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  1. Charlie Miller - Si Ferry

    Another wasted talent.
  2. Parking near ibrox

    JustPark do it. https://www.justpark.com/rent-out-a-parking-space/
  3. Parking near ibrox

    They should hurry up and get that bridge built between Govan and the transport museum.
  4. Parking near ibrox

    Is it not just the residential areas that are restricted though? Looks like it on this map (red lines only seem to be on residential streets). Also found this, looks like it's the same temporary signage system as Scotstoun, which is going to cost someone a fair bit of money considering how many entry points there are and how often they'll have to do it. https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=36287&p=0
  5. Parking near ibrox

    I think it might be a legal requirement that the notices need to go up at each entry point to the restricted zone, with dates and times stated (so that people can't say they didn't know). As well as the fixed signposts that need to be fitted, that will be a lot of notices to go up and down around Ibrox every other week and then for mid-week games. Would probably be cheaper and easier just to make it residents only parking permanently.
  6. Parking near ibrox

    At Scotstoun they have to paste notices on all the parking restriction signs whenever a game is on, then come and remove them afterwards, which obviously costs money. Not sure who picks up that cost, but I suspect it's the stadium owners and part of an agreement when they built the stadium. Can't see Rangers being too happy to pay for it.
  7. Parking near ibrox

    How exactly would that solve the parking problem considering the problem is being caused by people going to the game in the first place?
  8. Parking near ibrox

    I assume it's a similar system to places like Scotstoun stadium, where the residents get a free badge and only badge holders can park there on matchdays? Saying that, residents can also apply for visitor badges for a tenner a pop, so I can see a parking badge black market forming....
  9. Parking near ibrox

    No chance of that happening.
  10. Parking near ibrox

    How would the traffic warden know you're at the game?
  11. Parking near ibrox

    How is that better than no parking within a mile of Ibrox on matchdays? And how do you prove you're at the game?
  12. Parking near ibrox

    Like what?
  13. Parking near ibrox

    To be fair, if I was a resident I'd be rightly pissed off if I couldn't get parked outside my own house on matchdays.
  14. Daniel Candeias

    PCG checking his spelling is better news than Candeias extending his contract.
  15. Agree with this to an extent, but he should have made the substitution straight after the red card and cranked up the pressure. Leaving it late he allowed the tims time to regroup and settle into their new formation.