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  1. Well they can’t use that excuse for mine.
  2. Just out of curiosity guys have you ever done the presentation to the staff of Rangers??
  3. He must be trying to put the fires out with petrol then
  4. They are going to do “This is Your Life” Kenny Miller next.
  5. Was only hard hitting when it was us in his cross hairs. Remember that those Rangers fans deserve to be battered with riot batons. Cunt should never be inside Ibrox never mind employed.
  6. He was on that Football Daft Podcast, every second word was “now” 😂
  7. It’s a joke mate, how hard can it be to upgrade an already poor platform and actually make it worse. Looks like instead of the club using the best they use the cheapest.
  8. Another shambles from the club when it comes to the tech stuff. The Rangers TV content is bloody brilliant these days and the club should be raking it in with subscriptions, instead they give them a piss poor platform to put it on and most don’t want to use.
  9. Flanagan at RB, well we know what’s coming on Wednesday then.
  10. Exactly what we need, if we are going to trim the squad then we need better coming in that play in different positions.
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