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  1. fanaticCR

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    Ok mate
  2. fanaticCR

    Maddison at Aberdeen

    Wasn’t the point I was making mate don’t think he’s a £22 million pound player
  3. fanaticCR

    Maddison at Aberdeen

    Leicester bidding £22 million for him. Absolute madness.
  4. fanaticCR

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    Some size
  5. fanaticCR

    Mick O’Halleron away

    Good riddance ya taig
  6. fanaticCR

    players to spain

    Forums a fucking shambles during pre season man. People moaning about a neck pillow, unbelievable.
  7. fanaticCR

    Players not going to Spain

    Prove it
  8. fanaticCR

    League fixtures out this Friday

    A week before probably, treat the fans like shite.
  9. fanaticCR

    League fixtures out this Friday

    Hahahah suoerb
  10. fanaticCR

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    Real Madrid away.
  11. fanaticCR

    Kenny Miller Sky Sports

    People slaughtering Miller yet wanted Naismith and McGregor back.
  12. fanaticCR

    Holt & Halliday

    Be quiet poofy
  13. fanaticCR

    Holt & Halliday

    They weren’t even at Auchenhowie.
  14. fanaticCR

    Welcome Goldson

    Welcome. Go and become a legend.
  15. fanaticCR

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    Anyone but that rat bastard McGregor.