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  1. You have spoiled it for me as I’ve kept away from every place that would tell me the score
  2. He can’t be mate as a cunt is a useful thing.
  3. I’m aware you now have the knowledge
  4. Hearts could play a blinder here by having players take one for the team At staggered times right through the summer meaning they can’t play due to lockdown.
  5. Can you not remember the sporting integrity of all when we asked for help in 2008 ? We were told that they couldn’t help us due to players holidays and a trip to see Kfakamuras maw due to rules that the league hadd SD to be finished before a certain date. Different circumstances yes but they have not technically won anything to date and how do you know that their form may have hit the skids after we had beaten them tomorrow , you can’t and neither can anyone else so in a situation like this middle ground has to be taken and awarding any team an unfinished league no matter if they’re ahead isn’t middle grounds
  6. Is there a rule to hand whoever is on top at any shutdown of a league?
  7. This is too big an issue for each country’s Football Authorities to make and it should be done by UEFA for every league in Europe so individual teams are taken out of it from influencing hired hands. I would imagine if every country did the very same thing then it would be easier to accept if it went down the road of awarding leagues to those sitting on top at the shutdown, the proper ruling should be no winners
  8. Baa a Bg on the money, imagine if it was the other way round they would have had a question asked at Westminster never mind at the Edinburgh council meeting
  9. it’s on completed course or the race is void and should be no different from any sporting competition, if they set of to see who get the furthest like the javelin then you don’t finish the coursing you don’t need too, leagues are won when it’s completed, if a club in any sport have mathematically won it before all games played then why don’t they just stop the rest of the games ?
  10. You have to complete the course to win mate not stop before.
  11. So if 12 horses start a race and all fall, who do they award the race too?
  12. Yip it’s my middle name , I though you knew who I was. The defeat yesterday was not good but it was far away from being the worst feeling as aRangers fan, Anyone at the semifinal v that lots 3 years ago will have felt a whole lot worse for starters
  13. I’m gutted that they have fecked up our hard work of getting two teams into the CL easier, all the cunts had to do was win a home game . Ah well it’s down to us to win the points so they can be in our debt
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