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  1. Hopefully as cover for the new strikers coming in, but probably not.
  2. Sounds like a great idea OP, what happens when you lose the weight are you not allowed to play any more.
  3. I would look at it as off to play football with guys at my own fitness level.
  4. No mate A5 DDD
  5. No fuck that, the guy was huge. 😂😂
  6. Correct if you click on the link you get to search the whole stadium
  7. Found myself and the bloody giant who was standing in front of me, I did more dodging than Joshua will this weekend.
  8. Aye let's look backwards, FFS. .
  9. Why would anyone with any serious money get involved with the lying snakes in our boardroom. Why would anyone with any serious money get involved when we have a court case hanging over us that could cost us millions.
  10. Absolute shambles mate from top to bottom, and I can't see how anything will change or who will make those changes needed. Listening to those scum singing 10 in a row yesterday with my blood boiling and thinking it has every chance of happening because we aren't even close to doing anything to stop them. Was Dave "I don't want the job" King there yesterday?
  11. If McKay Garner or Waghorn take any part in this game, we will lose.
  12. Don't joke about that, it could maybe come true.
  13. Well that would be one of his jobs to get sorted.
  14. It is seriously worrying just how uninformed a section of our support are. A little point for you all, SOS are a shower of lying bastards and their leader Sloth is the biggest lying bastard of them all. 👍👍
  15. Handwringing knickers in a twist stench is strong in this thread.