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  1. Before this season I wasn't a fan. Thought he was a bit of a nothing player who dropped too deep, slowed the game and wasn't influencing games enough for Rangers starting centre mid. Now he's completely turned it around. He is fitter, positioning is top class and he has great determination. He keeps his passing simple and rarely gives it away. Ok he won't score many but helpsother players shine and sets the tone for the effort a Rangers player should show Have to say I'm a convert
  2. Docherty will never make it as a midfielder in a Gerrard team. He doesn't have the touch or passing range. He's a cracking athlete, powerful runner, likes a tackle. He should either move to a club where his talents are suited in midfield or retrain as a right wing back. He has the attributes to play there. Tin hat on and all that shite
  3. Yeah I agree. Trying too hard, taking on runs that were never on and ending up down blind alleys and giving it away. He needs a bit of experience, he only really had half a season at Motherwell aside from Scottish lower league experience. Even his chances at Motherwell were curtailed when he announced his move to us.
  4. The boy has rocket shot and is a bit of an athlete he just lacks the decision making he looked a bit of a headless chicken in preseason and euro qualifiers. If he develops his game awareness and decision making he will be useful.
  5. The Liverpool one is good and has the boot room cafe next right to it and a Stevie G section with all his medals in show. We should look at something similar. It's defo worth is exploring the museum and cafe together so we can package different levels of tours, tours with museum visit and add on like lunch deals. We really should run stadium tours every day aswell instead of the 2 days I think it is we offer just now.
  6. That was Billy Dodds, no quite the same 😂
  7. You would think a team like Hearts would take Murphy, Dorrans and Docherty. That could transform them and help us too
  8. You have a point but we drove on and won most of those games where last season we would have been more likely to concede a winner than score one. Also, did you switch the legia second leg off at 90mins? We scored a winner mate
  9. Greg Stewart was a waste of time signing. I'd rather play Dapo. We know Stewart has peaked, he also looks heavy. He's not going to morph into a Ranger's standard player at this stage
  10. trueblueal


    He's an excellent footballer who was played out of position and unsurprisingly looked off it. Davis, Jack an Aribo in midfield is fine. Our issues are that the support for Morelos upfront isn't what it should be. We are playing like Liverpool in terms of formation but they have 3 incredible forwards. We have 1. A fit and rested Arfield would help. We desperately need a 3rd quality forward player.
  11. He fucked up, not helped by the lack of an outball. That said I think he's had a solid season so far. Might be time to give Helander a try now that he's had some time to bed in. Goldson is the least of our worries tbh. Arfield looks knackered and we don't have a suitable 3rd forward to play with Morelos and Arfield even when he's fit
  12. He has some ability but his levels of aggression are exactly what you'd expect from an academy player. Nil
  13. Don't believe we've tried them together in a 3 at all. Should have been tried preseason
  14. When Kamara came off an Aribo dropped back I wanted to see Morelos up with Defoe. I'm not talking about putting him on the touchline.
  15. If we stick to our formation I would like to see Morelos as the inside forward off Defoe. He's built to do that job well. He hunts wide naturally and occupies the back line. At the same time he bullies his way back into the box and they are scared to tackle him.
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