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  1. His uncle says it isn't true. He hasn't decided. Rangers remain in the running. Arsenal, Chelsea and some of Europe's biggest teams have all approached. If i were negotiating this id offer BG 20% of his sell on fee. If he's the top player these clubs believe he can be sold at 18 with a season or two at Rangers, a nice lump of cash for all concerned, And a reputation that will earn him a massive contract. By all accounts this boy has the skills. Odegaard is wasted at Real. Compare that to Mbappe at Monaco. One will certainly have a career, the other could be the next Freddy Adu.
  2. Don't see how this is a great deal. 500k won't change our lives. Chelsea will probably punt him for £5m after a dozen games in the championship and no games for Chelsea. If we agree that Chelsea are better resourced, have quality scouting and coaching and they rate him enough to pay 500k why do we think it's good business for us? Chelsea hold all the aces here and if anyone is getting the good deal it will be them. 500k is buttons to them and they obviously see a financial return down the line. It's scandalous that they can effectively tap him up before his first pro contract.
  3. Sounds like he's chasing the money. I think he's mad to go there. Look at the kids at Monaco who play every week. They will sign muti million pound deals when they move. Chelsea is a graveyard for youth
  4. We need about £8m spend on 2 centre backs, 2 centre mids and a striker. If he can work contacts and get a £2m player on a free then all the better. We need a solid base to build from. Unfortunately we have a spine of Hill (38), Hyndman (not ours), Miller (37). We need to come two younger Hill's and, a competitor in midfield (Rossiter?), a creative all rounder like Hyndman and a quality striker ( a young Miller). Nemeth (Bosman) is a possible former player
  5. At that time Barry was integral to the team and worth multi millions. If he undermines Pedro he gets let go with minimum fuss or financial repercussions. the scenarios are not comparable
  6. Correct mate. All covered by our MD in a public interview
  7. Provided the board, manager and the new DOF are clear on the roles it really doesn't matter what some guy on a forum thinks. Robertson has already outlined what they want from the DOF. Integration of first team and youth setups. Setting up scouting and recruitment processes. Administrative tasks and logistical tasks that a traditional manager might have undertaken. It's all on Robertsons interview and quite transparent
  8. So Jose do you want the DOF job at Rangers? I'm not a DOF I'm a manager and I havent been offered it anyway MOURINHO REJECTS RANGERS DOF ROLE
  9. Headline implies he was offered it. Story appears to say he just wants to be a manager and doesn't indicate he was offered the job. Very misleading headline but anyways. It won't be McLeish thank fuck
  10. I want to break free. I want to breeeaak free
  11. Haha wrong quote there
  12. Franks on holiday in Dubai. I met a player, er I mean a coach about a player we might be targetting. Ah fuck it I met Nottingham Forest. Respectfully.
  13. Maybe he would and maybe he wouldn't make a good DOF. I'm damn sure he shouldn't be let loose to find out at Rangers. I think we will get an as yet unnamed candidate. Who saw Pedro coming? The board seem to have a wide net and I don't expect this to be any different.
  14. Numan. Class act, Dutch B team coach, lives here and loves Rangers, smart guy, good communicator.
  15. Sounds like Barry to me from Pedro's description