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  1. trueblueal

    Ben Woodburn

    Juan Veron also, one of the most talented players I've ever watched live. Up there with Riquelme but mince in England
  2. trueblueal

    Smell the fear.

    It's brilliant, that mob getting asked about out signings and having to admit they're good. Gordon admitting Defoe will score 'but it's about us and who we sign' and Brenda bursting to being a big Davis fan. Add to that the preposterous PR about Weah and Nae Neck and I think it's dawning on them that Stevie G has this sussed.
  3. trueblueal

    Could Docherty be converted to RB?

    His fitness and durability are tremendous
  4. He has done in the past, I'd expect he'd occupy the centre mostly for or obvious reasons or inside right switching with Morelos. I expect his movement will be exceptional
  5. I think they are a different style of player. McCrorie is a ferocious tackler, wins every ball in the air and relies on athelticism to get close down and then drive play. Jack is more considered, defensively his positioning is very good and he plays short safe passes to keep the ball. I think with Davis in the team he's in Jack's spot. Where does Jack go when Davis is taking it deep and starting all the moves. I think McCrorie has skills that better compliment Davis. It's good to be able to argue about two decent players. And btw, Kamara is a ball winner and carrier with no shortage of skill in possession. He might be the best of the 3 in time
  6. McGregor Tav Goldson Worral Barisic Davis McCrorie Arfield Morleos Defoe Kent
  7. He's good out of possession but in possession he rarely loses it because he plays safety almost every time. He has a tendency to drop right back like Barry used to do, take it from the centre back and try to build play but his vision and range of pass are so limited it tends to be a 5-10 yarder to the full back. I don't dislike him as a player but I think he's steady and nothing more. I see Davis doing this job now but with a more purpose in his passing. Better balance with McCrorie proving the muscle
  8. trueblueal

    Hard not to get carried away - Barry Ferguson

    Barry is a legend. Loved his wee moment in the Soccer Sixes last week when he took out Stephen Cunt Hunt
  9. I don't like him furthest back of the midfield, he stands too close to the CBs and makes nothing passes. He's been better since he was clearly told to move 10 yards up the pitch and let the CBs pass it out themselves. If I have to choose between Jack and McCrorie as my enforcer I'd sooner have McCrorie.
  10. trueblueal

    Could Docherty be converted to RB?

    A better solution than playing him centrally where he lacks the touch
  11. Jack and Candeias. We need McCrories energy and mobility so I'd have Jack out, Davis deep playmaker with McCrorie box to box and Arfield furthest forward. Defoe and Morelos can play as centre and right of a front 3, interchanging and playing narrower than Candieas would. Morelos is excellent at running wide and wriggling his way back into the box or hitting across goal.
  12. trueblueal

    Could Docherty be converted to RB?

    I disagree that McCrorie is a DM, I see him box to box like Coulibaly. He's all about high energy, athleticism and drive. He's a ball winner yes in the Gattuso style but he's never a sitter like Jack. With Davis deepest we need a player with McCrories or Docherty mobility and strength but McCrorie is simply better. Davis will be a deep lying playmaker and Jack won't be able to sit as deep or we will be too flat. Jack has been moved forward because he was getting in the way going so deep and slowing everything down. He's better 10 yards further on as he doesn't have the vision to play a deep playmaker role and we don't need someone to take it from Goldson and roll it to Tav. You are correct Docherty isn't a right back, hence I asked could he be converted. I agree Tav is a cracking right back, but if I was Docherty I'd fancy my chances of getting past Flanagan and being 1 place away from the team rather than into our midfield.
  13. trueblueal

    Could Docherty be converted to RB?

    We are a rare few. I don't expect he'd dislodge Tav but as a deputy for a variety of positions worse options. His strengths in midfield are covered by McCrorie already. He's our future there and even he has a struggle on his hands
  14. trueblueal

    Andrius Velicka - Video

    Did the world need a Velicka tribute video?
  15. trueblueal

    Could Docherty be converted to RB?

    😂 bored but it's a possibility, he has the skillset