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  1. Niko is gone

    Came to Rangers too late and too knackered.
  2. Could do with some help from fellow bears.

    FFS Club will be urging us to FOLLOW WITH
  3. He's made tons of great saves this season that I do not believe Alnwick to be capable of
  4. Don't take the sentence out of context, Alnwick is no better than Wes, in fact I think he is a worse option.
  5. Too many of our fans stuck looking in their rear-view mirrors, fuk sake the past is exactly that, move on. As others have said Wes needs competition and I don't personally see Alnwick having the skills to push him.
  6. Dundee game on the 7th

    Wee Rangers Club?? Probably need to get there early
  7. Type Of Past Players Back

    I'd settle for a Derek Johnstone, someone who can defend and also score when your backs are against the wall.
  8. Withholding ST Money

    SoB, Sons of Booler
  9. Jack Ross

    Seem to remember a guy with three years management experience coming from Berwick and doing well. TBH I know nothing about Ross
  10. Murty should be let go now.

    Another taig, nothing for you here Declan
  11. Josh Windass - SPFL Player of the Month

    that free kick was in the ideal spot for Tav
  12. Cummings Over Morelos

    Final balls in the final third are dreadful, Cummings needs better service whereas Morelos can make chances out of nothing & will pick up scraps.
  13. What the Fuck is This.

    Men identify as women, perhaps a taig self-identifying ' as a Rangers fan = trans-fan
  14. The table

    Tied with the beasts for most WINS away from home, tied with Partick for most LOSSES at home. totally ridiculous
  15. Clarke v Murty

    I'd actually hope that our board has a replacement lined up to take over in the summer, if not, then they have failed miserably. They must have known that Murty was a band-aid, surely they and Mark Allen have been working on finding and recruiting a real manger.
  16. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    hope to fuk this ends any talk of Murty as manager
  17. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    brophy falls down anytime a Rangers player is near him
  18. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    looked good for about 18 minutes then nothing
  19. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    Who needs cctv - rib the yobs apart
  20. Morelos

    @Blue Avenger was spot on with his assessment of Windass and Morelos, wonder of the answer or part thereof is a sports psychologist, Morelos seems to dwell on the misses too much and lets his head go down.
  21. new manager anyone

    Never mind, why would he leave Milan, I doubt we could even afford him
  22. Josh Windass - SPFL Player of the Month

    If Josh could just take a wee trip down the Yellow Brick Road and get himself A Brain, a Heart, and Courage he'd be the FIFA player of the year. Sadly Josh would probably go to an Elton John concert looking for the road.
  23. They should then clarify that it's an 'off-ed' piece rather than the view of the Rangers observer
  24. What could you buy for 5p in 1971 & 1972 ?

    IIRC 1972 remember filling up my old man's car and petrol was about 30p for a gallon
  25. Worse than the Record, two completely different opinions on two different days, there should be a 'hunting season' on bloggers.