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    Petition to sack Clare Whyte

    Signed, it should be the system that needs changed not just a non footballer .
  2. piperpete

    Police to veto Saturday night Aberdeen game

    I remember the Auld guy from Harthill getting a slap and the Auld yin going Tonto , also a kid got hit.
  3. piperpete


    Bring back Arthur and Archie type commentators where they just told you who was on the ball and a wee bit insight into some players, the ones now are too opinionated and think the world revolves round their opinions.
  4. piperpete


    Wages mate and the fear of not getting them due to being replaced
  5. piperpete


    He needs to start acting like one then instead of being an apologist, being neutral would be far better stance for him instead of trying to please his boss , I don’t mind him but he does do my baws in sometimes .
  6. piperpete

    RM and FF

    It’s may well be but thousands don’t agree with you by the amount that’s sold, the fact is there are some nicer some worse but none undrinkable
  7. piperpete

    RM and FF

    I look at it as a pint of beer, there are no bad beers just some better than others, it all depends on your taste buds.
  8. piperpete

    RM and FF

    Is it not a case of one site works for some and the other works for others, all Rangers fans first and foremost but from different areas and views ?
  9. piperpete

    RM and FF

    It’s not marching season so it may be that .
  10. piperpete

    RM and FF

    What am I missing here, what did you do wrong ?
  11. piperpete


    I have been 37 many years ago
  12. piperpete


    I take Xenophobia is the name given to Columbian marching powder where you come from 😂
  13. piperpete

    Ryan kent

    Our midfield didn’t turn up, not once were they in the faces of them , it was a joke
  14. Good to see that your baws have dropped and your using them . Well done mate great article
  15. piperpete

    Rossiter injured again.

    Just because there’s a picture of Tav with a snowball doesn’t mean he was throwing bit , infact it looks a great catch .
  16. piperpete

    Any Bear voting for these cunts needs shot

    Is this a one off poster or are there hundreds of them ?
  17. piperpete

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    I’m not disagreeing with you on this but he can play when he wants too and on plastic he does ok and with his mate SD forcing him to complete I think he could do a shift. When he get involved with the ball instead of hiding from it he can be a handful and won’t be afraid of the thugs in the Killie defence, he has had a charmed career getting to play for us twice . we do however need better than him going forward but we all know he comes into his own from April to May which will come in handy if history is to repeat itself
  18. piperpete

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    He has a not too bad record on plastic and putting the ball over the top happens on the surface all the time would suit his game. I’m ain’t his biggest fan but horses for courses.
  19. piperpete

    Andy Halliday FootballScotland article

    It’s not as though you have history for flip flopping so well done .
  20. piperpete

    Andy Halliday FootballScotland article

    Hoi you I thought I was the snake, it make you look boring if you start calling us all the same name ffs😂
  21. piperpete

    Alex Rae got the wrong 9

    I got in with my Auld man who had a police pass and was right behind the goal standing on the Halftime hut scores footings
  22. piperpete

    Lassana Coulibaly

    We haven’t ended up with him. For the record he had a good game in the semifinal , the only thing that lacked was a goal but his hold up play and work rate were fine, nor suited for our game and far from being a donkey.
  23. piperpete

    Lassana Coulibaly

    Think we have moved on from those days and player recruitment is done in a more methodical way with every stone that can be is looked under, well at least I hope it is, he may end up a pony but far far too early to write him off.
  24. piperpete

    Lassana Coulibaly

    He is still young had a serious injury and not had a real ru of games, I’m sure onece his confidence is up to speed he will improve greatly, I would be shocked that we spent a chunk of money on a complete pony. Think he will be a player who likes to be told how good he is to get him to believe in himself before we see the best.