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  1. fanaticCR

    Where the f*ck are the new kits?

    What the fuck is taking so long
  2. fanaticCR

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    They’ve sold out now. Thankfully I managed to get my ticket earlier.
  3. fanaticCR

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    Tarriers struggling to fill ground shocker
  4. fanaticCR

    What is still required?

    Cover for CB Another midfield ideally attacking minded. Badly need a striker that should arguably start every game, and loves heiders.
  5. fanaticCR

    Progres vs Ufa

    Because threads like this never come back to bite us in the arse
  6. fanaticCR


    Love it
  7. fanaticCR


    Nae bother Gary McAllister
  8. fanaticCR


    Good result today.
  9. fanaticCR


  10. fanaticCR


    Aye he doesn’t look great.
  11. fanaticCR

    UB March

    Brilliant to see. Far too many people there with their phones out.
  12. fanaticCR


    This will be good.
  13. fanaticCR

    Ibrox display tomorrow, Our City, Our Club!

    Display was superb. Well done to all the UB who worked like fuck to make it look brilliant. Hope all the fucking idiots who leaked it for a few likes on Twitter are happy with themselves as well.
  14. fanaticCR


    Rat bastard.