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  1. Just read this post on FF, seems a lot of folk are still not aware of these. I wonder why the club don't push them more.
  2. This is quite the revelation (as per my previous post I just assumed this service failed to materialise). So why do so many people (non ST holders) piss about with tickets if this service is available? Are you sure absolutely anyone can get a card?
  3. You're not a season ticket holder but you have a smart card that you activate on a game by game basis?
  4. This reminds me......I got a random phone call from the ticket office one time during the Chuckles Green era asking if I wanted a smart card for this very reason. I assumed smart cards were only for season ticket holders but the woman told me they were now available to non-season ticket holders on a game by game basis. I then said I would like one to be sent out and absolutely fuck all ever arrived. Another Chuckles promise goes bad....
  5. They really need to invest in a print and scan system like they do for concerts, or better still, a smartphone ticketing system. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2958889/Barcelona-introduce-new-smartphone-ticketing-Nou-Camp.html
  6. The Graham Spiers Ltd.
  7. Forgot that Spiers is still alive, but unfortunately it appears he is.
  8. Don't understand mate, It's all money going into the club at the end of the day.
  9. Can't the megastore just sell the Lionbrand stuff in the meantime?
  10. The New Pioneers.
  11. Only a complete downie would have needed help with this scenario.
  12. Dog ate my ticket mate. Anyway, I'm just fan scum, and I'm good with that label.
  13. Was Dave there for our first home game in the Third Division? If not, I guess he's just a fan then....
  14. Good article imo, Waddell spot on as usual.
  15. We needed a "pioneer of scientific research and analytical consulting in the field of sports merchandising" to tell us that if we sell a lot of shirts then we'll make a lot of money?