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  1. S you are predicting we will pay him till May 2018 and he won't kick a ball? Cannot see that happening, hopefully, he can get back to where he was before the injury. Now if an offer came in........
  2. Take the red IF we can snap his leg
  3. and starting to sound a bit like 'the great one', hope he can be half as good as Jose.
  4. If those two were in bed together neither would score. Anyhow the wholes story is just Keith Jackson shite and why hasn't he testified at the Whyte trial after all he said he knew Whyte was a trillionaire or close to.
  5. Has he bulked up any, tall but always seemed a bit lightweight.
  6. Nah he's "pish", "absolute shite', I read those comments from the football intelligentsia on RM so it must be true.
  7. @tannerall great find and an excellent read, harks back to a bygone era when Scotland actually had journalists and not glorified bloggers. Anyone who thinks we won't be back is supporting the wrong club.
  8. Said on another thread that Rangers legends such as Baxter, Johnston, Stein and Johnstone all came back for a second spell and it never worked. Absolute cunts coming back are less likely to be successful.
  9. Was thinking of another tennis player who could have been great on the women's circuit, Gabriella Sabatini, but she lacked that hunger as she came from a wealthy family and had the potential to make as much from modeling assignments, never reached her full potential. Remember reading Iain Wright's biography and he really lays it on the line how much dedication is needed to succeed.
  10. Agreed, folk back then saw football as an alternate way to get out of the working environment and had a desire to succeed. As Shanks said "If you are first you are first. If you are second you are nothing." Now the 'hunger' appears to get rich, not to be first. Watched a great show on Schumacker and what made the difference between a 'really good' driver and a 'truly great' driver and if came down to a desire and hunger, ingrained in the psyche to be a winner. Not sure how or if we can ever instill that winning mentality in today's generation. Like you I am less than optimistic.
  11. Sadly the days of great Scottish coaches/managers such as Shankly, Busby, Stein, Ferguson, Wallace etc., seems to be a thing of the past. Coaching in our country appears to have gone down the same toilet as the football, which at least partially helps explain our abysmal record in attempting to qualify for major tournaments. The coaches above all came from 'hard' working class backgrounds and would have been lost in today's 'politically correct society of participation awards, to them winning was everything and they had a self-belief that filtered down to the players. When you listen to some of the idiots on forums like this and often on the terraces it is no wonder some of these kids lack that 'gallous swagger' that made folk like Baxter, Henderson and Johnston the stars they were. Scotland is a football wilderness and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Imagine the managers I listed doing press conferences, goodness all the precious wee millennials would be up in arms. Hey Mr Shankly what do you think of Europeans "Thieves vagabonds, cheats and liars".
  12. Lots of younger better players out there but we need someone who knows a wide range of 'markets'/. I personally don't want any players back who have previously walked away. History shows that it rarely, if ever, works -- Slim Jim, Derek Johnstone, Colin Stein and Wullie Johnston all left for a variety of reasons but were never as good the second time around AND these guys were real Rangers legends, unlike the two bit shite that walked away during the financial crisis.
  13. Miller at age 38 should have been allowed to leave, has been a good servant to the club but his best is behind him. Impact sub, at best, next season. Waghorn is 27 and is contracted till 2018. If he doesn't improve we will be stuck with him till the end of his contract. Dodoo, is only 21 and is not going anywhere as his contract is until 2020. The lad has potential, has an eye for goal but needs and deserves an extended run in the team. Garner, is 29 and should be at his peak. Again contracted till 2019 would be better to try to offload him to a lower league English club as he doesn't seem cut out for our system. Hoping Pedro can get more out of these players and bring in a natural goalscorer.
  14. He has inherited a team with no heart, not guts and no character which is hardly his fault, even the previous manager spoke about players lacking the heart to take people on.
  15. To be honest I have more sympathy for Cantona that for Barton, then again my temperament is more akin to that of the Frenchman and I have never had a gambling problem (unless you count picking donkeys). If Barton has an addiction, then like Gazza he needs help. If he is pretending to have an addiction then throw the book at him cause it diminishes the effect of what is a serious illness that devastates families. Just like the EBT situation, authorities look for an easy target and Barton fits that bill, probably many more players doing exactly the same thing but Barton, with his history, is an easy one to use as an example.
  16. Cantona was one incident and he was under extreme provocation, Barton committed the same infraction over 1,000 times. Did he come to Scotland initially to move out of the FA's jurisdiction?
  17. As I pointed out before that was the Celtic Football and Athletic Club, they died.
  18. Fair analysis and certainly beats the usual "he is shite" rhetoric. Gets into position but seems to lack composure when he has to find the target.
  19. Aye loved to blame others when he fucked up. Namouchi turned out to be dross but was better than either Holt or Halliday, shows how far we have fallen.
  20. Wee Wullie is a great after dinner speaker but prone to hyperbole and I believe that is where the 50M figure came from. That figure aside he is correct about us needing investment and we all know it won't come from King. When the current regime took charge our 'financial wizard', the one with the 'hair' and the 'successful banking' background told us he had investors lined up. Where are they or was this another fabrication? That fucking parasite has his feet under the table, AGAIN, and is gleefully feeding at the trough all the while the lack of financial activity goes unquestioned. Mini is to the board what Halliday is to the team, both Rangers men but as much use as tits on a bull.
  21. As long as the person using the ticket was allowed to be in the stadium
  22. Worry much more about the lack of spirit, lack of passion and total lack of character than I do about the formation. When Pedro came on board he spoke about working in training on pushing the high-line, saying it is part of his philosophy. Where the hell was that 'push' on Sunday? Closest we got to 'push' was 'PISH'.
  23. U want a sign, you get a sign
  24. yep, that's why I left the wee Euros sign in the chart, so value in pounds at about 85%.
  25. Look at the length of contract MW has lumbered us with, some of the dross we cannot offload till 2019-20 valuations are from 'transfer market'. Don't shoot the messenger Column C is 'End of Contract'