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  1. Guy's got brilliant feet and great in tight situations. Reads the game well as demonstrated by his shoe-horn pass through to JD. I think he'll get even better now.
  2. He didn’t play against YB.
  3. Our goal difference is now better than theirs as well !
  4. Judged Helander against Livingston and he was pish.
  5. Borna says there is much more to come from him, and I believe him. We've got the makings of a league winning team here with some special players that can win games. Gerrard has a big responsibility to pick the right players at the right time. He didn't do that against septic and on the back of beating Aberdeen 5-0 going on ten he changed the team against YB. Tav made the original error but Goldson never got in his tackle and Helander didn't clear the cross when it came in. My money would have been on Katic clearing the cross. Also Stewart was excellent against Aberdeen, has played loads of times on plastic with Kilmarnock, whilst Ojo was total pish first to last minute against YB.
  6. We beat Aberdeen 5-0. Other than Jack we should be going with the same team. I can see Edmundson getting in as a holding midfielder.
  7. Gerrard turning into Tinkerman. We fucked Aberdeen five going on ten nothing and he changes the team against YB. Same against celtic. If Katic played last night I'm sure he would have recovered Tav's blunder. No way Stewart would have been worse than Ojo either. Needs to have a good look at himself in all of this.
  8. Ojo's here on loan and he's pish. If King can't get more minutes recognising Kamara's been wanting all season then there must be a reason for it. He doesn't get a jersey just because he's here. Docherty would offer more than Kamara at the minute.
  9. I I think Ryan Jack could be. Missed him big time when he went off.
  10. Based on what ? From what little I've seen, he looks ordinary. Is that down to fitness levels and lack of games ?
  11. Against Feyenoord for sure. But he Ojo, had great opportunities last night to put the game out of reach and bottled it.
  12. Eh, naw. He should have either scored or played Morelos in when we were one up. Also bottled it with a pass outside to Jack when he was in a good area.
  13. The perspective is Stevie G needs a kick in the baws.
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