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  1. Ja you are probably right mein fuhrer
  2. If he's no coming back he can take a fuck to himself and deserves aw the abuse he gets. Been living off a half decent season and sitting in with the taigs off us for ages.
  3. Agreed. Wee cunt is ripping the piss and he should get a torrent of abuse if he's no coming back.
  4. Sure I seen someone with that on at the game on Sunday. Cracker.
  5. Home they are average but their travelling support is superb.
  6. We've got the biggest away support in Britain easily, and could probably argue one of the best travelling abroad for European games. Man United have the best away support in Britain mind you.
  7. Heard it was Ross Lyon
  8. Goalie dropped so Alnwick is playing. Back 4 is aw young boys.
  9. Great result for them.
  10. Aye mate gonna go down.
  11. You going dance the night?
  12. Enjoy. Flags a topper, sure I seen a millwall flag in the Govan stand on Wednesday night.
  13. To be fair, the ball boys at ibrox are a shambles. At one point on Wednesday night one of them was lying on the side of the park with the ball about 10ft away from him, and he still didn't move. They need a boot up the arse.
  14. Please. Lose tonight and it's end of it.
  15. Honkin patter.