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  1. Superb from RSEA

    Rotund would be a good description of the man. If all men had his make up and unselfishness the world would be a fine place to live, He never goes into the promo fotos and prefers to hide in the shadows and let others take the plaudits deservingly so as his team are all hero’s so him not missing a dinner isn’t a crime .
  2. Superb from RSEA

    Getting fatter evertime I see him,
  3. Superb from RSEA

    Nash doesn’t do it for the plaudits or glory, he is a top guy.
  4. Superb from RSEA

    That’s the spirit, I would have asked for £500 donation and a credit put on screen for using it, if they said no then “ get it right up them “
  5. Players See Mind Set Coach

    Nothing new in this as Souness used one years ago while with us.
  6. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Tee shirt and shorts at times and freezing at others that cold you needed strong drink
  7. Warburton SSN interview

    He is better than just a squad player mate , he is learning and from last season to this he has improved in his awareness of the game and is now getting into better positions to attack and helping when needed to cover runners. Where he needs to improve is strength and fitness as he was found wanting in the final quarter v the Taigs, in saying that he should never have been pulled as deep as he was as his starting place to receive the ball should be inside the opponents half not in ours.
  8. Warburton SSN interview

    I would rather keep our better players
  9. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    He is great entertainment when you upset him, he loves having wee pet names for those who don’t share his outlook on life, I’m snake eyes by the way which is ok as my Dad used to send me to school in a Japanese soldier uniform as they were cheap as. chips in the Army Navy Store and were hard wearing . My nickname was Yinto .
  10. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    Not even close to previous rants mate although in amongst it there are a few gems , does Captain Beaky bring his band when caring for you ?
  11. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    I used to enjoy his rants but he has got too predictable and mundane lately, I will have a look at the thread to see if he has recaptured his loonie traits. Im convinced he isn’t serious and sits and thrashes himself at folk biting.
  12. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    That’s just not nice mate, you know he will be sulking under his bed because of you. He is a top wordsmith and is well read in anything companies house need passed on, your bullying of the poor guy could put him over the top. You naughty naughty boy
  13. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    Source please ? or we don’t believe you .
  14. Michel Preud'homme

    And my application would be one of them as it has been every time we needed a new Boss. Never had an interview , closed shop I would say
  15. Michel Preud'homme

    I find it strange as well, don’t be fooled into thinking no one wants the job.