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  1. When's the march to get rid of the board?

    I would want the best people to run the club so my money isn’t just getting sucked down into a bottomless pit. You telling me King Mini and Robertson are the best we can hope for to run our club. The rest of the board get some more time and that’s only because with better people around them they just maybe be good enough. I wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole with the 3 mentioned anywhere near Ibrox.
  2. When's the march to get rid of the board?

    KAI answered for me. Its the same old pish time after time, well they are all we have so we just have to like it or lump it. No shares have to change hands to get proper people in that boardroom that have the first clue what they are doing. No shares have to change hands to get rid of an incompetent General Manager and replaced with a proper CEO that again knows what the fuck he is doing. No shares have to change hands to replace a toxic criminal chairman who lurches from one courtroom to another dragging the name of Rangers through the mud.
  3. Morelos missed chances Yesterday.

    I remember a certain Ally McCoist going through dry spells as well.
  4. When's the march to get rid of the board?

    So let’s get this straight the current cunts running our club are shit but that’s ok this time because it appears they aren’t stealing the good china. FFS, we deserve days like yesterday then if that’s the level we are happy with.
  5. Calm down it’s ok we will get there. 😡😡😡😡😡 What a load of unadulterated pish, we have no divine right to be the best and as things stand we are only going one way and that’s mid table mediocrity.
  6. Kenny Miller

    Is shit, he can only do one thing and the last 3 guys in charge have all got it wrong. The quicker he is shown the door the better.
  7. When's the march to get rid of the board?

    It will never happen because the loudmouth cunts can’t make a buck of it.
  8. *** The Official Rangers V Hamilton Match Thread ***

    Utter fucking pish Rangers.
  9. Marathon Challenge

    Op I’ll give a donation just for the beard 👍
  10. Morelos dropped?

    Bullshit fuck all. Just in the pub there and Pena is in the cubicle holding court with proper and Morelos is taking the money. We Are The People. 🇬🇧🇬🇧👍😃
  11. Fernando Ricksen at Ibrox tomorrow.

    Keeps on fighting ya crazy bastard. 🇬🇧👍
  12. Tavs selling Dugs

  13. Tavs selling Dugs

  14. Twatter press conference Murty& jw

    They should be consulted but the final say has to lie with the DoF.
  15. Twatter press conference Murty& jw

    Well that’s what the DoF does, so it simply is getting the best out of the players that the club give him.