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  1. The chances of that lot working a Sunday is zilch
  2. Hopefully their manager will tell him that he is fine remaining in Scotland for another year and it won’t stop his International development
  3. Yes but we have scored an own goal by some idiot breaking their seat and throwing it on the oarkpark
  4. The money will always be a factor but many who leave find it very hard to get motivated to play in front of half the amount of fans that’s why many never ever hit the heights they did at Rangers
  5. As a support we have the tendency to shoot ourselves in the foot and leave open goals for the media to bury real issues behind our stupidity. may be one day we will all wake up and use their constant mishaps as a bonus
  6. Hope your wrong and he decides to at least stay until Xmas .
  7. Signed, it should be the system that needs changed not just a non footballer .
  8. I remember the Auld guy from Harthill getting a slap and the Auld yin going Tonto , also a kid got hit.
  9. Bring back Arthur and Archie type commentators where they just told you who was on the ball and a wee bit insight into some players, the ones now are too opinionated and think the world revolves round their opinions.
  10. Wages mate and the fear of not getting them due to being replaced
  11. He needs to start acting like one then instead of being an apologist, being neutral would be far better stance for him instead of trying to please his boss , I don’t mind him but he does do my baws in sometimes .
  12. piperpete

    RM and FF

    It’s may well be but thousands don’t agree with you by the amount that’s sold, the fact is there are some nicer some worse but none undrinkable
  13. piperpete

    RM and FF

    I look at it as a pint of beer, there are no bad beers just some better than others, it all depends on your taste buds.
  14. piperpete

    RM and FF

    Is it not a case of one site works for some and the other works for others, all Rangers fans first and foremost but from different areas and views ?
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