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  1. First thing off the tongue of that waste of space Hamza Useless “racism” the cunts live to find it in every walk of life and if they can’t find it because it isn’t there, that just means it’s being hid too well.
  2. So the families have been going about this all wrong, you want an enquiry you have to be a black Muslim who dies In police custody. If you’re a white schoolboy that gets raped just because you wanted to play football you can fuck off.
  3. A lot better option than Ojo or Barker.
  4. Does this mean we have 2 defenders we can’t criticise now. He’s average at best.
  5. I would send them somewhere else, against a wall with a bullet between the eyes and sent to Hell.
  6. Would actually like to see Big Joe as one of the front 3, think he would give us far more with those quick feet and finishing than back in the midfield.
  7. Outstanding today and more rewarding considering the torrid time he had there in the cup. Shows he has the character to play for us.
  8. Has found his feet and added the physicality needed for this league which will make him a better player all round when he does come up against anyone in football that likes a battle.
  9. Would’ve told the cunts the Irish embassy is round the corner ya terrorist loving scum
  10. Comfortable win in the end making them look the hammer throwing cunts they are. MOTM Helander for me never gave that big cunt a sniff all day.
  11. Their style suits him, but if he actually had to play football all across the front line for us he would struggle.
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