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  1. We tried to Resign him from the sheep. Not sure if it was Jock Wallace.
  2. Who cares about some battle centuries ago and religion of a Pope. Fans have soiled our reputation despite countless warnings and have maybe denied the team the backing of our fans in the biggest game in years.
  3. Well said know you’re limitations muppet 👏
  4. But he ain’t is he muppet.
  5. Pointless for many occasions this season because of him . £6-8 million would be a maximum for him right now
  6. Living in cuckoo land if you expect £20 million whole squad aren’t worth that !
  7. £6m tops is all we will get for him and £3 m For Tav Is all we can get in my opinion. Sign the best we can Scotland league is not the hardest to win.
  8. Tough titty rather plough my money into Rangers than other clubs . dont like it couldn’t give a fuck ??
  9. Get used to it . Well done the Board ??
  10. David Murray involved consortium including A retired businessman who sold his ? business.
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