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  1. We park on the Sherbrooke side of the motorway. At the bottom of the bridge ibrox side, he stands there with a high vis jacket on and two polis. Fuck knows what he actually does, probably grassing on cunts the rat.
  2. fanaticCR

    Hamilton v Rangers

    Looking for one.
  3. fanaticCR

    Semi final allocation

    Fuck all. Fantastic. If I don’t get hearts hibs or sheep before end of the year they can ram their season ticket. Absolute pointless.
  4. fanaticCR

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Vinnie Jones getting stuck into them aswell.
  5. fanaticCR

    Are we on the verge of finding our best 11?

    Aye for the team photo maybe.
  6. fanaticCR

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Fuck Scotland.
  7. fanaticCR

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Some result for the national team the night. Fuck every last one of them.
  8. fanaticCR

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Fenian bastards.
  9. fanaticCR


    Thanks chief
  10. fanaticCR


    How he play? You know or no?
  11. fanaticCR

    Semi final allocation

    Heid up. It’s not really the admins fault, if you want to patch the forum there’s nothing stopping you from not coming on again though.
  12. fanaticCR

    Semi final allocation

    Class statement.
  13. fanaticCR

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    They’ll wait a couple of weeks and then cancel that aswell.
  14. fanaticCR

    Top by the end of November...?

    Aye I’d usually just go onto the Rangers website and look at them but fair play.