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  1. Your Mum would have been a very proud woman by the way you conduct yourself and she will know her famiky vaiues will be passed on by you to your Children, sleep tight Steves Mum .
  2. Hopefully your stuck one .
  3. Get a sponsored walk going with likeminded Bears, IM sure our resident charity henchman would orginise IT for you.
  4. An obsessed one would I suppose .
  5. If only Minty had built his superdooper stadium as he promised.
  6. I still get the same tingle every time I get to the top of the stairs and see the park.
  7. So does that mean we are all members of the SLA ? Will it cost us a monthly fee ? I didnt know that fat comedian Jason Mariner even liked football I thought he would be a luvvy and into the Edinburgh festival sort of thing, the annual dinner will save a few bob for an afterdinner speaker I suppose.
  8. Falkirk 0-5 Rangers round about 65.and the rest they say is history.
  9. Was at party At IInlithgow yesterday and a fellow Bear from Buckhind came over to talk to us, we had warned him That the security were watching him trying to sneak drink IN as we walked past one with a INtercome we had heard them talking on our way IN. The guy I wont name him said thanks but IT wasnt drink they were watching him for as he had had a "wateryfart" when he got out the car and the steward had caught him with his shorts down sliding his arse down a grass embankment like a dug with worms after he he through his scants under another car. The best thing was he was proud of IT andvwas telling everyone about IT cheering all up, I know ITs not Rangers connected but fits IN with this silly thread tittle.
  10. He definitely has a hold of the Hibs players arm, nothing else to see IN that picture .
  11. Was at the football then at Linlithgow with my daughter and Granddaughter standing IN a field watching some cunt called the Kaiser Chiefs so nor a single pint was poured by myself.
  12. Nope I was thinking of the Bolton taig.
  13. He doesnt like us or our outlook on life so IT would be a big no from me.
  14. It has something to do with your settings mate as IT happens on my brothers as well
  15. We will win the appeal then. The linesman was just INfront of me and ran on the park as soon as IT happened, he must have IMagined IT aswell or had the same optical Ilusion as everyone round about where we sit.