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  1. Fair enough glory hunter.
  2. Great attitude.
  3. Aye. Dreading it man. Battle fever will kick in closer to Saturday no doubt.
  4. Ya dancer, didn't get any.
  5. Emails out the day?
  6. Actually your right, Sinclair ripped him that day. But overall this season against them he's been a lot better than the rest.
  7. Tav had a decent game on Sunday I thought. He's played well against them in every game this season apart from his crossing in the 1-1 game. By far and away not the worst of our players against the taigs anyway, there's 8-9 others competing for that title.
  8. Flattering pic eh? Least you've managed to hide. Or were you just like that for the full game
  9. Good shout.
  10. Will see Rossiter playing again before this is announced fs.
  11. Can't see us g trying anywehre near them in nears to come.
  12. Run on the park; be there rapid.
  13. At least it stops the taigs doing a treble.
  14. Sorry but got to agree with this. Some posters were saying if we win today it turn s the season into a success. Laughable small team mentality.
  15. Let's hammer someone that done basically fuck all. Keep the inbred freak show cunt swagger about for another 3-4 years untouched.