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  1. fanaticCR

    Scottish Cup Draw

  2. fanaticCR

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Yes think it’s 10-15% minimum.
  3. fanaticCR

    Scottish Cup Draw

    County away on a Saturday 17:30 kick off.
  4. fanaticCR

    Who’s the player?

    @eskbankloyal surely you’ll know who he’s talking about mate...
  5. fanaticCR

    Game off

    Move it to Ibrox.
  6. fanaticCR

    Who’s the player?

    Think Windass had a good relationship with Murty and the staff so can’t see it being him. Cummings or MOH maybe.
  7. fanaticCR

    Jordan Rossiter

    Give it long enough and we’ll be welcoming Utd fans in with open arms, why wouldnt we.
  8. fanaticCR

    Jordan Rossiter

    Nah it’s very similar, funny old game.
  9. fanaticCR

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Just Jamie Ness to go
  10. fanaticCR

    Jordan Rossiter

    Least their fans were there when we were down.
  11. fanaticCR

    Jordan Rossiter

    Certainly not.
  12. fanaticCR

    Jordan Rossiter

    Funny how everyone can forgive the rats returning but still hold a grudge against a club, even when the chairman isn’t there any longer.
  13. fanaticCR

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Rat bastard