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  1. On a whole we don’t play needing a goalie that can ping a pass the length of the pitch. The most he has to do is get it out quick to either full back
  2. All you have to say about the 2 of them is this simple. When a shot comes in at McGregor I expect him to save it When a shot comes in at Wes I hold my breath.
  3. Should just end the thread with that mate. 👍
  4. It’s not the mistakes. Hes just not a great goalie, allows far too many shots get past him that should be bread and butter saves because his positional awareness and reaction time are terrible.
  5. Wes is the biggest bomb scare of a goalie with the ball at his feet I’ve ever seen, never mind he can’t stop a shot from distance if his life depended on it. I agree McGregor has a foot like a 10 bob bit but he’s not there for his rapid distribution. He’s there because he’s one of the best shot stoppers Rangers have ever had.
  6. Oh like we have at the moment you mean Couldn’t give a shit what they build. We shouldn’t be giving those cunts a single penny of our money and that would only be for a lease. Fuck them, let the so called community fix it up if they want it so bad.
  7. Would let the complex turn into dust and tell the council to get ta fuck. Invest the money into doing something on our own ground, fuck giving that shower of taig bigoted cunts any money.
  8. Sad sad news, so sorry for the family he’s left behind. You just never know what’s going on behind the smile.
  9. Still early, the players I would expect to come under Top Quality banner are probably either playing for their country or on holiday so not panicking yet. If we have nothing by the middle of July then questions have to be asked.
  10. The interview by the big homo and the peado leader was vague I agree and should’ve been posted in the thread about the march getting banned.
  11. I would pin this thread mate. Yes it goes quiet at times that’s part and parcel of an investigation and doesn’t help the clusterfuck the country has got itself into by ignoring this scandal for too long. I think folk post stuff that is on the fringe of the subject matter just to bump the thread and make sure it stays on the first page
  12. Again mate, this does involve us. We weren't immune to having a beast get into our youth system and I would also like to know that we handled it properly without question. Yes the thread goes off topic now and again every thread does. But some of the subjects discussed do directly relate to the way this scandal is being handled by the government and the Authorities, so for me it’s a valid part of the thread. To stick this in the bottomless pit that is the general sport section would be a crime imo. Its the responsibility of all posters in the thread to keep it on track and within at least the wider scope of the topic, especially the ones that just pop up once a week to have a dig, start an argument then scream the thread is off topic and should be binned.
  13. Agreed mate. The point raised by the post about the SNP being selective about what they want us to know especially if it doesn’t suit their agenda was valid as it showed the mindset of a government that are tying to avoid this scandal like the plague.
  14. It’s one thread on a page of around 24 it’s hardly getting in the way is it. I can ignore multiple threads on the first page I can’t be bothered with. This does involve us whether you like it or not. Also shows up the SNP government for what they are maybe that’s why you don’t like it.
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