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  1. fanaticCR

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    Thank god, thatll show them to stop it then.
  2. fanaticCR

    Rangers / Kilmarnock Scottish Cup replay not televised

    FA Cup games are on tv all the time same night as champions league.
  3. fanaticCR


    Carzola = someone Not just Saturday he’s been poor, not been impressed with him at all.
  4. fanaticCR


    Played better in the majority of games he’s started. Halliday had the same successful pass completion % as Carzola away to Villarreal, smashed 2 tarriers which set the tone in the most recent derby, and not forgetting his free kick against Dundee. Barisic has been brutal pretty much every time he’s played and the performance on Saturday was beyond a joke.
  5. fanaticCR


    He’s really not, but if that’s what you think then not much point debating.
  6. fanaticCR


    Who’s been better this season?
  7. fanaticCR


    No one compared Halliday to Numan. People were happy for him after all the shite he was hit with off the tarriers and no one can deny he’s been our best LB this year.
  8. fanaticCR

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Jordan Jones is shite and a wank.
  9. fanaticCR

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    League done and dusted.
  10. Exactly, he was fucking brutal yesterday. First touch is woeful and he shits it out of putting in a proper tackle. One or two brilliant crosses a game can’t hide it.
  11. fanaticCR


    Get this cunt so far to fuck.
  12. fanaticCR

    One man team?

    Today proved it. We rely on Morelos so much that we don’t have a clue what to do when he’s not playing. Cannot remember a time we cut s team open with 9-10 passes with quick football and scored.
  13. fanaticCR

    Wes Foderingham

    Takes a while to kick it out but a wand of - left foot. Great 2 saves today to earn us the point. Additionally is not a rat bastard.
  14. fanaticCR


    Good first half but seemed to fade out the game the more the pressure grew.
  15. fanaticCR

    Gerrard : Post Match Reaction

    I thought everything he said was spot on. He gives certain people chances and they let him down big time, hope to fuck he learns and bins them for rest of season. Some of the performances today were simply embarrassing.