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  1. Thank feck stats don’t win football matches
  2. You better believe it, we won 0-3.
  3. I’m sure many who did were wanting it to happen do their team never had to face him
  4. He is obviously pissed off at the mundane shore he gets asked week after week.
  5. In between his singing lessons mate
  6. Other than that you really love him don’t you ?
  7. Sati and family are your friends he plays guitar and the family Singh
  8. A fanny is a useful thing mate
  9. Big Nico went over to shake hands with the numbers 28 and something was said and it kicked off, if settled down then the reserves came barging in and started it all off again
  10. I know 3 players who have played along side him and they absolutely hate him, also I think it was Billy Brown on Radio Scotland who told him that he was the most hated player within any dressing room that he had come across in 50 years in football
  11. Sorry to hear this mate, hope the family are all ok
  12. John Martin the loony goalies testimonial
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