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  1. deeMor1


    Tav shouldn't be the captain, he was just the best of a horrendous bunch when he was given it. bottled it big time
  2. katic just bosses the teams who like the long balls and corners for and against, probably better at 50/50s aswell but helander probably better ball playing defender.
  3. deeMor1


    its probably alot closer than you think.
  4. deeMor1


    yeah but we dont really need a play stopper/DM to sit infront of back 4 in scotland. if he can defend well which he can and has the power/pace to get past people down the wing there could be something there, maybe get a few more games to look at him at RB for pompey so will see.
  5. deeMor1


    some potential as a right back, didnt he play there in younger age groups?
  6. Any squad been released yet? Just wondering if brandon barker is upto speed for a place in squad
  7. hopefully put out team we intend to play for most of the season for the first 60-70mins or so. would be a good team to beat.
  8. should be disciplined from club for that. stupid as fuck, biggest game in years and he does that
  9. morelos is mental, want him transfer listed one minute to a new contact the next
  10. aye just meaning for future games, still think kent has something about him but hasnt shown it yet
  11. middleton for kent and barasic for flanagan i think we would be far better down the left, just having to cut inside every time, frustrating to watch
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