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  1. The contact was generated by Edouard who threw his leg in. He's conned the ref. It's called cheating
  2. The old stick a leg in and fall over diving tactic and not a word of criticism. He's cheated. Simple
  3. trueblueal


    It might not be his personality but it would do his cause no harm if he snarled a bit, booted a winger out the park and committed the opposition full back one or twice per game to a race to the byeline. If we could see him bursting a gut and playing at a tempo it would be easier to overlook other things. I hope the penny drops because he's a talented footballer but.... I think Gerard's style of blood and thunder might have rattled him a bit. I imagine our manager can be quite forthright and a quiet guy like Barisic might be a bit shocked by the aggression he experiences in matches and from our own gaffer. Long story short...man up.
  4. trueblueal


    He's not pish but he's not starting quality either. He is a trier. Much like Jack. We need an upgrade in the wide forward area, centre mid, left back and a striker if Morelos goes. That's the 4 major new players I hope are high quality
  5. The season is long. Doesn't have enough quality for a Rangers starting midfielder. He's a tidy player with an excellent attitude but major limitations
  6. A nothing player. Doesn't score or assist, isn't quick or good in the air. He gets by because he plays a simple pass and rarely loses the ball but in truth he doesn't influence the game and he's a centre mid. We need proper class in there.
  7. Wasn't aware of that, you sure? I think it's only Atakayi who's out on loan abroad at a Finnish team
  8. Aye he went mental at a petrol station or something. I think Stevie G will be wary of taking an Osijek player somehow.
  9. If he's gutted he'll be the only one. This was a car crash we could all see coming.
  10. We probably watched multiple Osijek games on video when we drew them. If he was widely considered their best player we would have learned of him pretty early incase he was fit to play
  11. Lafferty was a crazy signing. He has always been an immature waste of talent. And he's not good enough to get away with it. I didn't rate him before and I knew this one would be a waste of money. An awkward player, who can't head a ball despite his height, who falls over at the least contact and has the strength of a man half his size. A pea hearted waster. Barisic I think can play. I'm disappointed that hasn't worked out so far. If it's just injuries stick with and he can turn it around. If it's attitude or he feels like he's in the wrong movie then shift him quickly on. Grezda, who knows. He has pedigree as an international and was talked up by Panucci who was a player and a half. The manager doesn't seem to use him and hints at a poor attitude. He doesn't really seem to want to be here. I think he's a goner and the gaffer has made his mind up. Coulibaly, limited player. Not worth spending money on. Hasn't been playing having fallen down the ladder so won't be missed and doesn't really need replaced with so many similar players already here. No great issue with him, he seemed to try his best but looked an Angers player, not a Rangers player.
  12. You haven't, it was cringey as fuck with the forced deliberate use of local dialect making it sound like a bad episode of River City. Actually it was like when the national news interviews a Scottish Ned off the street and you wince a bit.
  13. Greegs McCabe Wylde Perry Danny Wilson Scott Wilson Adam
  14. Fair enough, I don't think he's enough of an influence on games for a starting centre mid. He's average at everything so he gets by but in my opinion he is no more than a steady player. Reliable, tries his utmost but limited.
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