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  1. get well soon C A hope everything's ok with your sis will have to get back into the lobby on rangers chat
  2. got my credit agreement in this morning lads from zebra filled in and posted back to them
  3. No way and I've renewed
  4. Admin delete didn't c the thread already up
  5. Does any bears know if Albion is open as usual for today's game??
  6. Done
  7. Are there know any pubs up there with the game on foreign channels
  8. Working in aberdeen this week does anyone know where I might catch the game.
  9. We gave they fuckers to much space in the second half And a don't think smith's tactics were right
  10. and how old is yours keV
  11. East enclosure right across from they smelly bastards sorry lads men't to type west just in to many pints
  12. West enclosure row j when it rains
  13. Howwood renfrewshire