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  1. Better to have Kamara in someone else' s squad. Wanted away at the New Year allegedly, serious loss of form after that, albeit along with most others.
  2. Goldson and Edmundson will do just fine. Kamara's pish as well. Next assist he has will be his first, and don't get me started on his shooting either.
  3. We've definitely improved the squad given that Halliday, Polster and Ojo are away. Do miss Polster's bird though.
  4. Admittedly he wasn't great but Hagi had more shots on goal than the rest of the team put together. That includes Morelos, Jack and Kamara.
  5. Any Given Sunday (well Thursday). One never knows, Alfie will be wanting the world to see him.
  6. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/18623409.aberdeen-0-1-Rangers-five-things-learned/ Glasgow Herald Dude
  7. Definitely an agenda. Hopefully we call them out.
  8. I read this article and there was fuck-all said, not a mention, about Considine's horrific tackle.
  9. Aberdeen are shite and McInnes is a bottle merchant. If I was an Aberdeen fan, which thank fuck I'm not, I'd be well pissed with the negative play.
  10. Remember Laudrup. Didn't kick a ball when he was on the way out.
  11. Aribo looking exciting now. I also thought Helander looked good in yesterday's friendly. We get a good striker I think we can win the league.
  12. I'd love to see it but he looked out of place against Motherwell and I've seen nothing since he came back from injury but a spent force. Barker, if he can find some balls, he might just come through.
  13. Murphy looks well fucked to me. He's no pace and no physicality.
  14. Premier 551 has it coming on the box at 3.00 and finishing 5.00 Bet it's a fuck-up 15.15
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