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  1. Motherwell semi-final

    £30 😂😂 Someone has a sense of humour.
  2. The thumb

    It’s only going to end one way that’s with a Bear with too much to drink running on and actually doing the cunt. Then of course it will be all the fans fault and the mhanky Wee cunt is just having a laugh.
  3. Aberdeen at Ibrox

    Better not be ours if he let Motherwell fuck them out of the cup.
  4. We need an enforcer

    Every team in the league knows they can turn up kick us all over the pitch and we plus the Refs won’t do a thing about it. Until we have a whole team, not just one so called hard man that will let them know that stops now and puts a few of them on their arse nothing will change.
  5. SFA or SPFL

    What gives you hope that the scum players and their scum fans will ever be held to account in this republican riddled country.
  6. Spare a thought for those bears in the workplace tomorrow

    Just tell the peado terrorist loving cunts to fuck off before they get a boot in the baws.
  7. Am I watching a different game

    Fucking embarrassment of a thread.
  8. Tom English on the bbc website.

    The worm may be turning. 😂😂 Robertson 😂😂 As for English he’s a cunt plain and simple.
  9. Cardoso and Candias

    Hodson was absolutely woeful. You also have to ask when the defence will finally stop having a brain fart 10/15 mins in every game.
  10. Us And Them

    Would rather die a Bear than live as one of those mhanky peado bastards.
  11. Naismith

    Would rather sit and watch us get beat than have that wee rat back at Rangers.
  12. Defence

    Defence you say OP, no idea what that is because I haven’t seen one in a Rangers jersey for years.
  13. How long do we wait

    Aye let’s trust the cunts that hired Pedro to hire the next guy. 😂😂
  14. espanyolification

    Back this board. 😂😂 Away ta fuck OP, the board are part of the problem so if you want to fix things then get shot of the problem. You also have a fans group already going, sadly they can’t seem to find a pair of baws between them to tell this shower of pricks in suits that they aren’t fit for purpose.
  15. Rangers hugging beggars

    Exactly what we have become. We need a clear out inside that big beautiful main stand and people in place that actually want us back on top and with your foot on the throat of those scum cunts, not giving them a cuddle after getting fucked again.