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  1. Still nothing from the club, tremendous work.
  2. It’s because they are a bunch of tarrier bastards who want us thrown out of Europe.
  3. I’ll take one yass sorted cheers
  4. Junior member with access to the main account.
  5. Copy and paste the article mate eh?
  6. That’s fucking torture man, they ought to take a fuck to themselves.
  7. Fuck the pope and the IRA the mora it is then.
  8. Ah the old mistake tweet, why was the employee even watching videos like that?
  9. Rangers should go the full way with this.
  10. This weekends card gonny be a belter. Dont know if I want Colby to win just to let him fight Masvidal
  11. Can understand the hatred with us and the nappy rippers as it’s a derby. I fucking detest every other team in Scotland bar none due to their unwarranted hatred of us .
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