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  1. fuck me with their money ---- Ibiza -- why??? tonnes of places better
  2. used to love Morecambe ---- fantastic 50m outdoor pool - horse riding on the beach cause the tide went out for miles and a big mother of a roller-coaster -- all gone now Anyhow m'on the Chelsea
  3. wouldn't go either way but thanks for ignoring my point.
  4. Would support a testimonial where the money gets donated to charity --- fans get to say cheerio and a good cause benefits
  5. Good to see The Times covering this story ---- now the rest of the UK knows about these bastards hopefully goes global
  6. No Loyalist or paramilitary songs. NAW
  7. Has there been any condemnation or even comment from the SNPee
  8. Could be correct -- think Man. Utd under Fergie - the old West Germany and even Germany now -- how many wins secured in dying seconds??
  9. cunt -- read the bold print first and was thinking 'do not remember typing that' thought i'd had another alcohol moment 🙂
  10. Steve Clarke is the new Scott Brown, pieces of shite who are better ignored.
  11. no time for English but much of what he writes n the article is correct and for those who say we have not improved - - read this wee nugget: A season ago they played celtic five times, losing four and drawing one with an aggregate score of 14-2 against them. This time they won two and lost two against their greatest rivals with an aggregate score of 4-3 in their favour.
  12. The constant reference to the Boys Club boils my piss ----- Cairney was employed by celtic Football Club- end of the story. Everything with cunts s deny/deflect == do they teach that at the chapel on Sunday??
  13. Scotland's in the midst of a heroin epidemic where the death rate remains highest in Europe yet an SNP politician has time to pen emails about tax schemes. SNP are a bunch of self-serving cunts who want independence but give not two fucks about the people they were elected to serve. Their only interest s a Freedom moment. As for Mason - who votes for people such as him or s Shettleston full of beasts?
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