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  1. Is that 7 down now with 4 to go?
  2. Pish. Still buy it. But let me moan.
  3. @STEPPS BOY Really hope the expansion is true. Funny how all these rumours start round about season ticket time mind you
  4. Our bus going to a vote tomorrow. Boycott these cunts to fuck.
  5. Always going to be the case but the larger supporters clubs should be out saying they’ll send tickets back and if people want to go then they can buy directly from Rangers. Pig fucking sick of it.
  6. 100%. This should be done, game means nothing anyway and about time we stuck together as a support. It will continue to happen as the club do not have a backbone.
  7. Hahahaha good one mate. No hard feelings Killie, just give us a shout when yous are shite again or badly need money and we’ll take 2 stands.
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