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  1. Kiernan Cost Us 2 points

    Also was it not a pish ball again from Wes to RK just before the Holt booking? Kick it the fuck up the park instead of playing ourselves into trouble. Very stupid distribution from the keeper on both occasions
  2. PNE fan on Garner

    Unfortunately that'll never happen, Rangers players have obviously been told to play tippy tappy pish as if they're playing FIFA, must score the perfect goal. I'll take any fuckin goal the shite were being subjected to just now, we pose very little threat to teams and we've only scored 27 league goals this season, pathetic.
  3. Good, means I'm just making a political statement when I use the word fenian.
  4. ***The Official Hearts V Rangers Thread***

    Get Tavernier tae fuck, he's been utter shite for god knows how long
  5. Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    Defo looks like Barton but it's not Sir Davie in the car, only going by the "save picture and zoom right in" method.
  6. *** The Official Rangers V St Mirren Match Thread ***

    Got bored again after the latest Scott Allan excitement, not counting the club deck there's 1053 tickets left for Friday, about 300 of these are restricted, CD is about 35/40% sold.
  7. *** The Official Rangers V St Mirren Match Thread ***

    There's 8 tickets left in the Govan and 11 left in the Copland ???
  8. Model The New Top

    Everybody seems to be asking for pm's, and I'm no different! Lol wasn't too hopeful for a looker to be in the pics but I was wrong, what a fox!! :-D
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Had to have a wee snoop about the KD lang st forum, theres a few mutants claiming that monkey heed has tried to walk twice, hope its a lot of pish, he's the best manager in the SPL
  10. ***Latest Rangers Statement***

    land, land....see "snatch"!