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  1. Sorry to hear this mate, hope the family are all ok
  2. John Martin the loony goalies testimonial
  3. I’m not disputing what your saying, my point was because they did say something they get it tight. They maybe don’t represent you or me but the do represent their members and I would imagine that they will be happy that a voice has been found. They can only mislead people who believe what they say those who don’t believe just carry on. As for Ashley and King their Egos are the problem , richfuckers playing games at everyone’s else’s expense.
  4. I know what he is doing. The 1872 guys get slated for doing hehaw and when they do do something they get slated for doing it even though they did what many wanted them to do. Im not a contributor to them and have issues with some of their ways but credit to them for doing it. I would certainly trust them long before anyone at the BBC Scotland
  5. They were getting it tight for not saying anything about the BBC and when they do they get it tight Im not a fan of them but what are they meant to do ?
  6. Just a suggestion which would work,
  7. What would you suggest ? Making them have a bath ?
  8. Go make yourself a rich young man bouncing around the lower divisions score a few goals and hopefully you get a good club that challenges,good luck young man
  9. I haven’t a clue mate that’s the only reason I asked, I would like to think the profits from the shop goes to Rangers.
  10. Thanks, that’s all I needed.
  11. My first question was a yes or no answer but you never gave me one. I’m not reading through reams of court talk to find out, I don’t care who sells our merchandise as long as the club get what is due to them, so whoever is selling them out a hut can either do it or they can’t and with them doing so they must be fine to do it or foolishness has taken over their brains
  12. I don’t read long winded pish mate so I will go with there must be a grey area or chances wouldn’t be taken if it’s nothing to do with Rangers. if it’s black and white then I would expect SDI and there lawyers to be standing at the hut not allowing it to open
  13. Does sdi have exclusive rights from Hummel that every single top they make has to be sold to them ?
  14. So if they can’t have anything to do with it where do the profits go to ?
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