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  1. Alfredo and hs missus are expecting --- probably at the lawyers gettng a contract pre-signed for 16 years from now just in case it's a boy Wee Buffalo Junior Running out for The Rangers. 🙂 )
  2. Would be a slap on the face to every fenian and Rangers hater n the country
  3. you honestly think they wouldn't kiss and makeup when money's involved
  4. This news may just --- KAT - mass suicides
  5. cause the original 'mistake' occurred when he owned the club ??
  6. BH --- this PLUS #55 would make it an epic season.
  7. Stevie G. and Jermain Defoe -- gonna have 'two daddies'. These mutant cunts really are sick individuals
  8. Aye but that's not who we're discussing here - not even sure who that is
  9. Was meaning the "hauder um heeder um" mob on Alba
  10. That's a pity was looking forward to watching with the volume off.
  11. Helped by not having to constantly cover for our two full backs especially on the left side, back four look solid
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