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  1. The sort of people who will see £ signs which make their settlements look like they were shafted, that sort of parents
  2. The parents that took the hush money should stand up in support for the unfortunate kids who suffered,
  3. It’s only football banter, I’m sure he will live. Imagine if it he had signed for another club it would be in front pages already
  4. Don’t let pesky facts get in the way of the moans mate
  5. When can you ever disagree what GS says as he’s the man
  6. I often wondered how Crozier got the gig at BT.
  7. I don’t get hung up on what a player costs or what wages as I cannot effect any of this. I get my kill when posters say things like I would give him £8k a week and not a penny more or I would pay 850k or tell them to Bolt. Many transfers that are done are not nearly as dear as made out or say that celtic player Edwardo or what ever he is called cost the 9m but that’s inclusive of agents fees and wages they never paid 9m for him, during our highs Flo was 12m but again Chelsea never got near 12 million as the whole deal would have been budgeted over 3 seasons with all fees being within the amount.
  8. Not my money to spend mate, I leave that to the financial guys who will know already if we can or cannot afford him, if we can afford him then we will get him if we can’t we won’t.
  9. Davie Cooper used to have the same sort of games now and again but usually turned up trumps with one bit of magic, Kent is a young kid learning his trade and many forget that, he is head and shoulders above players of his age at our club at 22 he is doing fine
  10. Kent’s pace causes teams to double up on him leaving space for others to exploit so he will have been partly responsible for other goals by just making runs.
  11. Yes I know him and up until last season never missed a game but not talked to him this season but wouldn’t think he would have stopped, Good guy to boot.
  12. His boy is 100% a Rangers fan but don’t know what team JF supports but I could make a calculated guess.
  13. They will be under the bed in the huff at nothing to mean about.
  14. Like you I don’t charge a penny for my ones if not going.
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