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  1. Storming Norman ,Was that the same club ?
  2. I would imagine £4K with wage rises after so many starts and wage increased every year but even then it would fall short of £8.5k without bonus
  3. Looks like the youngster is homesick and wants home, I thought he would have kicked on and pushed for a sub spot all the same. good luck to the kid
  4. To kill a jackal -Rangers are mentioned a couple of times
  5. The two of them used to be out and about often in Edinburgh and they’re mate Lara was there now and again
  6. Take it you never watched him live as he was way above a solid player who gave everything ?
  7. He has the ability to be what ever he wants to be, his failings are attitude and professionalism, the state he came back after the winter break was an embarrassment, for any professional to pile on the pounds during a 3 week break shows he didn’t keep up his training or fitness. He has more than enough ability to lead our line but needs to get his head in order
  8. Then what would you have then to fuel you’re obsession ?
  9. Teams up their games against us in a whole different way they do against QOTS and that’s why he toiled. Konterman and PVV we’re both full international’s for Holland, just think about that for a second as you don’t get capped by them if your shite
  10. He got a pat on the back from guess who, imagine if it had been a Rangers player the ref was patting there would be a full inquiry into the Ref
  11. It does get money flowing through the till mate and I can’t wait until we can open up again and hope our regulars have not got used to sitting at home, I would imagine a way round illness could be plastic tumblers as not all places clean their glassware at a high enough temp to kill germs.
  12. I was the same mate 20 missed but not been back since 2012 , I work instead and take the evening off when away game are on
  13. Ladbrokes will be running a book that celtic are playing then fat Pete will withdraw and split the bounty with their pr man
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