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  1. Craig Gordon has 2 club feet.
  2. Gingero arso bandido.
  3. Switches between broken English and fluent English seamlessly. Fooling no cunt Deacon.
  4. They probably did Jamesy, they probably did.
  5. I'm a beacon of anti-sectarianism Jamesy. We're all God's children after all.
  6. Well, I don't mind admitting I'll be watching it in my hotel bar. Might even put a celtic scarf to show solidarity for 'British' teams in Europe.
  7. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    Some of the posts in this thread are even cringier than Jim White.
  8. Hospitality at the Wee Rangers Club

    I know.
  9. Hospitality at the Wee Rangers Club

    Isn't it part of The Louden?
  10. Hospitality at the Wee Rangers Club

    Only in the VIP section though. Aye ok, fair point, wasn't thought through. But you might have guys looking to patch the game and just take advantage of the free bar for an extra couple of hours.
  11. Lost ticket

    Costs you £1.50 to be told you can't.
  12. Lost ticket

    The cost of putting the electronic system in place puts them off, plus there's money to be made in paper ticketing, from overcharging you for postage to getting a cut from premium rate phone lines for ticket orders/queries.
  13. Hospitality at the Wee Rangers Club

    Well that basically answers both my questions then. Thanks lads, much appreciated.
  14. Hospitality at the Wee Rangers Club

    Touche! Obviously if you're not going to the game. Is watching it in the club even an option?