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  1. 😂😂 that all you can find. Aye that’s some balanced coverage right there.
  2. Well Beaton just evened it up by sending off a St Mirren player for fuck all.
  3. Couldn’t agree more my friend. 👍
  4. Simple can be a stretch for Forever&ever.
  5. He’s not greeting. The clue is in the title, when was the last time you heard sectarian singing getting a mention on the media when it’s A Sad H** Bastard getting sung.
  6. We don’t write the rules anymore OP. But as you see from above some of us would rather moan at our own for pointing it out.
  7. Well that didn’t take you long. 👏👏👏
  8. You can rely on FE&E to bring a thread right down.
  9. If Carlsberg did Life’s and Holidays with your son.
  10. Double edged sword with the money they would bring in. I agree both should stay if we want to win the league, but for the right money it gives Stevie good options.
  11. 10mill for Tav 15mill for Mo. Rebuild the team with another 20mill from the board 45mill should win us 55.
  12. Obviously all the money is in the compensation tin. Lets go cheap and give the stupid wee cunt the job 😂 can we hear the thunder TLB. 😂
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