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  1. He has a similar style to Kent. Probably signed when it looked like we wouldn't get Kent back. A backup option I think.
  2. He's comparable to Jelavic. He's not at the level of Mols who was a genius. We got Mols at 28, imagine how much Morelos will achieve by that age. Going to the top.
  3. Strong team, no fucking about with 4 and 5 changes. I think we win today by 2 or 3. Morelos to score and Defoe to come on and do the same
  4. Klopp could win the league this season and decide that's all he can do. I'd be more worried about that scenario than a presenter on talksport suggesting Gerrard could be good for Arsenal. There is no link to Arsenal, it was just a suggestion. He's not going there his path to Liverpool is set already.
  5. Goram and it's no contest. That's not to say McGregor isn't brilliant..... but Goram was world class
  6. Trying to evict Berra from his back pocket
  7. We have players on form or coming into form at the right time. Morelos, Jack, Barsisic, Davis, McGregor, Defoe all been solid the whole year. I think Goldson had been absolutely fine too although I realise on here I'm maybe splitting the crowd with that one. Tav, Helander, Kamara, Kent all finding form/fitness again. Only Arfield and Ojo need to find consistency. We are perfectly placed just now to plug away, keep winning and see how they cope when they realise we aren't going away. New year killed us last time. Don't think that will happen this time around
  8. I also agree. Grezda only makes it back in if he's had a Eureka moment, apologises publicly for his actions and attitude, drops the GTA lifestyle, knuckles down and shows why Pannucci thought he had top class potential. If he does all that then I'd be prepared to say people can make mistakes. It's up to him really
  9. Games like this win titles. That was huge for us today. It's like some people think we will just roll teams over every week. Lost count of the number of games we dug out under Walter, be it an Albertz free kick or a Jelavic overhead kick. When you go one behind and miss a pen after a hard European away game you just need to win any way you can. Well done today, showed some balls.
  10. It would probably benefit our coefficient if we only entered 2 teams in Europe! Seriously though, the shite teams drag us down every year with their capitulations.
  11. trueblueal


    You tend to get a foul in Europe when someone elbows you or takes you out at the thigh. Scotland's a bit different. I actually think he's just excels at the level he's used to and is adjusting to the lumps up the park, elbows and dodgy bounces off the cheap astro. It's a different sport. He's a good player and will be fine.
  12. Is it not the case he just had a lot of muscular problems which were basically growing pains. He was talented enough as a kids to break into the Liverpool team but injuries held him back for years thereafter. The talent is still there and he's still young enough to catch up on lost time. I think he will do well in his career. His physical problems seem to be sorted.
  13. A more talented player than some we have on our books. If he wants to be here and can play 35 matches this season hes worth having. Will have a good career. 2 year extension on a sensible wage, loan to Hearts. Lad has lost years of his career and will only now start to show his potential just at the time his deal with us is expiring. Don't expect this will actually happen. Warbs may take him though.
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