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  1. Absolute scum, hope the cunt gets caught.
  2. Job done again, they will apologise in 2 weeks time with a little statement released around midnight on a Sunday.
  3. Do you not need corroboration these days to back up any statement or is it the other way about now.
  4. Needs to get his finger oot and realise the season lasts past Christmas.
  5. His ball control wasn’t that good.
  6. Would hope the board step up in the summer and convince Mo to stay and give Stevie enough money to get those 5/6 better quality players we need.
  7. A true Rangers Legend and easily up there with the very best Scotland has ever produced.
  8. No, would be more inclined to say selling Tav could liberate us. Let’s be honest to win the league we need an improvement on probably half that starting 11.
  9. He’s simply like so many of our former players Rangers forever when they are getting paid but total and utter cunts when the gravy train stops.
  10. I’m sure he will give the money he makes when he sells his keep quiet 1p shares to charity then, I’m sure SCIAF can use it well.
  11. Alfredo Morelos earns rave review as Rangers striker wins over James Rodriguez The Colombia icon reckons the 29-goal Ibrox striker is going all the way to the top after forcing his way into the national team squad. Alfredo Morelos has been labelled the 'future of Colombian football' by Bayern Munich star James Rodriguez. The 29-goal Rangers striker came on as a sub to win his second cap for his country in Colombia's midweek win over Japan. And on-loan from Real Madrid star Rodriguez believes the Ibrox hitman has a huge future ahead of him in the game. He said: "This was a new squad out there and there were many players in the team who didn't have a lot of international experience. "Players such as Alfredo Morelos , who can be the future of football in our country. "He has a lot of talent and has all the qualities needed to be a top player for us.  "Alfredo is young, has had a great season and is a top striker. He was called up ahead of more experienced strikers so that tells you that our manager Carlos Queiroz rates him very highly. "Of course, he still has a lot to learn, but he seems to be improving all the time and he is going tobecome an important player for Colombia." Morelos has taken his game to the next level this season under Steven Gerrard and has been linked with a host of clubs such as Borussia Dortmund and Eintracht Frankfurt. The forward penned a new deal at Ibrox earlier this month which keeps him under contract until 2023. Posted by OhW in another thread, deserves to be in here.
  12. Another couple of million on to the asking price.
  13. Most of the time he is, but do we not pay him as an ambassador now Interesting to know why the evening times has suddenly had a shift in the narrative. One of the Cartels left a horses head in the editors bed maybe.
  14. Dehumanised to the point that we are treated less than human.
  15. Bet they don’t lose the evidence on the guy that vandalised the Mosque in Edinburgh.
  16. 😂 Sorry mate, Aye that would make more sense. Thanks again from all us Bears for the hard work, we really do appreciate it.
  17. Seriously, that’s like making someone a car mechanic that’s never seen a car.
  18. Any idea the background of The Blue Crow floral tribute??
  19. Amazing that he was thought so highly as a trainer of Rangers they put it on his grave stone. Great work again folks. 👍👍 Reading that newspaper clip, “Scotia’s Darling Club” oh how times have changed.
  20. Disgraceful act from any government, but the fact we know why they aren’t including sports clubs or leisure events makes it even more sickening. Should’ve been enough to see them dragged from power but not in this backward little shithole of a country.
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