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  1. If he had dropped to the bench maybe just maybe I would believe the manager.
  2. Oh the fuck can the national football sports show not show one of the biggest talking points of the game. 😂😂
  3. I was going for the sarcasm RB, but you’re right about probably better to make blatantly obvious.
  4. Must be the only off field camera system where the replay images are ignored in case it makes the Ref look bad.
  5. Your right mate, he just pings those cross field passes like an Exocet so he does.
  6. Aye mate he was just in the door I believe and nowhere near ready to play.
  7. We have a future Croatian international CB on our books and a very valuable asset for the club in the future. Which is in danger of going pear shaped because the gaffer has to play his favourite from Brighton. Somebody should be asking him wtf is going on. Oh and Katic and Edmundson played together in that game with Katic on the right and Edmundson on the left, you would’ve thought if the gaffer had them ear marked as only being able to play on one side of the defence he would’ve played them there in that game.
  8. Our that Goldson is the favourite and won’t be dropped. Katic played on the right in preseason no problem and Edmundson played on the left with no problem.
  9. So was Goldson in fact you could argue he was worse.
  10. He’s went tonto at Stevie for a repeat of last season. Cant really blame the lad.
  11. We Polster. Edmundson. Helander Borna Jack King Aribo Ojo Defoe Arfield
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