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  1. Steve Clarke

    He's already had years of experience in England and did a good job at West Brom. I was amazed he went to Killie and thought it was a great appointment for them. He's made them solid and they've improved rapidly since his arrival. We could do a whole lot worse. The celtic thing is pretty irrelevant, he's been working in England for most of his career and it's not like he worked at them
  2. Steve Clarke

    It seems the board want British/Scottish experience, low risk and proven. Steve Clarke is the best in Scotland outside of them. If after 6 weeks the best we can do is Murty and an aborted attempt to get McInnes then we can probably rule out the exotic names. Clarke can be had from Killie for less than DM could be taken from Aberdeen I'm sure. His experience is at a far higher level. He knows the set up of big clubs having worked as assistant at Liverpool and Chelsea. We are missing an obvious one here. Get it done
  3. Marcelo Bielsa

    The Jimmy Calderwood of the world stage. 6 upfront, midfielders in defence, pioneer of Peps brand of football. He's a legendary manager but seriously unsuited to SPFL standard players. Could he really get away with his style with Holt and Windass et al?
  4. Alves v Hill

    Two classy big guys. Would have kept hill and saved the Cardoso fee in hindsight.
  5. Candeias

    He's out of form but a decent player and gets his crosses in early
  6. Mark Allen

    Exactly, we got a youth prospect of what is basically an extended trial and DJ on the same basis for the first team.
  7. Mark Allen

    They have interviewed him. Check it out in YouTube it was quite informative
  8. our sitter

    The one from Tavs cross he sees the defender out the corner of his eye and thinks its a team mate. It's a perfect knock down for the wrong player
  9. our sitter

    Lolol OK. He has scored about 50 goals in a calender year at age 20-21 in 2 freezing countries far from home. I think you might have sunstroke mate.
  10. our sitter

    If we get 25 goals from a 21 year old who is physically strong, aggressive and fearless we will have a £5m+ player on our hands after season 1 and will finish closer to them than most hoped for. He's ages with Ryan Hardie. The boy is on a fast track to being a star. Enjoy while it lasts as he isn't like McCrorie who grew up loving Rangers and will take the next step quickly
  11. Derek McInnes

    They have been benefactors to the tune of 16m rising to 23m in the next 2 years. Those loans are money we didn't generate ourselves and money we will never repay in cash. OK so it's not Abramovich stuff but it's something. I think there's a chance the board have an exit plan based around the Far East investment we have seen so far.
  12. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Still think Steve Clarke and honestly as an affordable, experienced and 'safe' option who has also worked with high level players in big clubs as well as less talented players he seems to have the perfect mix. I have yet to see a better suggestion that's realistic and fits all the criteria laid out by King.
  13. Junkies vs Rangers

    Both toughts also crossed my mind. Tav played there against celtic. Unfortunately Hodson is miles off it and I wouldn't risk him in my team, and Tav is an important player creatively from the right. I'd go with Barjonas or Cardoso personally. I don't know enough about Barjonas to judge but reckon Cardoso could do a man marking job on McGinn pretty effectively Wes Tav. Alves. Wilson. John Cardoso Candeias. Holt. Windass Pena Morelos Possibly sub miller for Pena if he's not doing it.
  14. DOF signing the players from now on?

    For the purposes of 'Next permanent manager' betting 10 games is enough to win the bet even if the man in place is still officially an interim or caretaker. Obviously we won't be forced to give Murty the job just because be takes the team for 10 games.
  15. Ross McCrorie

    Cardoso maybe?