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  1. Can i ask for the time of the game on the headline cheers.
  2. Ally tried a new look tonight im sure he folded his arms another way from his normal.
  3. For a win that was so dire , i cannot see this team going anywhere!
  4. Aird with those corners doing nothing every time , heres an idea let someone else take them.
  5. Hes trying to get in the back door to stop this. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/celtic/u/celtic-chief-elected-to-european-role.1393872826
  6. Ive tried to sign up to the site to shut that cunt up , can somebody please get on there and get the facts out there about this spetic club. This is what he wrote with no reply to it . Im pretty sure that your average neutral observer of the bitter world of scottish football in general will not be fooled by this NON story. Indeed 'celtic football club' unlike their former glasgow rival 'rangers football club' have infact paid all their taxes and continue to operate in a small footballing country [scotland] with great honour and significance despite earning a fraction of the TV income that english premiership clubs get through national birthright. To try and taint the good name of this club clearly for your own bitter reasons of rivalry will certainly NOT work on a forum like this which is full of free thinking people..Celtic football club has always been a club of 'the genuine man or woman' regardless of creed or colour.Unlike the club that went out of existense a couple of seasons back [glasgow rangers] owing hundreds of millions of pounds to the british tax payer and many desperate small buinesses......infact i do believe that the former club in question [glasgow rangers] took over 100 years of trading to actually sign their first catholic player near the end of the last century!......possibly the most sickening bigoted and racist sporting company that has ever existed in the world game........but thankfully they are now long dead.....yes there has been a new club formed from the ashes of the old one that play at the same stadium and train at the same training ground [how this works is beyond me,its a bit like one of those dodgy plastic windows companies you hear about on watchdog].....lets just hope that this NEW rangers turn out to be a much better example of a football club that the old one.
  7. I've still to look to see if they have anything that looks like Ibrox in the new Xbox. Game is massive size with tons of options so I'll have a look tonight. Then see if I can pump them with two goals next time.
  8. Scored on his first outing against the Xbox One style.
  9. My first goal against them , hard to do as our team has so low rating but big Daly did it.
  10. The Bellend , sorry The Dude. Why dont you make up a new email and go back to Follow Follow its quite simple. There yahoo hotmail gmail etc. all free you can go back to being a cunt there.
  11. What game did you watch??? They kept 2 players up the full game.
  12. Are you joking me what part of you thinks Ally is so great? His record before admin was worse than plg and he was thrown out, Adium is the only resin ally is still in a job.
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