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  1. Didnt think he has had a first one so ITs a shock that he IS getting ac2nd
  2. I wasnt aware I was editing anything whether your serious or not, If I have then IM sorry but I have not went out on purpose to alter any of your mad rants.
  3. He IS number 10 on the list Booler ran oot o INk while typing his list.
  4. Gary IS a Bear and a Rangers fan who has an opinion although he has a platform many of us dont to shout IT from, he IS a fine big guy and worked for the club before.
  5. Booler, I can confirm that I will deffinitely not be standing mate.
  6. How to fuck someones weekend IN 9 words.
  7. Aint going to happen anytime soon but the money he IS raising will help future sufferers as they get closer to a breakthrough of this bastard of a disease.
  8. Nepotism mate no INterview required when your Dads the boss, nothing wrong with that.
  9. Im just happy to help a fellow Bear mate, I wasnt looking for a thanks but thats very nice of you.
  10. Thats what mates do for each other up and down the country, Glasgow council wouldnt have any worKies IF nepotism wasnt alive and kicking.
  11. Theres a flag with IT on IT thats at many games think ITs "Dublin Loyal RSC" so I take IT there IS a supporters club.
  12. Wonder what they did with their club ties, I wouldnt imagine they need them. Dont do twitter so cant ask him to send me it.
  13. Pm me when your coming across and I will meet up for a beer, IF you are genuine you will be welcomed I have no doubt as unlike other clubs we DO take everyone at our all INclusive club. Your best bet though would be to join the Dublin RSC and travel with them.
  14. They are going to have to gamble within reason at some stage and spend a few bob to make a few bob, for us not to get INto the Eurin,pa for the sake of say 2 M to 4m would be daft for business. IF they ponied up get us through to the league part they would still have time to punt say Barrie and Waggy I certainly wouldnt punt them until replacements are I