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  1. Daniel Candeias

    PCG checking his spelling is better news than Candeias extending his contract.
  2. Agree with this to an extent, but he should have made the substitution straight after the red card and cranked up the pressure. Leaving it late he allowed the tims time to regroup and settle into their new formation.
  3. I honestly think the worst thing that happened was Simunovic getting sent off. They then sat in and we had no fucking idea what to do. We would probably have won it if it was 11 vs 11 to the end and the game had stayed open.
  4. Pre-match superstitions for the loyal fan

    As long as I don't go for a pish then the tims won't score.
  5. Pre-match superstitions for the loyal fan

    Bless myself 3 times.
  6. Ticket scammer

    Anytime someone gets scammed then Connor Lyon gets a kicking, whether he's involved or not
  7. Warburton - "I received death threats"

    Thinking the same. I don't ever remember hearing or reading about this. How and where did his number get posted?
  8. Fuck you celtic

    Personally I think that BNB's battle fever thread was far superior to this effort.
  9. Bates Wage?

    Think about poor Bates though, only a 60% payrise. Boy must be in bits.
  10. Bates Wage?

    My payrise this year was 4.2%. Can't imagine how Bates must be feeling at this slap in the face.
  11. Hope to fuck it's not Kenny though.
  12. Another year for Niko.
  13. *****Get the Battle Fever On Thread*****

    "Right lads and lasses"
  14. *****Get the Battle Fever On Thread*****

    By the age of 7 I had been made aware from my old man that Peter Grant was a "wee shite-faced fenian whorebag". I didn't know what that actually meant, but I knew it to be so.
  15. *****Get the Battle Fever On Thread*****

    It reminds me of how much I cringed when I was a kid and my mother tried to get her battle fever on during old firm matches. "Come on Rangers, let's score lots of goals and beat these toerags!!". I could even see my old man mumbling "FFS" under his breath.