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  1. How many Pedro threads are there now???
  2. Miller's best role would be to sit beside Windass on the bench and brush his hair.
  3. Left back and a creative midfielder are for me the two most obvious ones but most of all we need to find the net. Starting with Miller anywhere but #9 and Windass is like being two men down.
  4. this taig cunt no banned yet
  5. One-half of the dream team. Macostalot for me failed to win promotion and couldn't even win the challenge cup though I hear he ran a great karaoke.
  6. No idea M8, really thought him and Pena would be featuring by now.
  7. First glance I never saw the 'to', thought WTF, well to each their own but thankfully I read it twice.
  8. Why is Mourinho not on the list
  9. These crosses were crying our for someone like Hererra to get on the end and knock them down for the wee man who looks like a poacher, getting sick again of this 4-3-3 The Mexican would have been a better shout than Miller
  10. Dorrans, IMHO, was effective today but is a bit too similar to Jack. That likeness solidifies our midfield but adds no creativity, I was hoping Pena could provide that spark, perhaps next season.
  11. Nico is only 33 but has the legs and stamina of a 53 year old.
  12. Can almost envisage Pedro becoming our very own Rony Delia. Assembles a decent bunch of players but it takes someone else to come in, tweak a few areas and turn them into a team. Defense - looks solid though Cardoso has a tendency to be either complacent or take his eye off the ball. Oh and we need a left back. Midfield was weak with no creativity, now we just have no creativity. Morelos looks like a good wee player but we need more from midfield. Miller (too old) and Windass (too weak) are passengers. If Pedro insists in playing Miller then keep him at #9 - he is not a winger or a midfield player but still may have a few goals in him.
  13. Jack and Dorrans have really solidified midfield, however, neither appear to have the creative streak we are missing. Miller off for Nico, leaving Dorrans and Jack in midfield was the obvious option today.
  14. @admin can we combine all the Pedro out threads?
  15. half the cunts demanding Pedro walk were the ones who wanted Ian Cathro as manager no so long ago.
  16. Can anyone explain the hype about Walker?
  17. Swap Windass for Nico and Miller for Herrera
  18. Is that a better use of Dorrans, don't know much about him tbh
  19. Lots of chances, no pressure on the defense yet still 0-0. Midfield doing the defensive stuff ok but no creativity. Bring Nico on at half time
  20. Bad decision cost us a goal
  21. Run a bout..... check Kick the ball..... check That's football he rocket
  22. Then the name will now just be DOG, dirty Irish pikey bastards will have nicked the copper.
  23. Nothing wrong with Pizza Hut on the way home from the pub, healthier than a fish supper. really some cunts need to cut this lad some slack and judge him on what he does on the park.
  24. Aptitude was quite good when he showed his ability, attitude appeared to be all wrong, oh well never mind - move on.