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  1. piperpete

    Christmas tree

    That’s a shambles I hope they didn’t pay an interior designer to dress the tree.😂
  2. piperpete

    McInnes son ejected from stand

    In the central belt mate not in Aberdeen .
  3. piperpete

    Morelos Goal

    I would let him take a pen if we got one to help make sure he broke the record .
  4. piperpete

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    I read that we have had 30 fouls in the last two games but the teams we have played never received a single booking
  5. piperpete

    Earl on Clyde

    Yes if they played with the same rules but they don’t, they want to sing what they want but want us to sit quietly. I don’t get offended by songs but I get offended by others wanting to run my life for me
  6. piperpete

    Kieran Dowell loan

    It’s a rumour I have heard and like many it may be a pile of shite or it may have some truth to it, why we didn’t sign Skirtel I don’t have a clue.
  7. piperpete

    Loan Manager

    It’s Myles attitude that’s caused him problems by all accounts thinking he had made it and taking his eye of the ball, that’s from a good friend of his family back in Malta, it’s a shame as he looked a player.
  8. piperpete

    Kieran Dowell loan

    It would surprise me if we did sign him as SG is trying to build for the future as you can see with big Gareth signing. I would also imagine King and co would need to dig deep to service Davis’s wages as he wouldn’t come cheap. Im still hearing the money is coming from the Liverpool owners son when it comes to underwriting, you heard anything ?
  9. piperpete

    Kieran Dowell loan

    On a free, do you think he will be released or is his contract out ? If SG wants him then that’s all that matters, I think he will want a similar player but 4 years younger
  10. piperpete

    Kieran Dowell loan

    Do you think he could play the high tempo SG is trying to reach as we will get quicker as time goes on. He is a great wee player and could do a job but has he got the legs to last 2 years? I would prefer a 26/28 year old with a great engine and plenty guile to make that pass others can’t see.
  11. piperpete

    Kieran Dowell loan

    Too old, we need legs and hunger . He was a great player for us and should remain being an ex player, that’s not to say if he did come back that I woulda give him 100% support as all players get
  12. piperpete

    Tommy Robinson wasn't at the match yesterday.

    He was at the Killie Hibs game trying to help his wee pal Lennon out
  13. piperpete

    That Was One Hell Of A 0-0 Draw.

    I know I was sitting bored and you usually bite and have a rant at me 😂
  14. piperpete

    That Was One Hell Of A 0-0 Draw.

    They. Never won last night either does that put us on the same plain as the other Spanish clubs to do so? Think back 8 months and if you ever dreamed we would not have been beaten against a Spanish side over two games. It’s not perfect but it’s a dam site or the right road where we can be disappointed in not beating a Spanish club who are not on song
  15. piperpete


    The hardest thing in football is being in the right place to tap it in the net, you can’t teach that that is instinct
  16. piperpete


    It never ever got him down as he knew another chance would be along sooner than later, Ally had a great attitude for a goal scorer
  17. piperpete

    Rangers Official Gin Partner

    Could be the piece of the jigsaw that will ruin their 10 in a row pish.
  18. piperpete

    Memorabilia Hunt

    If I knew how to I would put a photo up for you, as I said if I had seen your post I would have held council. Good luck in your quest though
  19. piperpete

    Memorabilia Hunt

    Sorry mate never saw your posts or I wouldn’t have posted the post above.
  20. piperpete

    Memorabilia Hunt

    Delighted for you mate, I have one but it wasn’t for sale so didn’t want to say before you got one, it’s still in the box and mint, I was given it by the owner of the Texan bar in Monaco who is pals with both Laudrup’s and Hateley.
  21. Goram Gough Jardine Cooper MvCann
  22. piperpete

    The Rangers FC

    One nil to “The Arsenal” used to be sang at The Arsenal games all the time
  23. piperpete

    Daniel Prodan has passed away

    To be fair to the op, the clocks got turned back last month.
  24. piperpete

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    Don’t bite