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  1. Cheating bastard. Why feel the need to post the answer fs.
  2. Making a living a being a grassing bastard. Fuck them.
  3. It's been honking since we got punted to division 3 to be honest.
  4. So many sevco jokes to be made.
  5. Ian Black getting called a wee dick by a boy in the crowd at Livi away
  6. Exactly that's what I think it poor.
  7. Delivery arrived in store the day. No home strips or third strips in it. Fucking shocking tbh, some fans were waiting in the rain for more than an hour waiting on it opening.
  8. I was in there for Inverness game in February. Ask the gaffer and I'm sure he will switch it on for you, a load of Rangers usually gather there anyway to watch it, was surprised how many.
  9. Aye he's off.
  10. A expect a full stadium billy boys when the third rattles in.
  11. Frightening how good our support is.
  12. Slow news day. Hes known for weeks that he can go out on loan.
  13. Seen a thread about this the other day on follow follow. Its fucking criminal the shite that's happened Gazebo in the middle of the pitch for an AGM