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  1. Sun scum

    Red tops -- shite media sources -- simple solution, do NOT buy or read online.
  2. Rancid BBC

    many times but TBH never seen Berne play, still think he'd score for fun. Great country but expensive as fuk, prefer Deutschland, then again I never saw Berne play there either Oh and I hate toblerones, chocolate triangles are taigy.
  3. Murty Talks About Cummings

    just wait till he scores against the taigs, I predict you may change your opinion. We need a bit of Baxter / Gazza style swagger back in the team, hopefully the 'smug wee bastard' might bring that.
  4. Murty Talks About Cummings

    So they should just sit quietly during press conferences? Hmmmmm I'd prefer Jock Wallace style answers but that would have the millennials complaining.
  5. Rancid BBC

    Score for fun up here M8.
  6. Murty Talks About Cummings

    TBH they rarely had to deal with even a fraction of the press conferences that current managers are subjected to which kind of invalidates the comparison.
  7. Murty Talks About Cummings

    he's been getting that cheap gear from @Rfc52
  8. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    5-hour drive from Glasgow -- 12:00 kickoff is ridiculous. Travelling fans treated like shite, again.
  9. Our Attacking Options

    Think that's why we need Morelos and Cummings as a front two because if you play Morelos on his own it becomes a lot of pressure, conversely put him on the bench his head may go down as he is a confidence player.
  10. Welcome to Rangers Russell Martin

    Who?? Seriously totally forget he was even at Ibrox.
  11. Acceptable second half of season?

    Scottish cup win and within 9 points of the taigs in 2nd place
  12. Welcome to Rangers Russell Martin

    Lots of players coming in, though pretty apathetic towards Martin, other than Pena has anyone left?
  13. A bit of realism

    We never played Brazil ya numpty.
  14. The Ibrox Trophy Room

    fukking times have changed m8 Didnt know it was only opened in 1959, I was taken round by Mr Symon around 10 years after that, amazing place. A great wee video, thanks for posting and nice to see Bob McPhail get a mention for he was the epitome of what a Rangers captain should be, a real gentleman and a diehard bluenose.
  15. Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!