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  1. Alves, Pena, Morales and Cardoso. Spoilt for choice
  2. Mind and wash your hands first 🌶🌶😮
  3. Believe there is an option for a 3rd year. Was on Rangers Observer last week I think
  4. It's a guess nothing more. Apparently one signing bigger than Alves in the making....
  5. It a wildly optimistic guess, but we are signing a near 100 cap current Portuguese international so its not impossible!!
  6. Ex team mate of oor Bruno
  7. My guess would have been Danny from Zenit. 33 and out of contract. Or Veloso from Genoa, 31 and out of contract.
  8. CWoodLoyal on FF had said Alves will not be the biggest name player signed this window. If he's right we must have a monster of a deal on the cards because Alves was more than I could have hoped for
  9. Bruno has helped himself to a tube of Pringles, one if those wee cans of Britvic and a bottle of Joop, flung about 40p of 'your funny Scottish Pesos' at the flight attendant and sat back in the chair to watch some old UFC fights on the IPad. Mobile is switched on and not on flight mode and he's smoking a cigar. Staff are debating what to do next from the other end of the plane
  10. Appears to be the same guy. Moved for over £6m in 2015/16. Transfermarkt has him at £3m just now. 27 year old CM/CDM, international player and cherry on top....looks cool as fuck
  11. Same guy said we were after Alan Irvine for manager.
  12. Joking or serious? I'd be surprised but delighted if he signed
  13. I was expecting some news by now given Pedro's interview post St Johnstone. Intrigued to see the 'two lists' he promised
  14. Wouldn't know, is anyone sure what our budget is? I hope we build a strong spine and that will take some cash
  15. Expect to line up in the classic 4-6 formation 😂