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  1. siddiqi_drinker

    Battle of Arnhem

    They've turned it around, not so long ago returning troops were spat on and vilified by trash like Hanoi Jane and her ilk.
  2. siddiqi_drinker


    Don't think he will, I believe his ambition is the EPL so more likely to happen in the summer as SG will not want him gone in the Jan window and may also have the contacts in England to help facilitate his move in the summer for as you stat loadsofmoney
  3. siddiqi_drinker

    Gerrard has Brendan rattled...

    He appears more 'rattled' if that's the correct word over the goings-on at his own midden than anything related to Rangers, he seems to have a bunch of unhappy campers. Our time to rattle him will come soon enough, let's ensure we are up for the task.
  4. siddiqi_drinker

    Where are all the taigs today?

    Notice that many of the usual suspects have vanished on social media, newspapers etc. Think I'll keep my powder dry till we win some silverware. I can be patient for a few more months.
  5. siddiqi_drinker

    Oh Danny Boy

    disagree, created a lot of goals last season in a poor team
  6. siddiqi_drinker

    Daniel Candeias

  7. siddiqi_drinker

    The Boxing News Thread

    Always thought it was just a Scottish thing,seems it happens down South as well.
  8. siddiqi_drinker


    Ref cost us points at Aberdeen, we were poor at Motherwell, that said with every game now the anticipation is heightened
  9. siddiqi_drinker

    Oh Danny Boy

  10. siddiqi_drinker

    John Collins.

    Hilarious but I only wish it had happened to Sutton or that cunt Walker, they would not have handled it so well which would have made it sweeter.
  11. siddiqi_drinker

    The next two weeks

    WIN/WIN/DRAW/WIN As soon as one game finishes, I am immediately looking forward to the next game, been a long time since I felt like that. Hoped for a cup this year but am now believing we can clinch #55. Great feeling.
  12. siddiqi_drinker

    Oh Danny Boy

    Was a joke ya numpty.
  13. siddiqi_drinker

    Oh Danny Boy

    Happy to see him doing well, nice to see hard work being rewarded
  14. siddiqi_drinker

    Oh Danny Boy

  15. siddiqi_drinker

    Oh Danny Boy

    Aye but I was crediting JJ with signing him, says he trying to dig himself out of a hole 😃