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  1. Quick question

    Or maybe it would have been easier to just Google our fixture list from last year to see when we played St Johnstone?
  2. Quick question

    Thread title turned out to be a bit misleading.
  3. Quick question

    He's played all of us, probably sitting in his ward right now laughing like fuck.
  4. Quick question

    So it was a home game then?
  5. Quick question

    Away game he said, although he did also claim the game was cancelled so there's every chance it was actually a home game. Probably against Kilmarnock.
  6. Quick question

    Hopefully it's not a license to drive a bin lorry.
  7. Quick question

    That was it, robbing cunt. Literally stealing food right out the Dalcio's mouth.
  8. Quick question

    Maybe it wasn't a seizure but was actually a rip in the fabric of space and time that catapulted you 7 years into the future.
  9. Quick question

    I don't really care about being fair, to be fair.
  10. Quick question

    I can't quite remember, but it was something to do with child STs I think. Last time I mentioned it he sent me a flurry of 'raging' PMs trying to convince me he wasn't a thief and told me how much work he does for charity. So not just a thieving bastard but also a lying one, and a spastic.
  11. Quick question

    He was also the guy who was ripping off the club with a Season Ticket scam.
  12. Quick question

    Is the OP talking about Rangers?
  13. Cardoso Instagram

    Super Skinny jeans and nae socks
  14. Craig Gordon has 2 club feet.