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  1. Good result, well done Scotland.
  2. Amazing the amount of Scotland haters who are watching the game and commenting on it. Nothing else on?
  3. FFS, don't lose a fucking goal now!
  4. I wonder which Easdale he met at the airport and how long the particular Easdale had been in Wetherspoons?
  5. What's 'local' about the Danish Peter Lovenkrands? Are they just looking for an ex-player now?
  6. Just reading about this also on FF, where there appears a real reluctance to slate Houston openly or even name him as the director in question. Like a bunch of frightened weans.
  7. I heard a rumour that Craig Houston has applied.
  8. Me too ritchie! Somebody contact Godfather and ask him to log back in to the stream!
  9. Glad he's shaved off that ridiculous ginger beard.
  10. I remember when Warburton was a 'breath of fresh air' when he came in with his attitude towards fitness (oh how we loved tales of hydration levels). Every fucker is keen as mustard when they start a new job, let's see how he gets on for a month or 2 before we all start lauding him.
  11. People getting visibly upset about Amy McDonald saying something that we've all been saying for months
  12. Was a decent assistant to Walter by all accounts.