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  1. Pena

    You observations tie in with a Spanish language article I saw a week or so back, where folk whilst admiring his ability was worried about his attitude. I hope he sorts out his fitness and that he is not somehow 'sulking or unhappy', that could be problematic.
  2. Pedro: Time to go?

    Enlighten us.
  3. Cardoso and Candias

    Hodson would fit right into a McCoist team from a few seasons ago, one of the worst players ever to wear the jersey.
  4. Defence

    His performance when Elves went off was decent but he needs to step up more
  5. Defence

    This week's scapegoat?
  6. Foderingham

    Watched both goals about 20 times and not sure how you can fault the keeper for either. Even the 2nd, yes he should have been quicker off his line but Mccrorie was ball watching. First goal that prick Hodson shat himself.
  7. They're not there, anyhow we are shit at the moment. Not for the first time but we will be back. For the past six years we've been kicked from pillar to post, sadly we have no fight back from the board and little or no fight on the field. Hopefully we can turn both around. Strangely enough I still have faith in PC, but that may only last till Xmas.
  8. TO wind up idiots, it worked
  9. Foderingham

    Good having competition for the #1 spot, that said some of the criticism Wes gets on here is well OUT, SAVED Us more often than he has let us down. Both keepers seem the least of our problems yet the trolls are always looking for scapegoats. Bet 90 percent of the RM pundits have never kicked a ball in their lives.
  10. Betting against Rangers?

    Good stealth 'out the taigs thread, well done the op, get every cunt that would bet against us banned.
  11. Soooooounness

    28 posts since 2015 the counts louping
  12. Supporting Rangers is the ultimate roller coaster, highs are better than anything out of Colombia, lows are the shits. But fuk it we will be back, you can't keep us down, though these cunts have tried. Around 1965 to 1971 we won the sweet total of fuk all that is why DJs header in the L C final is still one of my favs, right past Evan Williams. Fret? Don't even know the meaning of the word. As a wee aside, time for the mods to start clearing out the taig cunts on this forum, Stevie Wonder can see who they are.
  13. nothing that some steel won’t fix.

    Aptitude and attitude are two completely different measures. Someone who has little aptitude, Holt for example, may compensate through his attitude. We have too many players with totally the wrong attitude and I really expected more from the players mentioned in the previous post.
  14. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    M8 would rather have Beerman than Hodson, neither offers anything defensively but at least Beerman shows up in attack.