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  1. Aso u r ya frukkin locket
  2. Love the 1879-1883 strip, we were 'the hoops' before these papish cunts were even founded. Just another 'original idea' they didn't have
  3. Not just the bevvy these days I'm afraid. TBH I have no idea how these youngsters are 'parented' by their respective clubs but I remember Man U having a good reputation in this regard. My point was more about how the big city and big city lights can have a negative impact. BTW Nathan Oduwa is playing in Slovenia and Zelalem is out on loan in Holland. Lots of these big clubs take youngsters on board by the dozen with the hope that 1 in 20 makes it, kids are just commodities.
  4. Explain?
  5. We are rumored to be paying Rossiter that amount, in reality, I suspect it is much less.
  6. So all Chelsea development players are millionaires, a bit of a stretch to believe that. He could end up like Zelalem or Oduwa, either playing development football or out on loan, Rossiter was on the verge of the Liverpool first team till a new manager arrived, so many things can go wrong. Yes it's a short career but at 15 his career hasn't even started, if he was around 18 I'd say go for it but at 15 he is IMO too young and it will all end in tears.
  7. After the debacle of last week they shouldnt have enough people to fill a phone box.
  8. If he thinks chasing the big money is clever then tell him to chat with Danny Wilson, he headed off to Liverpool, failed and we all now how that worked out. Anyone remember the 'next George Best', Peter Marinello? Went to Arsenal, he was 20, 100K which was big money at the time. Between the high-life, the drink and injuries he managed about 30 games in three years before heading to obscurity in Portsmouth.
  9. I see what you did there.
  10. if they cannot produce an Agenda for their meeting, what hope that Minutes will be taken and/or published.
  11. Great interview with our very own Wee Prime Minister, Ian Macmillan. Came to the Gers late in his career was a great wee player and by all accounts and a real gentleman.
  12. I expected so much more from Slovenia, they looked like Queens Park.
  13. Papered over a few cracks, still shite, be funny when England pump them at Hampden.
  14. 20K for a world cup qualifier
  15. I must be the only person on RM who thinks he's a decent commentator, opinions I guess.
  16. cunt crying "look at the keepers knee". I'm old enough to remember Gary Sprake, it would have been both knees in the thumbs back
  17. Still miles better than Sutton, Butcher or Andy tarrier Walker not forgetting that cunt Provan Hampden full to the rafters I see
  18. thought you needed a car and a clean d/l, would the latter not rule out anyone with a DUI conviction?
  19. I thought Oleg would have been the first one to bite, you know how he loves the Tories
  20. that's my favourite Rangers strip of all time, a cracker
  21. Albert Finney as SCROOGE bears an uncanny likeness to King
  22. Enjoyed the pics, great job to all who participated and provided support, well done
  23. Possibly not out of context just mistranslated from 'mumble, mutter to English'.
  24. Rather have a 30 minutes applause, I'd be clapping like fuk celebrating.