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  1. think I'm going to assume your pished -- McCrorie or Docherty to be the new Jason Holt on RM 🙂 Davis and Jack rarely BOTH play bad -- both were rotten today --- our players have battled lots this season -- but there was no fight today
  2. dont want it highlighted - don't fucking say it
  3. No but no one on here blaming Polster for the loss -- the loss was a team e(specially midfield) cluster fuck and whle Flanagan was crap - we cannot lay the defeat at hs door.
  4. Very poor but never cost us any goals
  5. Flanagan cost use the game - but wait --- we never lost a goal during the 45 minutes he played - hopeless today but also an easy scapegoat.
  6. Before the break he could do not wrong, now folk giving it hes clueless ffs. Too many players, eecially the midfield three, were no shows, but hey ho lets blame Flanagan and Ojo. More composure from Aribo and Kent and we are two up at half time even playing crap. Then those two combine to give us the lead but yet again the midfield were found wanting and get overrun.
  7. Second to every fucking ball today
  8. FFS ...... didnt see hatred from Hearts, just a sadly unmatched determination. Team fighting for victory under new manager shocker.
  9. We never conceded a goal when flanagan was on, just saying. Biggest issue today was davis Jack and Kamara all deciding not to turn up, second to every ball.
  10. Could have been had Jack not gotten a daft yellow
  11. Kamara 2/10 Jack 4/10 Davis 3/10 Take your pick today, all rotten
  12. Jack and Flanagan both on yellow and rotten, makes sense
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