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  1. l.l.l.l.love you xxxx

  2. Sickday no chance on a sat, more trouble than its worth!! Take the Friday off sick as well though, then its more believable! and the Thursday, and act ill on the wednesday in work :pipehorse:
  3. I am not sure Lola. I quite like bath street, we can decide on the night. I have a half day on the tuesday to go home and prepare hee hee

  4. Not long till the pumpkins now chick hee heeee xxx

  5. Look back and watch me smack that....That song? ;) x

  6. bump add me and del as definites, especially if its in the Arc, went there on friday night with dellloorooo and had much fun, very nice place
  7. Just noticed that comment, Thats fighting talk.You got no chance :P

    PS Merry Xmas

  8. You dont eat cheese?!

  9. pm dont work, mibbe this will :)

    hello lola pop

  10. A.C title contenders this year?

  11. just seen ur cute comment on my profile =] just thought i'd say hi

  12. Did you see Maldini in the CL final - he'd get it by the way!

  13. even if this particular applicant might want to perve on you also?

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