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  1. Well done Murdo. Hopefully he publishes the piss poor answer he gets from this clown. You can imagine if these effigies had been of Muslims what his reaction would’ve been the hypocritical cunt.
  2. Not so sure, Kent & Mo are technically great. Kent needs to learn when to let the ball go and Mo needs to just keep progressing the way he is. Defoe although done for pace still knows where the goal is put it in front of him he hits the target. Its certainly worth a look at, because as things stand the way we play if we aren’t on it 100% we are too easy to keep out.
  3. But that’s relative to where they play, which is in the EPL with the rest of the worlds top players. We play in the Scottish League, where a narrow front 3 of Kent Defoe Mo is head and shoulders better than anything else in the league and comparable to the taigs.
  4. The Board we can agree on, plenty of ex players out there that don’t take the taig media coin that would be more than happy to attend RSC nights and be lauded at Ibrox during a match day.
  5. Pro footballer wanting to play in one of the biggest games in Pro Football. Who would have thunk it.
  6. This isn’t about snowflakes or not caring what folk say, it’s about expecting ex players who call themselves Bears standing shoulder to shoulder with the current squad and club against a one way narrative being pumped out by a taig compliment media.
  7. Do you here that man ever bad mouth our club or squad if players
  8. Judas turncoat cunts the lot of them, sadly we have many in our support who stupidly lap this shit up from our former players. Wise up Bears, any former player bad mouthing anything Rangers should be ridiculed and swiftly booted in the baws. A good chorus telling them what we think of them when next they roll up at ibrox like billy big baws to watch their free football would put them in the picture, at least for some of the more intelligent ones of which there aren’t many. And nice to see you back D’art, with your eloquent barded pen in full flow. 👍👍
  9. Why not he can’t have any less of a backbone than the current lot.
  10. Honestly think he might surprise us all when he moves and make that step up with ease. Either way he will be the better for getting out of this shithole of a league.
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