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  1. I’ve never seen him do anything like that. And the point Mr Hypocrisy doesn’t get if Mo did do that he would screaming the loudest but when it’s Broadfoot it’s part of the game.
  2. Red all day long, it’s late and high. The one later in the corner is a red as well Had to laugh at Stewart’s opinion that is was an honest tackle that was simply mistimed.
  3. Oh my the master of hypocrisy outdoes himself again.
  4. Smile getting rag dolled twice in the same thread. Oh My.
  5. Mo (yes cunty baws I’m calling him Mo) should have waited until he got hold of a soft boiled egg at halftime then threw in his face. Broadfoot would’ve fell over from the sheer terror.
  6. Your a hypocrite of the highest order.
  7. So no answer then shit for brains. And I’ll call him what I like,just like everyone else that calls him Mo. Go back to being just your usual cunt self, it suits you better than trying to be a smart arse.
  8. If it meant beating us I think they would sit and watch paint dry.
  9. Saw more football played in the second half of the rugby than I saw from Killie on saturday. But what’s the talking point, Mo shoves some unknown big coward to the ground. And we wonder why Scottish Football is dying.
  10. He must think wtf is this all about, they don’t teach football like this in Europe.
  11. Booted up and down the pitch and played a lovely wee ball to Defoe who if he had squared it back to him wouldve been the winner. If I was him I would be away back to a league that actually plays football.
  12. Not much chance when you see the treatment he got without the Ref doing anything.
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