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  1. On your own I take IT ? Hope your well at the moment mate and things are all good.
  2. Never knew he was INto planes, everydays a school day. Cant see what reading flight charts would be fun?
  3. Hope IT will get them there and back then.
  4. Right I may be the auld timer here, where the feck does BMI come INto IT ? Does he readc aeroplane route or timetables ChArts ?
  5. What would happen IS another club would pay what Norwich want which IS a more than fair price, with the buying club getting a bargain they would then trumP us with a large wage offer and GD would go there, money talks and say Derby offer 5k a week more than us games a boggie
  6. You're a naughty naughty boy
  7. Im sure someone would put IT IN the boot for you ffs.
  8. He also get a % of every poke of chips sold between 3.05pm and 3.43pm on saturdays.
  9. Any Idea who we have IN the first game this year mate and will IT be at home ?
  10. Are you going IN the huff by anychance ? Ive got a brain not sure IF ITs IN my head right enough but can honestly say that I cant remember you posting about fixtures, not saying you never but I cant remember you doing IT
  11. Feck him he doesnt pay his taxes.
  12. Sister mate, therec was no need to be sexist?
  13. I noticed the chemistry oozing out between you all right enough now that you say IT.
  14. I hope you have a condom on as the stories I have heard about cloud 9 you may have bits falling off you being on him.
  15. GP has been a starman the last few month but the board are a team and only as good as the weakest link, looks as though they are working well after a few baws being booted by the I GPs of this world