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  1. **Goals and Assists 17/18**

    And two assists so he isn't as bad as being made out.
  2. Harry Forrester

    He has a great attitude in life, enjoy yourself when your young
  3. Nacho Novo

    Glynn mate
  4. Nacho Novo

    Great news your on the mend as is Big Scott.
  5. Andy Goram

    I take it The. Goats flag is in Braille mate .
  6. Andy Goram

    Can you post some of the said talks mate for us auld yins who don't know how to find such things
  7. 150th Anniversary Celebrations

    You missed out pavement and kerb painting from all points of the dial all leading to a George sq blue red and white extravaganza.
  8. Forum activity.

    There you go .
  9. Forum activity.

    I Know and was kidding
  10. Forum activity.

    So your a tarrier over on FF then ?
  11. Forum activity.

    On their what ?
  12. Forum activity.

    I always thought you were admin on FF over the years
  13. Forum activity.

    No me as I canae work a phone never mind a computer
  14. Just with folk who call themselves Big. No joking
  15. They play Wales tomorrow I thought