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  1. Why the fuck reopen a 2013 thread unless you are fishing or trolling???
  2. If any player doesn't want to be at Ibrox then phone them a taxi, it's the Rangers way and goes back to the days of Mr. Struth.
  4. As long as someone else is paying his salary I'm ok with the move, he'll come back heavier as the food is great.
  5. Agree and you must remember the old Rangers pin-striped bunnets that Lex MacLean among others used to wear. I tried google but couldnt find a pic of one.
  6. I remember my grandfather who fought in WW 1, just for an age perspective, NEVER ever left the house without a shirt & tie and his trusty bunnet and you could see your face in his shoes.
  7. Being South American they are more likely to hit the ground rolling............................... and rolling.
  8. sorted
  9. FIVE for ONE sale??
  10. We have been needing a midfield player who can contribute with goals for ages, looking forward to seeing this guy.
  11. Was he ever??
  12. Bugger, don't get anything past you
  13. How it used to be.
  14. Enclosure was my haunt during the 60's, used to get lifted over by my dad all the time, perhaps my old man gave them a funny handshake.
  15. Malcolm Murray pishing himself just about sums up the past 6 years.
  16. BUT it's summer, Mexican boys must be thinking WTF...
  17. 30C outside, nice cold bottle of Pinot Grigio.
  18. I wish I still had mine from Barcelona, used to hang in my bedroom with my 'Rangers vs Moscow Dinamo' bull-fight poster
  19. Fish tacos M8
  20. Naw just fukking naw, wondered for ages when this would get raised. now this however
  21. Just hope Neil McCann does well with Dundee, be nice to see them have a modicum of success while these Dundee Hibernian bastards rot away.
  22. Transfer Forum is shite.