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  1. Death by statements.
  2. No doubt they could have wrapped it up in a single sitting, but at a cost of £1000 per appeal hearing then it sounds like a decent money maker for the SPFL.
  3. Haven't seen one person labelling him as a Rangers legend.
  4. Sorry, but I haven't (yet) seen any of the leadership qualities you seem to have seen in him, other than experience, which is not really enough to award him the armband.
  5. Why Alves then? What's your basis for giving him the armband?
  6. Looks like I misjudged my non-conspiratorial reply.
  7. To be fair, it normally takes a bit of time to review these things, and Lennon's antics were noted in the ref's report and also by Police Scotland.
  8. You've just said that Alves should be given the armband a few posts ago, 'liked' a post suggesting that Dorrans should be given the armband and now saying you agree that no player who has just arrived at the club should be given the armband? The fuck?
  9. Why? I always hate the logic that someone should be given the captain's armband just because they're old or played for a few decent teams in the past. For all we know Bruno is a complete moron.
  10. Police protection will be next.
  11. I suppose I'd be bitter too if I only had a wee 2 inch stauner.
  12. Yes. Probably just a couple of teenagers talking a load of pish online, but any excuse to turn the story on it's head and paint the wee dental disaster zone as a victim.
  13. He was only celebrating a goal mate....
  14. And unsurprisingly the story turns.....