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  1. Goram Gough Jardine Cooper MvCann
  2. piperpete

    The Rangers FC

    One nil to “The Arsenal” used to be sang at The Arsenal games all the time
  3. piperpete

    Daniel Prodan has passed away

    To be fair to the op, the clocks got turned back last month.
  4. piperpete

    Vienna Sash Bash

    That’s a different reason than you first post as you said feck giving a £5 to go into a pub and left it at that
  5. piperpete

    Vienna Sash Bash

    Make hay mate, if dafties are willing then take it, it’s not as tho he needs to worry about coming next week
  6. piperpete

    Offical complaint lodged against Willie Collum

    The SFA have not been fully impartial in this case mate they have tried to cover up a silly sending off.
  7. piperpete

    Offical complaint lodged against Willie Collum

    I was joking mate, 😂
  8. piperpete

    Offical complaint lodged against Willie Collum

    They can’t say anything at the moment re abuse due to the pending threats of legal action as it may damage Celtics defence if they do, it’s only Duncan Ferguson that was pre judged by the SFA while it was pending going through the law courts
  9. piperpete

    Vienna Sash Bash

    To pay for the DJ I would have thought . It looks more like a night club than a bar.
  10. piperpete

    Missed ST payments

    With the games already played the club didn’t get the chance to resell your seat mate so I think you may into plumbs demanding anything. Going down the demanding route will not work as you agitate the persons you demand from, you would be better going down the honesty route and asking for help to sort out the problem and a payment plan spread over a few months. goodluck with both your health and any financial issues you have encountered due to your illness.
  11. piperpete

    Offical complaint lodged against Willie Collum

    How stupid are the SFA backing themselves into a corner over this, they will either have to admit they fecked up or make themselves look even more corrupt by shielding a Ref who made up an excuse on hearsay rather than witnessed it for himself
  12. piperpete

    Next 9 league games before the break

    Still doesn’t make fellow Rangers fans idiots for thinking or hoping we can get s great run put together.
  13. piperpete

    Next 9 league games before the break

    Why would that make them idiots mate ?