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  1. So nothing, thought as much.
  2. Slaughter. You want to show me where I’ve slaughtered any player. The floor is yours.
  3. FFS somebody put The Fude out of his misery on this thread.
  4. Didn’t know Blackburn had fallen so low as to employ that twat Mowbray.
  5. Not been seen for weeks, was hoping the muppet had fucked off for good. But no he’s back like a bad smell.
  6. Your done with him mate, he’s out cold lying in a heap. 😂
  7. And with that Haymaker, The Fude goes down and he ain’t getting back up.
  8. Oh looky looky the daft cunt The Fude makes a cunt of it again surprise surprise. Must be all that time he’s spending talk to scum that call him a H** and laugh at him behind his back.
  9. All with nice lights so us drunken cunts can find the place to put the ST. 😂
  10. Straight out of the taig playbook, tell a lie often enough it becomes fact. BBC Scotland are masters of it.
  11. Club should be buying these, keeps the medals at Rangers and helps out the family of a Legend.
  12. Only thing that was missing for me last season they didn’t seem to back each other up much when the personal battles started. Somebody starts on Mo someone from the midfield should be in the cunts face the next chance he gets letting him now what’s going to happen to him. Same goes right across the team you mess with one you mess with them all.
  13. Hopefully the rest of his team mates back him up this season when the usual hammer throwers start the heel clipping and elbows off the ball and put the cunts in there place.
  14. Never had a straight answer to this one with conclusive proof where that money went
  15. Big guy behind me on Sunday was telling his pals Hastie had texted him on Sunday morning to say he wasn’t playing today but training and was in the team for Thursday. Pinch of salt.
  16. It makes no difference then. He’s scored 30 goals end of story, but the “You need to get shot at any price Gang” always throw it in and totally blow any rational debate on Mo. Watch the narrative change if he stays and does score against them, it will be aye but he hasn’t scored in the CL.
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