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  1. Windass.

    Hate isn’t the word to use then mate, the word hate is over used and waters it down for when you really need to use it.
  2. Windass.

    So if you really hate him what is your emotion for the likes of IRA scumbags ? It surely can’t be the same
  3. Windass.

    You must have had three bikes
  4. Windass.

    Hate a footballer ? Did one steal yer bike ?
  5. Windass.

    You didn’t say dislike though you said you hated him . There’s a big difference. , I save my hatred for anything. From terrorists to kiddiefiddlers. I wouldn’t guess your outrage at these if you can Hate a footballer and a Rangers one at that.
  6. Windass.

    I have never hated a Rangers player in my life and don’t think I would ever start too. You support the wrong team if you have this amount of hatred towards a player.
  7. Mikel Arteta

    Too cold and he would get homesick for his Mum in Scotland.
  8. Harry Forrester - Hasn't trained well

    I don’t disagree with a single thing you say there, I wasn’t only replying to you calling him rotten as he isn’t. He has mental issues or at least seems to by the way he looks after himself .
  9. Harry Forrester - Hasn't trained well

    He had his moments with us mate and showed on a few occasions he was a match winner with a terrible attitude. He just doesn’t realise what he has lost and won’t until he is in his forty’s.
  10. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    He really needs an old head in beside home just as a lean of figure during games, someone who can read a game from the stand and in communication when needed to suggest small tweaks during play. I think he is up for the job but having a voice in his ear during the game would take a bit of pressure from him to do his job.
  11. Good Old Popcorn Teeth

    You can fuck him if you want . I personally wouldn’t put my dogs cock near him never mind my own
  12. "Just now"

    Good luck brother
  13. Junkies vs Rangers

    Stop pulling at your bawhairs then
  14. Ed House/Marshall/The Louden

    I would prefer the Club to make more money but where do you draw the line? The Grapes should they be painted with your same brush or any pub that a supporters bus leaves from ? Its free trade mate and as I have said Marshall will not be making the amount you think he is. Being in that trade I couldn’t stay open if I opened max 6 days a month, he isn’t doing it for nothing but his % can’t be massive by the time running costs are paid