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  1. Can i ask for the time of the game on the headline cheers.
  2. That was a great goal.
  3. The 3pm games are not on though , hopefully this season ill have more luck with sky and BT sports channels.
  4. I agree but if i can work and watch im paying as i work haha.
  5. Im in America games are on when im at work
  6. Id pay for it if Rangers has an app for the iphone or ipad to watch it.
  7. http://goatd.net/154587/watch-charleston-vs-rangers Says its on here
  8. Just about to say that. Had it a few games when Green was there then it went.
  9. Is there a radio link for the game?
  10. Not looking good can't even see the fame in NYC http://www.bigapplebears.com/2016/02/kilmarnock-replay-not-available-for.html?m=1
  11. Look up wookie repo , install it and reboot. It has everything all set out for you endless streams from everwhere .
  12. I was going to head up but im working again.
  13. Yup got it going with Hola via google chrome. https://hola.org/installation_tutorials#chrome-ext-win
  14. You could splash some cash make you tv into a pc with these toys. https://blog.chinavasion.com/index.php/35979/whos-got-the-best-pc-dongle-intel-meegopad-or-lenovo/
  15. If Puffin works on on your Android just use that it uses servers on their side to fix any problems with flash etc.