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  1. Can’t stand that cunt Robertson. Fair play to Stranraer.
  2. Our performances in the two last games has been poor. Understand it’s all about winning but if we play like that again on Sunday we can forget the 3 points. Move the ball quicker around the box and need more midfielders to break into the box.
  3. BBC already confirming he’s the victim and Sutton saying people need to watch what their saying.
  4. Tough game, as expected from anycunt with half a brain. Does my absolute nut in how cunts still go on about pumping teams.
  5. Jesus Christ I’m having a nightmare. Looking at the points instead of the GD.
  6. Depending on how many goals we score. If we win 1-0 and they draw, we are still second.
  7. Yeah sorry mate people were saying if they drew we would be top. Its in our hands now so get the job done tonight Rangers and let them worry about their result.
  8. Any date for this yet or does it depend on Euro games?
  9. Completely agree with applause for this.
  10. How about they come out and defend Morelos instead of this fucking pish, cheers.
  11. Tav still 2 weeks away and gonny stop calling him Lenny.
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