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  1. Can we get this take fuk @gogzy @admin
  2. always thought we were the 'light blues' because Scotland played in 'dark blue'. Then again as the song says, "...we are boys in Royal Blue'. We need to get back to this blue:
  3. There is no betterment, but I'll keep fighting.
  4. Learn to read not the content but the meaning, you know between the lines, OMG moronic.
  5. I will mention it to my therapist when we're discussing obsessed child-molesting, IRA supporting bastards who join the forums clubs they hate just to noise people up. He says I should ignore them, he is probably correct.
  6. Expected at least one with 'The Donald Supports The Rangers'. Polos are smart
  7. just your spelling that's giving you bovver
  8. Guy has ripped the piss out of a bunch of obsessed freaks yet some of our own are complaining, this was a hilarious scam and has left a bunch of obsessed idiots looking like, well idiots. He should collect the cash and donate to the Poppy Fund charity or to a charity sponsored by one of the masonic or orange lodges, icing on the cake.
  9. Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out, bye.
  10. If you 'are not meaning' to be negative why write such a negative post? Morelos overweight, you'd have probably said the same about Gerd Muller. FFS I despair sometimes
  11. Yep I was up all night worrying about that, fuk all this 442or 443 shit, the important stuff is what we wear.
  12. I remember Easter Road had a slope like that
  13. Why are folks wetting themselves over him? If he is any good would he not be playing in Inngerlund? I have never actually seen him play just wondering what all the fuss is about??
  14. Have a look at the Kiddyfiddler forum, you may be a member, they are in utter meltdown, absolutely hilarious. Some kids will be getting abused tonight.
  15. Kiddyfiddler street is hilarious, read about 10 pages before having to give up, my sides were sore laughing. Everything is a conspiracy, just wait till they find out that Gerry Moynihan QC is a Freemason, that news may send a few of them over the edge. Between laughing at them and improvements on the park I feel like The Future's Bright