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  1. Scotland draw with Canada, Strachan the gift that just keeps on giving - fukking hilarious. Well done Fraser Aird.
  2. @willygers4life may wish to redact your name from previous post M8
  3. KKK, KKK reported ya racist bastard
  4. Scotsman doing the exact same
  5. Thankfully the whole debate is fairly moot as the transfer window is 3 - 4 months away, I want to see how players such as Waghorn perform in a system that is not always 4-3-3. I also want to see fringe players like Dodoo given an opportunity before dumping too many of the squad. MW before his departure seemed to have lost the dressing room, it'll be interesting to see how many players decide to join him at Forest.
  6. If there is not a great deal of coaching involved then his role would be to articulate Pedro's ideas and ideals to the playing staff, he would also need to communicate to Pedro his knowledge of Scottish football. If you think BF is capable of being articulate and a great communicator then sadly no one is going to change your mind. BF has both a good football brain and a brain like a football not an ideal partner for a coach with a masters degree in psychology. A psychiatrist, on the other hand, may enjoy working with BF.
  7. International week AND lazy journalists
  8. TheSins will be on backing him up, the tag team.
  9. I suspect, only a suspicion, not. Think TRFFF, where a small clique decided to finance a new stand at Murray Park after the idea of paying legal fees of a charlatan was shot down. I suspect there will be some ruse where the shares are handed back to the club in return for a couple of blazers. Hope I am wrong.
  10. I think your last sentence sums him up perfectly and is why he should be nowhere near Ibrox.
  11. If it is Ferguson it would leave me questioning who made the appointment, Pedro or Mini, when do the ST's go on sale? Only worse choice would have been McCostalot It won't end well if it is him/
  12. not sure it will, I expect protests and 'C1872 Spivs Oot' banners at Ibrox.
  13. Was only thinking about games I was actually at, watched the Lovenkrands game in a pub in BKK, place was loaded with tarriers which made it all the sweeter. One mouthy cunt was handing out cigars to celebrate their victory, I had the last laugh.
  14. Not sure if you are old enough to remember the old days at Hampden, A goal goes in and every cunt grabbing everyone else, dust everywhere and trapped under the roof and you generally ended up about twenty steps down from where you were originally standing. You'd gie some other fan a hug and it was as if you had been best pals for life. As for favourite last minute goals, Colin Colin Colin Stein last minute at Easter Rd on Xmas day is one of my personal favs.
  15. If he does get the job, please Gawd no, then Pedro better watch his back. Brown has a track-record of backstabbing to get on at Rangers, how did he get the youth gig previously.