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  1. stevieblueblood

    Take your own food to the Bheastenders

    That will be rat burger specials that they are consuming
  2. stevieblueblood

    Bus sharing.

    In all seriousness surely there couldn't be something put in place for r.s.c in and about the Glasgow area, west coast, north, northeast or wherever your from could bus share then that way you wouldn't have to share the same area of oxygen as them surely. Just a thought btw.
  3. stevieblueblood

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Love that having for my screensaver. Got my battle head on now come on Rangers Lets Go lets do this into these manky smelly soap dodging kiddy fiddling bastards other than that hope everyone has been having a good evening getting ready for battle.
  4. stevieblueblood

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Maribor Thread***

    Is it me but the more I see the new top the more I'm liking it
  5. stevieblueblood

    Morelos red rescinded

    Have to agree with you here the incompetence of our referees and linesmen/woman needs something done about it as its getting fucking tedious now and think VAR is probably the best way forward.
  6. stevieblueblood

    The Boxing News Thread

    Yeah good fight that. Thought Clark deserved the win there.
  7. stevieblueblood

    Thanks, Murty

    I don't usually reply to much posts but thought I get my opinion in so here it goes. The Hamilton and Dundee games were disappointing to say the least and I was extremely nervous about the games against the sheep but after watching them against the sheep I haven't seen that sort of steel from them in a long time and hopefully long it may continue, I have to applaud GM for changing things about after they defeats and learning from them I certainly see a future Rangers manager there, actually wouldn't be disappointed if he got the job til the end of the season as I think he would get us closer to the unwashed across the city than MW or PC could only dream of, I have to agree with a earlier post that he would make a excellent assistant to the new manager when that is announced as he is a great asset at the club. I personally hope its no DM as well he has done with the mutton molesters I just think he would struggle with a club the size of Rangers but I could be proved wrong if it is DM to be then so be it.