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  1. You got the same uncle as me ?
  2. We could play Katic up front with Defoe and lob balls up. Would work against any low blocks, whatever they are.
  3. Halliday getting it tight here, he stayed on injured and I didn't think he was that bad. Thought defence including Edmundson was ok. Now Barker and Ojo, they were pish and are normally pish. Jones is ring rusty and needs space in behind, I wouldn't be writing him off.
  4. Gerrard quoted as saying Flanagan's ready, he can see it in his eyes. Pass the tissues.
  5. Looks like Stewart has slight calf problem. There is also a bounce game on the Saturday for those not getting game time Friday night.
  6. The best thing about Polster is his bird. Will miss the photos.
  7. We've been pish after some of the previous breaks. Start more or less our full team to bury the game and then phase in the subs.
  8. Greg Stewart played well. Thought Jones also did well in the time he was on, you could see he was ring rusty but also that he can make a difference.
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