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  1. Sun scum

    Somebody needs to ask them what part of Scotland is Florida in??
  2. Sun scum

    Nice shaped mouth.
  3. Wonder what their average was when they didn’t have us to go and watch.
  4. copa del ray 1984

    A fair bit of over exuberance.
  5. VAR

    The VAR is there to get decisions right, they got it right. Was it a shambles how they got to the correct decision that would be a yes.
  6. VAR

    They got it right.
  7. VAR

    VAR is a Mason.
  8. VAR

    I’m all for VAR, but thats a horrendous way of using it.
  9. VAR

    Cuts down the chances of a wrong decision, and surely that’s a good thing Im sure Rugby, Tennis and all the rest had this same debate. I’ve watched Tennis match’s where the pundits don’t like Hawkeye It needs to be given its chance and time to get it tweaked accordingly and see how the goes, if it’s a disaster then scrap but at least give it a chance, I’m fed up listening to pundits moaning every week about this decision or that decision
  10. VAR

    Because whether you think your right doesn’t change the fact it can be a wrong decision.
  11. VAR

    So you stay with totally flawed instead of trying to get as much right as possible. I doubt very much the Ref in the Jack incident would even have reviewed that decision, he was certain it was a Red. That goal the Ref asked for a second look as it was really tight. I’m sure if it’s a penalty shout and he’s hasnt got a good look at it they will ask for a second look. Anything that makes the game fairer for both sides should be embraced imo. But it’s always going to split opinion. 👍👍
  12. VAR

    Would you rather have that goal being disallowed???
  13. VAR

    But if they didn’t have VAR it wouldn’t have been a goal.
  14. VAR

    First time it’s been done and they need to get the crowd involved more, the same way they do at the Rugby.
  15. PSG vs Rangers - not seen this video before.

    That trip was nuts 😃😃 Drive down from Belgium (I think) because of some strike was mental. Mate getting his arse chewed by a police dog on the subway. Getting raggy dolled by the riot police outside the stadium and a fucker of a kidney punch. Big mate bursting into my room and thinking he’s jumping on me but it was the father in law 😂😂 Biggest black stewards I’ve ever seen inside the stadium running around CS gassing every cunt. Falling off the bus at the airport with my tadger oot as I was trying to do a piss.