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  1. Trying to ingratiate himself with the support hollow rhetoric.
  2. Quite tired mentally after ploughing my meager brain through the deep and incisive article by Professor White what an intellectual the man is.
  3. Same Alex Rae who kicked an opponent in the head as he lay on the ground. Ffs
  4. Back in the day the EPL or equivalent would always have a substantial number of decent Scottish players - now not so much - You'd struggle to name 5 quality players from Scotland n the EPL.
  5. Other countries mantra is play football, in Scotland the philosophy is stop anyone who can play football at any cost.
  6. They're worse, fucked that up didn't I. Oh and btw you're too quick I never got a chance to fix it
  7. Aye and we've got a player who spent a year in Kazakhstan and couldn't get a game.
  8. If we want to win anything we need to forget about signing useless cunts from Scottish football they're all fucking hopeless
  9. Michael Francis clinched that award
  10. Kent is young and inexperienced and is therefore prone to making poor decisions. He also may suffer from not having a regular LB playing behind him whom he can link with. Take him on another loan deal but would not spend a lot of money on him.
  11. Free fanny pads, what next free makeup remover or free condoms for folk bored with the game and who want a quick shag.
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