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  1. I could lend you some capitals but only IF you promise to use them IN the right places.
  2. Have you got a brother called Donny by any chance ?
  3. He doesnt even drink mate never mind anything else. We INherited him from who we bought the business from and had the attitude at first why does he not want holidays, what IS he hidding. After 5 years he IS still with us with nothing to hide otber than being a fruitloop about mondays, IF xmas day IS a monday you know he wont work but ITs not as though he hasnt given us warning?
  4. What IF the workers were sub-contractors though they would tell the Boss to bolt as they had their holidays to Scarborough booked and paid for.
  5. Off course ITs Pedros fault who else can the press blame ?
  6. I never said you did, I was just making a point on the back of your post
  7. Sorry miss read your post, even winning the league means your still not getting full holidays due to early qualifications which IS a joke, any champion of a country should never have to play 3 qualifing rounds while 2nd 3rg and 4ths IN other countries play 1 or 2.
  8. There IS nowhere I have ever saw written down that you have to take 14 days IN a row, I have a guy who works for us who hates mondays and uses his entitlement on single days throuout the year, mental but his choice.
  9. Nonsense, they have a European tie on the 29th june which will effect the managers spending power and has nothing to do with him punishing them for not winning the league. If he gave them 21 days and they came back to play the fixture and were unfit IM sure you would complain that the manager wasnt doing his job.
  10. I would IMagine he has worked that out and knows who will be the ring leaders IN any revolt already and IS actively working to get them out the club to get harmony and change of attitude from those remaining and any new starts.
  11. They kissed each others cheeks first thing this morning and PC got AHs bacon and tattiescone roll for him.
  12. They will get plenty time later IN the season during INternational breaks as Pedro knows tanks go empty and need recharged, think there IS 4 INternational breaks with two nealy two weeks, I sure they will get 5 days to catch up their tans IN Dubai easy enough.
  13. He must be 10 ft away from him but they kissed and hugged when Andy turned up for work, a kis on both cheeks.
  14. KPs clean pots and ovens floors and walls mate, they shouldnt be near food until IT returns from punters leftovers so you would be safe.
  15. He ISnt creepy and holds his own, And he certainly IS not surreptitious as he IS up front with his views.