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  1. Windass

    I agree, but he would thought a whole lot better of if he held his hands up and admitted out with his goals he is like a man down for a lot of games.
  2. Windass

    Deserves his say, but it’s clear he lives in his own wee bubble.
  3. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    Fuck it just give them half the stadium. Its all about the atmosphere anyway.
  4. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    Plus this isn’t just about wanting their allocation reduced its about them being treated the same as we are treated at their dump.
  5. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    What’s desperate about wanting those cunts brought to heel.
  6. Board Out

    Oh I’ve watched you post rubbish plenty enough times. 👍 You just really seem to have took this one personal.
  7. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    Was just away to post the same. 👍
  8. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    Is there not a great atmosphere when we are humping Aberdeen Hearts Hibs with just the corner full of them.
  9. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    What they all said.
  10. Sir Walter of Carmyle

    More interestingly was what he didn’t say.
  11. Board Out

    Just never noticed you getting so vocal about anything else that’s all. I will await the next outright lie about us, I’m sure you will give it both barrels. 👍👍
  12. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    Good point mate. 👍👍
  13. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    Why will it go quiet?? Are the scum going to change a habit of a lifetime and change from being tarrier cunts into normal human beings. This has got nothing to do with us getting beat, and everything to do with the way those cunts seem to have carte blanche to do whatever they fucking like.
  14. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    Can they not do both at the same time.
  15. Board Out

    It’s internet tin foil hat garbage at its best. Why do feel the need to get all viocal about that, but hardly a word about all the other garbage in the MSM that is spouted day after day about the club????
  16. Board Out

    Well you’ve certainly got plenty to say on a nothing subject. Of course that’s normal for you.
  17. Board Out

    Shouldn’t be too hard for anyone claiming they write the same by posting certain sayings or styles that are the same for comparison. Personally I think BA is just slightly off his nut at times. 😂😂
  18. Board Out

    Why would any Bear read that shit. What do expect him to own up if he is said taig cunt. 😃😃
  19. Board Out

    So to get the thread back on topic. Just how fucking shit a job are our board doing of running our great club?????
  20. Board Out

    Always amazes me that folk claim some poster must be John James or phil3names by the way he posts, then swear blind they never read any of that taig cunts scribbling.
  21. Board Out

    Your getting upset because nonsense is being spouted on a Rangers forum. 😂😂 FFS, it was challenged and proved correct that a bid was made. But no we can’t just have that then move on, no no no let’s have 3 pages of the usual pish from the usual crew. If they got that upset when our board spouts pish and they are lied to time after time by King then I might have a bit of respect for them.
  22. Board Out

    Ignore him then. But no we have the usual crew grabbing it like a life jacket in an upturned boat to get away from the performance of the board. If he thinks there wasn’t a bid and it was all some big conspiracy then he’s in need of some more tin foil. A bid was made and rejected. The big question should be why a board of Rangers then needed to go out cap in hand for a wonga loan, using the assets they screamed blue murder about when they were on the outside. The same assets that King & Mini sat and let Sir Minty sell off without a word said. But never mind let’s just argue about a bid for a player. 😭😭
  23. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    Banning would suit me just fine.
  24. Board Out

    Nice to see the usual King rimmers are on to deflect the thread away from the board. Take a bow boys. 👏👏👏👏
  25. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    Survey done. 👍👍