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  1. Speculation about a month ago then radio silence.
  2. People overseas can jOin the Internet Loyal
  3. Anyhow now the moaners have all sorted their tickets out ---- 4-0 Rangers - Morelos double.
  4. No issues with Foderingham as backup to Macgregor when Mac is out thru injury or suspension. Alnwick never impressed.
  5. Early days but honestly do not see it so far -- Jones probably the best of the three
  6. thought he had both the bottle and the ability to battle for the shirt -- good luck to him - always gave his all
  7. oh well I feel it is and even more so if the player has xferred to another team
  8. TY - forgot - daft rule carrying suspensions across seasons
  9. state of the cunts --- not really sure which one's @ForeverAndEver
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