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  1. Despite the criticism Flanagan played reasonably well against Motherwell and could well keep the jersey. I don't rate either Barisic or Grezda. Heart of a fucking mouse both of them. All Grezda could talk about was making sure he got fit again for international games. Davis is on a roll and looking good. Will dictate the game against Hearts.
  2. Think he backtracked a bit on that...........He'll spend our kids inheritance.
  3. Boybluesy


    You would have thought that the taigs could empathise with a family raised in poverty.........but no wtf.
  4. Fukn brilliant. Hadn't seen this. Thanks mate.
  5. Neither Grezda nor Barisic look to have the stomach to play for us.
  6. My take on it is dead simple. Halliday went in full pelt on a tackle in the first minute in the Old Firm game at Ibrox. When the fuck has Barisic ever, since he joined, put in a fucking tackle that gets you behind him and the team. Fucking never and when he wasn't invisible he was total pish against the sheep. It isn't much to ask that the team are up for a battle ffs in a semi-final at Ibrox.
  7. That was Aberdeen without their two best players and we never laid a glove on them.
  8. Boybluesy


    From where I was sitting it looked like Worrall was giving Barisic an ear bashing for the goal. Thought he was fucking rank rotten and has been for months. Halliday all day every day for me.
  9. The thing is Jack now scores some goals..........McCrorie couldn't hit a cow on the arse with a stick without getting a nose bleed.
  10. Barisic has been utter pish for a long period now. Got ripped to shreds first half and never put any tackles in either. Get him to fuck into the reserves and give Halliday the role.
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