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  1. Gies yer money Tefal Heid!
  2. So he gave money to Ashley then? I'm being pedantic (obviously) but there seems to be a few folk who genuinely think the guy has pumped money directly into Rangers.
  3. Investment from overseas?
  4. To be fair I specifically said football tops, and I do mean ALL football tops regardless of team or location, but I take your point that it's more likely to be a case of familiarity breeding contempt when it comes to seeing people in Scottish football tops rather than tops from other European football leagues.
  5. Anyone over the age of 18 wearing a football top when not 1) Playing football or 2) Watching Rangers should have a long, hard look in the mirror and ask themselves if this is the kind of person they really want to be. Guys cutting around on holiday with a football top on should be shot on sight for their own good.
  6. I can possibly see that part of the deal is that SD gets to sell their current stock holding (and maybe any current committed order stock) and keep 100% of the profits from that (or maybe at the previous deal rate), but going forward any brand new stock gets split 50/50. I wouldn't be too bothered by that.
  7. Well done to Craig Houston, the unsung hero in all of this.
  8. Doesn't look like I'm going to get an answer to my question.
  9. How do you know how many games I attend mate?
  10. How do you know how many games I attend mate?
  11. Not that one, but 5 posts in I make a comment about the other thread. That's right, he was touting kids season tickets for more than face value to fund his own season ticket.
  12. He's crafted some kind of elaborate Ponzi scheme which means he gets his season ticket cheap or something. I accused him of ripping off the club and he started sending me abusive PMs about it, going on about how much he does for charity. Not sure he's dealing from a full deck to be honest.
  13. @Redwhiteandblue doesn't post very often these days, but when he does it's always a memorable experience. Is he still looking for ways to rip off the club through his highly complex pyramid ticket purchasing scheme?
  14. Stayed there about 5 years ago during an October break. Wasn't too bad actually!