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  1. Did similar vs Feyenoord - beat two men and swung a perfect pass cross half the field to Ryan Jack Remember the people who said get rid and bring Stevie May
  2. Some of the selections on here are moronic -- they are not a bad team with a plastic pitch and we want to get to the next round strong team minimal changes - get the job done
  3. Many times has Alfredo played on BT televised games yet they still cant get hs name right: Morales nets emphatic breakaway opener for Rangers
  4. yeah you've said that a few players as well
  5. The Title Race chat in September....... ffs talk about premature E-speculation
  6. If we let every player go who has gave you the fear we'd have a squad of about three. Flanagan is great cover especially if Bornas fails to maintain his new found form.
  7. Was just about to say Cribari and Senderos Any two from the current 4..... come a long way
  8. and he looks more rounded this season -- that performance the other night was crazy - never scored but some of his play was top drawer. Feyenoord centre backs have got Post Morelos Stress Disorder
  9. Murray -- wrong and despicable as it is Paul ParKer spoke well recently on the racial taunts and the Lukaku abuse -- said he did not believe most fans were racist but that a few would start the abuse and others follow. Needs to be shouted down. One pundit said Lukaku should have walked off - Parker said he did the best thing - banged home the penalty
  10. 1st half still there but 2nd half seems to have been removed - odd
  11. FFS they targeted the hs side cause they were gettng no change out of the Barisic . Helander side
  12. you could add Gerrard to that list --- hopefully he'll get his 1st title when we clinch #55 but he never won a title as a player ­čÖé
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