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  1. Should be Player of the Half Season. None of them deserve anything since the break.
  2. The straw that should break the camels back. Hopefully the clubs tell UEFA to fuck off and start their own Euro League & Cup.
  3. Looks like he’s been on a Lockdown bender and he’s just got out. 😂
  4. Clips of the crowd 😂 folk playing cards in one of them.
  5. Are they staying the same price or we getting an increase as well.
  6. Easily one of my best days as a Rangers fan.
  7. This is the SFA they still use smoke signals mate.
  8. We should rip up his contract I say, keep the RM bipolar club happy.
  9. Going to be some size of room to get 55 folk into and all socially distanced.
  10. Going by most of the tackles on Rangers players this year the same rules as well.
  11. Another one that the Covid is just waiting for hopefully.
  12. They would rather see Scottish Football die than Rangers succeed.
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