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  1. Remember he lashed out with his right foot near the six yard box and it went about 80 feet in the air above the penalty spot. He was god awful.
  2. Bombscare..........looked it up in the dictionary and it says Goldson and Helander.
  3. Ojo's deceiving, he's worse than he looks.
  4. I was at most if not all of the 4 and 5 goal carnages in recent times. Wednesday brought back memories of how pish we were.
  5. Would have given a foul against DJ for outjumping McNeill, who also knew.
  6. Gerrard needs to man up here. Ojo is a man down, he's actually worse than a man short as you expect him to participate.
  7. I'd honestly play Tav wide right and Flanagan at right back for this. I'd also be tempted to play Edmundson. Goldson has been pretty shite for weeks now.
  8. Reminds me of Pacino in Any Given Sunday.........
  9. Helander is going to score for us on Sunday off a set-play......hopefully it is the winner.
  10. Borna reborn. Getting quite gallus now ffs.
  11. Stewart’s biggest weakness for this game is lack of real pace. Boy’s very clever and technical but SG will probably start..... hopefully anybody before Ojo without the mojo.
  12. Yes was really pleased for Arfield today. Moves the ball differently to our other players taking out the opposition.
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