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  1. Anyone looking for a refreshment before the game can go along to the Blue Star social club which is opened at 11am with the Pride of Govan playing loyalist music.
  2. Is McColl another manager who plays players out of position . Cant we get a manager who will play a right back at right back instead of playing a center half there instead of dropping that fuck wit mcculloch. Please bring in someone who will get this man out of our club he is the worst captain ever in the history of Rangers yet he plays every week when fit .
  3. What is the email address to write asking for the removal of this management team I very much dought he will resign as he is and always has been a greedy b......
  4. An invitation to all bears and their family and children to Govan orange halls for pre match drinks and loyalist music from the Pride of Govan flute band , cheap drink will be available from 3.30 pm.
  5. Please Ally go now for the sake of everyone connected to this great club go and take your pals with you .
  6. FUCK YOU KING , dont try and tell me what to do with my money that i give to my club , almost 30years a season ticket holder how long or have you ever purchased one. You and the murrays and the rest why dont you all fuck off and let the present board work for the good of Rangers.
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