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  1. Fundraising for a disability vehicle for my mum

    Bloody hell Steve so sorry to hear the sad news mate, your mother sounded a true inspiration to you and your father, I was really hoping for your mother to pull through so you and your family could spend more valuable time with her. I gladly donated a few weeks ago for a vehicle for you mum and am proud that the goal was achieved by the generosity of our fellow bears and makes me proud. R.I.P
  2. Fundraising for a disability vehicle for my mum

    Not sure if your renting private, council,housing association. I suppose with the debt starting to pile up it would probably be best if he quit now and become your mum's carer and get the benefits side of it started then that way the debts wouldn't spiral out of control but that's upto your dad on how he wants to approach this. I would certainly look into this to see if that was the best way forward. By the way donated £10 towards the vehicle fund recently (like to do my bit to help a fellow bear
  3. Fundraising for a disability vehicle for my mum

    Don't like to sound like a nosey b*****d but are you claiming carers allowance,income support(believe it's universal credit),housing benefit?
  4. Was it a penalty?

    No penalty different camera angle you see Hill just get his studs to it.
  5. Your ONE most memorable moment following our team

    Manchester for me full of bears made me proud that day. And when we beat Dumpdee utd at tannidump to left spl trophy had me wee boy with me that day brought tear to my eye.
  6. Anyone recognize this guy on the left hand side?

    Fuck he's no changed much then
  7. World Cup darts

    sure heard them singing super rangers,heard follow follow also singing fuck c****c
  8. Dundee United and Rangers in ticket deal

    I might stand outside the dump with a sign saying any fellow bear caught going inside Tannidump is a f**king scab and needs there head examined don't give them your money they tried to f**k us so lets fuck them support boycott 100% or something like that in those lines.
  9. One of the best jokes I ever heard.

    Phoned up Kwik-Fit today and asked if they do mini brakes and they said yes,i then said do you do mini breaks to amsterdam.
  10. Where do our supporters come from?

    I'm from Dumpdee didn't have Tayside so voted central scotland
  11. Auchenhowie (Murray Park) name change?

    Quite like the idea of The Paedo Free Football Academy
  12. Caption competition

    See you squint eyed prick thats 5 fucking spl clubs went to the wall or fuck pete is it only 5 st you've sold this season
  13. Money raising e-mail

    brillant idea Swally i certainly be keen on that. Would you be able to fence of your wee plot?
  14. FAO all bears

    Donated £10 always happy to help a fellow bear in need
  15. Sting Like Lee

    F**k beat me to it