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  1. Murty speaks

    I’ve thought that aswell, seemed smug for a wee while.
  2. Must be season ticket renewal time.
  3. Statement from A Johnston

    If he wasn’t part of the board he would be getting tore in. Fucking embarrassment. Get a fucking gaffer in or we’ll wreck the fucking place.
  4. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    We could have played the 30 people in the changing room on Sunday and still lost.
  5. Hummel

    Already said it’s not happening next year, 3 year plan. Another lot of shite.
  6. Hummel

  7. Aberdeen vs Rangers - Premiership

    As will I.
  8. Season ticket email

    End of May it said in my letter mate.
  9. Union Bears Statement.

    Woukd stand with them on Sunday, regardless of what action is required.
  10. Union Bears Statement.

    Love that. About time they grew some balls.
  11. Hummel

    Fuck Rangers.
  12. Tuesday, and time for clear thoughts

    Sack the board.
  13. No Safe Standing...........

    Shut yer face ya fucking fat grassin walloper.
  14. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Ssssssh you’ll upset Murty.