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  1. My first thought when I saw who it was.
  2. 😂😂😂 Those establishment Masonic folk in charge are cunts right enough.
  3. If we are all prepared to let him start and play for 3 months to let him settle in then yes give him a chance. But he will have a couple of poor to average games and it will be Hardie is shit get him ta fuck. I honestly think he's one of those players that can't handle playing for Rangers first team,but looks a player the second he leaves.
  4. Agreed, they get paid to play a game they love. Just get on with it.
  5. I can just see the conversation, " right we need to make sure we don't score so we get an extra week off" , " oh wait it's alright Garner & Waggy are playing up top"
  6. Pedro said himself last week, its was going to be 2weeks maybe less. I'll ask again what is the alternative if we are serious about trying to get to the group stages.
  7. But what's the alternative? He isn't doing this because he's a cunt, we have no other option.
  8. I can see your logic there mate, but there have been times this season (far too many) when it's pretty obvious they aren't giving their all.
  9. They want a longer holiday, then win the fucking league.
  10. What the fuck do the players want? To turn up the day before the first qualifier have a kick around and away we go.
  11. The continual under performers, should be made sit in the stand and watch like the rest of us.
  12. I'm actually starting to like his monologues. Unfortunately he is working with a bunch of players who haven't a clue what he's trying to do.
  13. What this for? Career over then.
  14. 1) Kenny, an excellent squad player who at this time in his career should be coming off the bench with 30mins to go. 2) Dodoo, has never had a real chance but looks better than Waghorn & Garner with just that little time. 3) Waghorn, up there with some of the worst finishers I've ever seen at Rangers. 4) Garner, gives you an out ball but what's the point when he has nobody around him to lay it off to. Also has the worst positional sense of any striker I've seen, he is just never in the right place. So Kenny as cover next year, give Dodoo a chance and get the other 2 ta fuck.
  15. Until we have the proper people running our club we won't get back to that level, we are still waiting on these proper people.
  16. It's going to take a Bear getting killed and that won't probably get anything to change. The media in this country are fucked, it doesn't help mind you when some of our own back the fuckers up. The first thing they will probably ask is if this guy was asking for it.
  17. I really hope so, having Kenny as cover is a great thing but asking him to lead the line at 38 is nuts. What happens if we get a run of games? He can't play Sat/Wed/Sat this season never mind next season.
  18. Hopefully as cover for the new strikers coming in, but probably not.
  19. Sounds like a great idea OP, what happens when you lose the weight are you not allowed to play any more.
  20. I would look at it as off to play football with guys at my own fitness level.
  21. No mate A5 DDD
  22. No fuck that, the guy was huge. 😂😂
  23. Correct if you click on the link you get to search the whole stadium
  24. Found myself and the bloody giant who was standing in front of me, I did more dodging than Joshua will this weekend.
  25. Aye let's look backwards, FFS. .