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  1. We have shown a lack of battle-fever/character/spine/bottle, call it what you will since MW joined the club. Now that and silky football was fine for the championship but led to many of us being lulled into having false expectations. This season has demonstrated that even with MW consigned to the history books that our players are not up for the fight. Wee guys like McKay can be carried if the rest of your team shows and demonstrates it's mettle, we are lacking that in spades. On the field, we lack leaders and leadership with only our two oldest players able and willing to shout at others around them. Pedro has spoken about the need to push the high-line and not give the opposition time on the ball, that philosophy was non-evident today as we gave them too much time and too much respect. In fairness to the manager he has a poor squad to choose from but that does not excuse players not trying to be first to every ball. I'd try to punt Waghorn, Halliday, Holt, Garner, Forrester, Windass, Crooks and bring in some fresh faces, if not we will never challenge next season. No guts, no glory just about sums up at the moment as our players are gutless.
  2. Is he aye
  3. A few of the cunts around, sad fukking lives.
  4. McGuinness was a dirty bastard who killed innocents all the while grassing to iCorp on his ira buddies, he was an informant and that is why he and Paisley were cozy.
  5. yep, pointed this out ages ago - loads of taigs who joined up around 2011-12 and only pop up after a bad result with a controversial viewpoint.
  6. his 'marker' was about as effective as Obama's 'red line'. We need players, like those mentioned who were hard, not wannabe Glasgow hardmen, seen too many of these cunts in my day, most were shitebags.
  7. I'll judge Pedro after he brings in some of his own picks, assuming he is given some money. At the moment he can only play the dross that is available to him.... just a pity, for us, that the club elected not to get rid of Barton AND Halliday when they had their alleged bust-up. Perhaps Hardman Halliday lunged at Barton the way he did at Roberts?
  8. how can it be, they always tell us that republicans are political not religious, they cannot have it both ways, besides the cunt was more marxist than catholic.
  9. Mini will be stealing earning about the same I'd imagine
  10. this too many players signed up to long contracts by Warburton, be hard to punt any of them.
  11. Wonder how much Robertson and that prick Mini are taking out the club?
  12. a cardboard cutout of Toral would have been more effective than Halliday
  13. Are you stupid or what?
  14. this times 100, less than mediocre player who happens to be a supporter
  15. Always worth a try - worked for me Rangers vs the Filth (5-1) at Ibrox and the Cup Final vs the Sheep at the piggery. Nothing ventured nothing gained.