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  1. Bang average.
  2. Hi John, put the Chinese guidebook down, forget the tax free quarter mill per week...Rangers are on the phone and offering a one year deal at 25k with a 50% tax rate
  3. I'd be quite happy to see Fletcher, we could use some guidance on the pitch and he's a top pro. Perfect next to Rossiter if he ever gets fit. Pedro better have a shit hot contact book because we need 5 or 6 first 11 starters
  4. I would have agreed until this season. Norwich have played him fairly regularly and he has 6 goals in 20 games. Seems hes proven he can still do it
  5. Two for Tuesdays on the Jaffa Cakes?
  6. Expect Mick O'Halloran Jnr. Hes sitting in the house. Doesn't know where the game is and hasn't thought to ask.
  7. Genuinely. I was alluding to his poser rep nothing else! Hadn't a clue. Oops
  8. I had no idea Harry was! 😂
  9. Poser, unfit and inconsistent. The epitome of the modern footballer. All skinny jeans and manbag.
  10. Some right guff written about Toral. 1. He is not out if contract but he only has one more season to run 2. He has not been given a new contract by Arsenal. They simply registered his change in circumstances with the FA when he returned from Granada and the paperwork was misinterpreted as a new contract by some media. He looks good enough to me. He needs matches but is improving. I'm not sure what our budget is but an offer for both of our loan players would be a good place to start. Hyndman has a long term contract. Wilshire is likely to leave and there might be a squad place for Hyndman at Bournemouth. I'd love to get him permanently but I think it's a bit far fetched
  11. Yes that was a start. I think someone ought to take the investigation on a stage further and I'm amazed this isnt news like Saville was. Maybe that will come when court cases begin.
  12. I think you are clutching here. That's hardly newsworthy. Crap graffiti in city centre. There's an actual story about them that seems to be all too quiet. I would think a politician or a national broadcaster would raise the question about the extent of alleged criminality and apparent connections between those involved, spanning decades and seemingly ignored
  13. I like him. His team I'd a reflection of his personality just as Warburtons was. We are more aggressive and passionate now with a will to win. Before we were passive and nice to play against. Warburton avoided confrontation and everyone had their say. In the end some of the players probably thought he was weak. Pedro sets the tone and it's his way or no way.
  14. He was the slowest player I've ever seen live. Weir could outrun him at 41
  15. He had the best first touch and vision of anyone at the club bar Niko. He doesn't have the directness and aggression I'd like to see and I'm not sure he's Pedro's type. Hopefully he signs on to protect the value of our asset at the very least. The time to sell is when his stock is high not just now