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  1. I'm surprised that Dundee have no phoned the police to be honest for stealing one of their best players.
  2. Yes I see us getting a great score here get into them Rangers
  3. Fair point there mate regards the pen and hitting the post three times. Yeah Barnet were out on there feet at the end there but you've gotta remember that they are a National league team so their fitness levels showed us that but fair play they dug in and deserve there replay.
  4. Aye fairly enjoying this one myself some cracker of goals there.
  5. Sent you a pm with my email address to get this up and running 👍
  6. That was so heart breaking to read that. I'm absolutely delighted to see that he is receiving the best care over here and made to feel comfortable for the rest of his life here. I feel horrible writing that there but in all honestly we all knew that he was never going to make a full recovery with this horrible disease and he has surpassed expectations regarding how much time he has left. I sincerely hope that Fernando's wife can get her passport issue resolved as soon as possible so he can get to see his Wife and daughter again and be that rock that they are for him and give him that extra strength to carry on. Fuck I think I'm going on a bit noo.
  7. Aye I must admit think from quarter finals onwards have been entertaining so yeah got to agree should be a good final tomorrow. Did anyone watch the women's final, that Japanese lassie who won it can certainly play. Think she would certainly knock out a few blokes in the game. It would be interesting to see her qualify for the PDC championship at the end of the year as I says think she could cause a few upsets.
  8. That is seriously disturbing help me my eyes are burning.
  9. And had the singer from Skocha and his mistress to rub themselves in it and lick it off dirty bastards the lot of them.
  10. I have to agree with this but not just the kiddy fiddlers the whole league teams if this gives us an advantage over them then I say keep it going.
  11. That's just beautiful that sums up what it's all about being in the Rangers family.
  12. Fucking in tears here superb Rangers how can you no play like that each week. GIRUY ya smelly tramps. Well done the fans for a terrific atmosphere
  13. We should just return the gesture and hang an effegee with his ugly puss from one of the rafters when they cunts come on the 29th the smelly bastards.
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