother. That's the frustrating thing. Last season and this we are within touching distance but sadly we keep shooting ourselves in the foot. They are starting to return to form despite having barely a fit centre back and we are going the other way. We better snap out of this dip soon because we are better than we are showing
  5. trueblueal


    I'm not saying Grezda is shite I'm asking is he? It's worrying he doesn't even get half a hour when we as bad as we have been. And Middleton is a young boy ahead of him. For £2m I was expecting some impact
  6. trueblueal


    Is he shite? That's 3 games in the bounce we've needed a goal desperately and he's had about 10 mins. A £2m white Sadiq?
  7. trueblueal


    I think some people are missing the thrust of this conversation which after gaining altitude has taken a nosedive
  8. trueblueal


    Need to see once he lands back in Scotland and checks in with the physio. Injury has caused him a turbulent time.
  9. trueblueal


    For years now I've been getting a roll and a coffee on the way to work. It's not cheap. I've calculated the cost is £497.23 to date. Roll sales are vital to our local bakers. Support me and pay for my rolls. Coffee is crucial to allow me to get up in the morning and post this sort of important information for our mutual benefit. Donate so that I can get a Cappuccino and not a filter coffee, maybe even a doubler roll.
  10. trueblueal

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    I can only assume they are injured.
  11. trueblueal


    Amazing game and steamrollered them second half. Away and have a beer mate, enjoy ithe result. Aaaalfredo Moreeeelos!!!
  12. I think that will be the team tonight if jack is fit enough. I don't think McCrorie is trusted enough by Gerrard as a starter
  13. trueblueal

    Plastic pitch on Sunday

    The pitch is an issue because it will directly impact on player selection. I'd hazard a guess that we will instantly rule out Dorrans, Rossiter and Grezda playing on that pitch.
  14. trueblueal

    Vienna at Ibrox

    I think the prices are too high. I can't make all 3 games so didn't go for the package. The single game price at 40 quid is about 10 quid too expensive. Its at a level where people will still go but will feel a bit ripped off. A bit like the strips actually. 60 quid is about a tenner too much but as we have been starved we will pay it. I think the board have taken advantage slightly to be honest
  15. He's just getting fitness back to facilitate us moving him on. He's on too much of a wage and should be too ambitious to be our 2nd/3rd choice left back