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  1. Lenny Murphy Loyal RSC
  2. wanted Chelsea to win but the Gunners deserved that by miles
  3. his natural position is on the bench, I hear there is one free in Rouken Glen park.
  4. Curious about this 'Chivas ownership' thing, was third-party ownership of players not banned by FIFA in 2015?
  5. McCostalot agrees
  6. Brilliant work M8
  7. Once shagged a Mabel but never a Maybole
  8. I've got a photo of KM and myself, happy to sign it if you wish, what's your budget?
  9. the balloon fae Troon or the Bear fae Ayr?
  10. Only stats I'm interested in are games won and #55
  11. Macostalot was the manager, we could have been, Lafferty is still a prick mind.
  12. Our former goalie Bell, was his first name, not Taco?
  13. M8 been spoiled for ages, folks forget that during the Souness era we had the England No 1 between the posts, Chris Woods, now there was a keeper who had everything but who sadly was never quite the same after that shoulder injury, IIRC was capped around 50 times for England.
  14. I guess he didn't have youtube back then certainly up there now
  15. didn't get back till the Friday night so wasn't there