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  1. What I dont understand is why WWE are so resistant to Daniel Bryan. They gave the fans what they wanted with Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and probably more.
  2. with John Cena you had batista, orton (two of the people you want to see), angle, cm punk, undertaker, kane, triple h, booker t, sheamus, jeff hardy, brock lesnar, big show...who have all been champions at some stage. All era's have one guy who stands above everyone else. Batista came in and looked so bad. his spear was absolutely horrible. It shows a complete lack of respect to the wwe and the fans.
  3. Basing it around one person? Like they didnt do that with Austin...or Hulk Hogan? I dont think anyone is saying Daniel Bryan should be the face of the company but he is the most over guy in wrestling at the moment so its a smart business choice to have him main event wrestlemania. You think its better with Batista Vs Orton. A re-hashed main event from 10 years ago. How is the company supposed to create a diverse amount of talent to broaden the roster if they continually rely on dinosaurs and people who have had their moments. and Triple H doing a good job? New Age Outlaws as Tag Team Champs...his mates Orton as Champ...His mate Batista winning the rumble...his mate. even kevin nash getting a little pay day...his mate.
  4. the difference between bryan and cena is that cena gets raped by the crowd and bryan is massively over. Plus they cant be the same because if they were bryan would be getting pushed where he seems to be getting buried at every turn. All they had to do was include bryan in the rumble and they could have avoided all that, everyone knew going in that batista was going over but when it hit 30 and bryan didnt come out it just totally fucked off the fans. very bad choice in my opinion. and mick foleys Mick Foley ‏@realmickfoley12 mins Does @WWE actually hate their own audience? I've never been so disgusted with a PPV.
  5. the fans did ruin the end there but daniel bryan should have been in the rumble, he is the most over guy at the moment. even I was disappointed when he didnt come in at 30. I dont think batista should have won, from the moment he stepped in that ring he looked rusty and the fans werent behind him at all.
  6. I would question WWE then on their decision to have him declare his interest in the title. If he does face orton or cena at the chamber and lose then what is the point in that cause I cant see lesnar/taker being a title match cause neither man will stick around after it. The only thing I can think of is that they make it a triple threat and hes not involved in the finish but even then still seems like a waste.
  7. To be fair they need to throw someone at brock to make him look strong going into wrestlemania and no point throwing an up and comer just to get squashed. I am glad batista is coming back but agree that him winning the rumble is a waste. if it was me bryan would be winning the rumble but at the same time i wouldnt want another orton/bryan main event. I dunno if cena/bryan would be any better though. Although with lesnar declaring his interest for the title id take cena winning at the rumble then Lesnar winning at the chamber then bryan facing lesnar at mania.
  8. Basically netflix for wrestling. Seems a good idea if your into wrestling or want to see all the old stuff. It will stream ppvs as well which beats paying sky 15 bucks for every ppv. it will be roughly a tenner a month when it gets here but for all the content, thats not bad.
  9. I reckon because the total divas has been so much of a success they will most likely push the bellas and the likes for the next couple of years. This wouldn't bother me if Natalya was pushed but no time for the others. I am actually surprised AJ Lee has kept the divas title for so long. I heard she made a tit of herself at the tribute to the troops as well so again surprised she still has it. I would also like for them to go back to it being the woman's championship, calling it the divas title just makes it sound shit.
  10. Since you put that list on I have been trying a lot of them.
  11. The visuals on the new fifa are impressive, Just trying Battlefield 4 for the first time. When you are so used to playing COD so much it takes a bit of getting used to. I am not too sure about the voice controls, Its an an impressive feature but you feel like a bit of a tit sitting there going...xbox on, xbox go to store etc..
  12. Is anyone in here going to wrestelmania 29? I got a wee cash windfall and I am looking to book tickets and was wondering if anyone knew the best way to get tickets, tried ticket master but they are all gone. found a site called seatwave thats in the uk and of course there is ebay but just want to do it the safest way so any advice would be appreciated.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tFB_AU7JVKM
  14. While it wouldnt change for the people watching it at home cause we get it at mental times anyway I doubt people would go to a show starting at midnight cause travel would be a nightmare after it, especially for those travelling for it. Its not impossible but it doesnt make sense for wwe to do all those things cause its not like the american or canadian shows dont sell out.
  15. do you mean if they had the event in the uk at like 1-5 in the morning?
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