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  1. FFS somebody please take the shovel of beararse so he can stop digging.
  2. Courtyard Bear

    Katic punched?

    He clearly starts to glance over was the wee prick swings his arm.
  3. Courtyard Bear

    Retrospective action against this Brown Elbow?

    😂😂 ok then.
  4. Courtyard Bear

    Retrospective action against this Brown Elbow?

    Well the CO could easily give a Red for his kick at Hayes.
  5. Courtyard Bear

    Jamie Carragher

    They shouldn’t have been dumped either.
  6. Courtyard Bear

    Jamie Carragher

    GN calls it as he says it, and has no problem letting ManU know if they are shit, very unbiased and fair pundit. Probably why he’s one of the best, JC right up there alongside him.
  7. Courtyard Bear

    Retrospective action against this Brown Elbow?

    Never mentioned the CO for Naishame. The fact he finished that game at all is a mystery, 2 blatant kicks at opposition players right in front of the Ref and he’s still on the pitch.
  8. 😂😂 The Hibs one they claimed the offending missle came from hospitality. You would need a rocket launcher to get anything from hospitality into the away fans = lies The Morton story changed so many times that by the end Santa Claus had rode in shagged the burd up the back, drank her boyfriends bovril then fucked off laughing.
  9. Courtyard Bear

    Retrospective action against this Brown Elbow?

    Both were yellows which makes a red.
  10. Courtyard Bear


    The pass was fine, pity Murphy has the first touch of a bag of cement.
  11. Courtyard Bear

    Katic punched?

    You can see his top move with the punch/Dig.
  12. Courtyard Bear

    Katic punched?

    You really need to watch the clip better
  13. Courtyard Bear

    Katic punched?

    You watching the same clip or being stubborn for the hell of it. One guy jumps out of his seat the guy next to him turns to his pal to point it out. McGregor has the best view in the whole stadium and he saw a punch/Dig call it what you will.
  14. Courtyard Bear

    Katic punched?

    Fair few in that stand seem to have seen it just fine.
  15. Courtyard Bear

    Katic punched?

    Looks like a wee short punch into the solar plexus, can’t breath you go straight to your knees. Unless of course everyone thinks McGregor is acting like a taig and complaining about nothing.