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  1. Done and dusted. We pretended to go full road, shifted the season tickets and now it’s back to the taigs running it.
  2. Naw I’m no having that, fair? Kevin Kyle and Si Ferry canny wait to slaughter us. Only cunt that speaks decent of us is Slaney. Ive patched it ever since Oli McBurnies favourite old firm game was the 3-2 win at the piggery when Aluko scored the opener and the place fell silent.
  3. So glad I taped that last night and never stayed up for it. Fair play to Burns. That division is a joke.
  4. Tyron Woodley is fucking pathetic man, wanty chuck it.
  5. Thought their system was down and you had to manually go on and pay it? That’s what I’ve done anyway.
  6. Escobar


    Managed to get online tonight, apply for CCS and update card details. It’s only taken a month.
  7. We’ll see how far along we are a year from now.
  8. Considering we got fed this in 2017, exactly what work has started to indicate its going to be completed in 2 year
  9. Ok let’s all pretend this is happening. Yay.
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