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  1. Simply The Best

    Should’ve retired the word Legend when he past away. Absolute gentleman to talk to as well.
  2. Rangers Eyeing Summer Swoop For Louis Moult

    One more year hopefully.
  3. Rangers Eyeing Summer Swoop For Louis Moult

    Must’ve missed Mo being 6ft and great in the air.
  4. Rangers Eyeing Summer Swoop For Louis Moult

    If you can a better big target man that is proven in scottish football for the same money then by all means.
  5. Rangers Eyeing Summer Swoop For Louis Moult

    Perfect for both Mo & Cummings
  6. Rangers Eyeing Summer Swoop For Louis Moult

    Moult or Herrera?? Well that’s a tough choice.
  7. Players See Mind Set Coach

    Does the guy check they actually have one first.
  8. John starts for Wales in China Cup

    Hope he doesn’t get injured.
  9. Semi final ballot

    Usually the only time we need a ballot.
  10. Semi final ballot

    Did you ask how they do the ballot?? Is it just a random number generator??
  11. Semi final ballot

    You want to see a scene on my Bus try giving someone a ticket that’s just joined over a member that’s been going for years. 😂😂
  12. Semi final ballot

    Agreed mate, it’s best for Bears to ask their local Bus before joining. Also usually the last folk on a Bus are bottom of the Q for any tickets going.
  13. Semi final ballot

    I would query that Jinty, it can’t be a coincidence that you keep missing out. I’ve only ever missed one ballot and it was Manchester, believe me raging doesn’t cover it.
  14. Semi final ballot

    If your Bus isn’t running to away games there’s no point really. Our Bus doesn’t do away games so no need to be affiliated
  15. Semi final ballot

    Only if the Bus is affiliated.