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  1. I've just read it. Barley coherent drivel. Sorry but there's plenty of actual evidence out there. This was just a rambling mess.
  2. If there were any sense of community or decency the prize money would be split more evenly to all clubs for this season as final positions were not determined. Give everyone in the top tier the same amount (we would lose a little here but the prize moneys poor anyway), step it down to a lesser amount but all the same in the championship and so on. More people keep their jobs, more clubs survive and there's a bit of unity. Instead we get an organisation trying to screw everyone for the benefit of the richest team. At the expense of all decency and honesty and potentially people's livelihoods. It's the employees on regular wages and the lower league players on part time money who will suffer here with the carve up. Zero standards. Utterly corrupt and contemptible from the SPFL.
  3. Just naming random employees now? Odd thing to think
  4. Sadly Davis and Defoe are showing their age. McGregor still doing fine but some succession planning should be in place cos McCrorie is still untested and young. We need a GK, 3 strikers and two starting CMs. Helander and Goldson I think are fine but a grizzled winner at the back wouldn't hurt.
  5. He's the best organiser and has a better pedigree than the others. He is slow but his positioning helps him combat that. We need a partner for Helander. Goldson is fine but not as the main man. I'd like to see us recruit another leader at the back. A grizzled, course and distance, no fucking about, scream in his own players face and head a medicine ball type centre half. Could do with that sort in midfield too.
  6. With Jack suspended who are you all having in midfield? I'd like to see Kamara Davis Arfield and Hagi with Morelos and Kamberi up front. Hagi in the ten role. Usual back 4 and keeper.
  7. You think he'd risk getting done with wasting police time, ruining his reputation and getting sacked for......what purpose? Have a word with yourself
  8. Agree with that setup for solidity and goal threat. Kent and Aribo need a seat on the bench, two forwards who don't score enough. Either play a centre forward and two inside forwards like Liverpool or play 2 up. This notion that we have 3 up but two are number 10s is cack. Hagi isn't a wide man he's a central attacking mid (traditional 10 not inside forward let's just call it a 10 even though it's not type 10).
  9. The signs were there that the bounce is coming back in our step. Hagis goal was huge. 3-0, Alfie double and Hagi special
  10. One effect might be an even greater last minute rush at the turnstiles as people struggle to make kickoff after work. Parking further away won't stop people bringing a car to the game. There's no way I could make it in time using trains etc from where I stay
  11. I assume the council will be providing alternative parking for say £100k?
  12. I always park away down near Gregg's toward Meiklewood Road and walk from there. If they ban that what exactly do they propose we do? I predict absolute chaos on match days
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