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  1. Good statement of recognition. There will be plenty outside the Rangers family and particularly in the Scottish media who will continue to criticise. Fuck them all.
  2. Davis was leggy as fuck on Thursday. We've had more than a few injuries now since Dubai. Arfield, Davis, Kent, Jack and Defoe. More than a coincidence in my mind.
  3. Boybluesy


    Point I’m making is that he’s got zero belief just now when he does get opportunities. I think Kamberi should definitely be playing alongside him though.
  4. Given where we came from i.e. getting scudded 5-1 etc it is a bit of an achievement. I thought we'd kick on though and we've disintegrated.
  5. Why. The season is over. We can't allow this to happen again. Dubai, in my mind has fucked the season for some reason.
  6. Lots of injuries post-Dubai. Players should have been drinking mai-tai's by the pool instead of getting second pre-season beasting.
  7. Hope it wasn't because they had Covid-19
  8. He He can't do that, we'll get fucked. Kamberi has to start.
  9. Boybluesy


    He had two good chances and missed both. The second chance he had zero belief.
  10. A positive for me is that he hasn't let his head go down. Reality is Polster was awful at the goal. I saw some signs that we can win on Sunday.
  11. Hagi is good when he's on the ball, we might not have much of it.
  12. The Funeral Directors across the U.K are loving it, every cloud and all that. Recommend you buy stocks in these companies and sell your Airline investments.
  13. Oh well, ban the bombers. What about Rule Brittania ?
  14. Ten German bombers in the sky...........hope it gets laldy.
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