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  1. Welcome home Ally, it's been far too long.
  2. Heart says no, head says no.
  3. Probably the daft CAPS title.
  4. FFS, can you imagine Walter coming out with this utter shite?
  5. Got to the stage where I think it's now psychological and down to him not being able to handle the pressure. You can be a great striker (although not in Waghorn's case) but once the negative ju-ju gets a hold of you it can completely fuck you up. Just look at the likes of Torres or Shevchenko.
  6. Are we aiming for 3rd again next year? Honestly don't think that Kranjcar or Rossiter will play for us again.
  7. Surely if he was still with us we could have ripped up his contract and not paid him a penny? If so, then I'd say we were unlucky, not dodged a bullet.
  8. She might be dead as well mate (good chance you killed her while you were nutted). Try it on a neighbour.
  9. Wouldn't it be funny if it actually turned out that scotty was posting from the afterlife and he hasn't noticed. He thinks that his family are in a huff with him after the weekend, but it turns out they're not talking to him because he's a ghost.
  10. Makes sense to me as well.
  11. Sorry mate, can't help you, got a few spares for the Aberdeen v St Johnstone and Hearts vs Partick Thistle, but nothing for Rangers vs Celtic. PM the user @bluedylan who usually has spares for this.
  12. A ticket for what match mate? Would help if you were a bit more specific.
  13. I have a couple of spares seated together, but they're in the celtic end. Not ideal I know, but at least you'll still see the game and as long as you don't cheer if we score then I'm sure it'll be ok. Let me know if you want them, 100 quid each (Western Union money transfer only).
  14. Sounds like the OP knows ger4life personally.
  15. That's a good point, someone is lying here if Pedro was spotted buying a loaf yesterday afternoon. I'll give Bearsden Bear the benefit of the doubt here (although he might have been drunk and just approached a random tanned bloke at the checkout) and say that Rangers are punting out North Korean style propaganda.