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  1. Bayview Stadium, home to East Fife FC has become the latest Scottish club to select the innovative GreenFields MX Elite, a woven 3G artificial sports system for its new pitch. Someone mentioned Murphy . Don't think so somehow.
  2. Arfield is different class from Docherty. Docherty is a trier and fair play to the boy but he's nowhere near the likes of Davis , Aribo or Arfield.
  3. Sheepshaggers getting pumped. Clean sweep. Get it right up the fuckn lot of them.
  4. Apart from the banter years. Be hooked on something else for life.
  5. Quality players will think twice about joining them. Every year pumped in Europe and Lennon as a manager. What's not to like. If I'm down south I'm thinking treble treble winners and getting fucked again in Europe by a bunch of no-marks. Scottish football must be utter shite, might give it a miss.
  6. 4-5-1 and use the dark arts of the game. Buffalo to roll about theatrically all game.....taking lessons from Halliday.
  7. Arfield is probably our best player. Him, Davis and Defoe are brilliant together.
  8. If Barasic plays we'll need to score more than two goals. Flanagan or Halliday for me. I'd keep Jones in as well. I said he was pish but as the man said he arrived on Thursday. Happy to be proved wrong.
  9. Six in four back is A. J. from Ayr. His older brother took me to my first Rangers game. This is a more recent picture
  10. Killie's pre-season has been shite. Got fucked by a bunch of Welsh no-mark part-timers and then played junior teams. Think Jones will play in this one and Stewart will feature at some point. Hopefully Barasic is nowhere to be seen.
  11. I'd be smiling like that if I shagged Miss Columbia.....stunning or what
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