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  1. Welcome to the greatest club in the world young man.
  2. A nice story turned into a clusterfuck by usual handwringers that see racism everywhere they look. Oh well maybe one day things will change, doubt it though as Racism has become a bigger business than sectarianism these days in Scotland. Glad to have you Imran.
  3. On paper it sounds ok, but all we are really doing is propping up an already overloaded failed system. You really want to improve Scottish Football then have a conversation on getting rid of half the teams.
  4. Best post in a bonkers thread.
  5. Remember the scum don’t need such things as planning and approval, they just ask the planning committee at a home game in the hospitality suite if it’s ok.
  6. You can run an HDMI cable between the 2, some TV will let you stream your Ipad on the screen as well. Some TVs will let you access RTV.
  7. Will need to see if the kids laptop is any good. But every chance a new one will get bought, that’s more money though.
  8. Great well done Rangers. Awaits the implosion when the stream freezes just before the first home game.
  9. It’s a long walk to the fridge for that pint before the Bus home.
  10. Going to believe that for once the club won’t try and grab the money and will let all ST holders watch for no extra charge.
  11. It could’ve been easily solved years ago as well, wonder why it hasn’t been.
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